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April 28, 2015 The Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) states in a new report today that they were “horrified” over the use by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) of a powerful mass-psychology weapon against unsuspecting American citizens yesterday in Baltimore, Maryland, which caused these people, who were mostly school children, to erupt in a crazed frenzy of rioting, burning and looting. According to this report, the SVR was first alerted Sunday morning by signal intelligence analysts operating from the Federations Embassy in Washington D.C. that the NSA was in the process of completing their “final preparations” for a “mass event” believed to be scheduled for Monday, 27 April, in or around Baltimore. Raising the concerns of the SVR even …


The mysteries and legends of Mount Shasta

The mysteries and legends of Mount Shasta April 20th, 2015Mount Shasta is known as one of the most sacred places on Earth and is called by many people the magical mountain. Mount Shasta is located in the Cascade Range in northern California. The incredible Mount Shasta rises around the picturesque mountains in the Siskiyou County at an altitude of over 4322 meters above sea level. It is also one of the largest dormant volcanoes. It is a legendary and mystical place, since known history. Locals believe that this mountains is truly magical and that there are many mysteries something that has baffled and delighted, not only the local Native American population, but also thousands of people who have visited this magic wonder of nature. Native Peoples have always …