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FESIG 57th Meeting: SSP Tech with Penny Bradley & Joel Orthideous Chase

Crystal went through the ramifications of the motions of the 57th FESIG Meeting (3rd Oct 2018), introducing the speakers, Penny Bradley’s background as a pilot navigator for Dark Fleetor Nacht Waffen at the SSP and Joel Orthideous Chase aka General Hendricks, his Alter in service currently with the Secret Space Program. He says, “I am from the world Ykarta. I am a 6th dimensional starseed. I am Joel Lakey on earth I have lived millions of life times . Mostly on reptilian home worlds. I am 40% reptilian and 60% human.” Co-Chair James Rink explained to the layperson viewers about the Secret Space Program and the 2 main factions, the Solar Warden and the Dark Fleet (Nacht Waffen), putting it …