Dr Deagle and Avatars


Dr. Bill Deagle and Freeman on GCN radio show Nutrimedical Report 12-29-09 talk about project blue brain and blue beam connected by blue book and the connections with Vatican and CERN.They mention Avatar technology, while HG-6 is actually doing & building this, not to mention the MIC’s been doing this to you for much longer.

Are you Ready? Its almost here……

“The Gate”

Closest approach to earth
34,600,000 miles
Mean distance from the sun
141,600,000 miles
Mean distance from the sun
141,600,000 miles
Period of rotation around the sun
1.88089 years
Sideral rotation period
24 hours,37 minutes, 22.66 seconds
Mean surface atmospheric temperature
-23 degrees
Visual albedo
Pole Star
BD 52 Degrees 2880
Visual magnitude at mean opposition
“O Fortuna
velut Luna”
statu variabilis, “O Fortune
like the Moon”
you are changeable,
Inclination of equator to orbit
24.936 degrees
gravitational escape velocity
3.121 miles per hour

Planetary Situation Update

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The majority of sublunar operations have been completed, the focus is now clearing the Chimera group and their plasma exotic technologies from the surface of the planet.

One of those technologies are miniature plasma chambers, put into most of cell phones, personal computers and wi-fi routers since a few years ago. The function of those plasma chambers is to reinforce the Veil and they will be removed soon.

A little more disturbing is the presence of plasma strangelet and even plasma toplet bombs that were put into implants of some of the most evolved and most powerful Lightworkers and Lightwarriors as a hostage control mechanism to ensure they do not escape from the quarantine. These will also be dealt with very soon.

The Cabal is trying to bring the Eastern Alliance to their knees by attacking China with events such as Tianjin explosion, which was ordered by the Jesuits and carried out by the Bush faction. Needless to say, their plans will not be successful. The Blue have been successful in calming down some of the Red and the Yellow (the political Dragon families) who wanted to retaliate and that could lead to a global war. Here the influence of DouMu is strongly felt. The Goddess wants peace and peace it will be.

If you would like to understand more about the Red and their role in the coming events, here is a good summary:


The Jesuits are trying very hard to infiltrate the BRICS alliance and hijack the process of the financial Reset:

Current stock market corrections are signs of the coming Reset, although we are not there yet. It is interesting to see that instructions for preparedness for the Event have reached the mainstream media:


Perhaps Damian McBride should read this document, which will be vital at the time of the Event:


It would be good if someone can inform him about this.

When the Reset happens, it will be a »glitch in the Matrix«:


The truth about the existence of the Cabal will be exposed to humanity. How they artificially create poverty:


How they control science:


The exposure process is accelerating. One of the major Black Nobility families, the Thyssen family, has been exposed:



The Disclosure process is accelerating also. Talk of superluminal travel has reached the mainstream media:



Whistleblower Corey Goode has posted an interesting and very accurate description of his visit to the Pleiades:


And correctly described the Sun as a plasma hyperdimensional portal, connected with the Galactic Center:


We will end this update with something beautiful:


The Breakthrough is near!


Summary and Analysis of Cosmic Disclosure Episode 8: Global Galactic League of Nations | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This week Corey and David discuss the Global Galactic League of Nations, GGLN. This was a later day development as a result of activities of the previous, larger space programs, drawing the attention of nearly every nation on the planet and instilling in them a desire to ‘help save the world.’ But as Goode reveals, this program is a ploy to keep the member nations under the direction of the larger programs. He describes a visit to a GGLN colony on a moon orbiting a gas giant in the pleiades star system.

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Most of the content covered here can be found Goode’s websites: spherebeingalliance.com and his older blog goodetxsg-secretspaceprogram.blogspot.com.

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The summarized notes will be in black, with our commentary in [green brackets].DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode


  • DW – Corey Goode has worked for over 20 years in the secret space program, and has now been pulled back in a very interesting way, after coming forward as an insider he has been contacted by an Alliance that wants to disclose the technology in these programs, reveal the truth about what is happening and bring it all down to Earth. We’ve been talking about the factions of the space program and we’ve covered them in varying degree’s, but we haven’t covered the Global Galactic League of Nations group much yet.
  • CG – Yes. I always refer to it as the NATO group.
  • DW – Your always saying ‘NATO-ish’. To open this up a bit, we know that Joseph Stalin knew that the Roswell crash was a UFO. But then the US government said that it was a weather balloon. I did some episodes for Ancient Aliens, and part of the research I went into, was that Stalin hired people to go back through the records. They ended up digging up a rocket in Siberia that had ancient Sanskrit all over it. They couldn’t get it out of the ground without damaging it, so they reburied it. This took place during the late 1800’s. After Roswell happened Stalin supposedly dug up this rocket, and it was so advanced they couldn’t make any sense out of it. It had a chest or container inside filled with elaborate blueprints and documents, along with diagrams of space craft, space stations and how to build them [I was able to find an article discussing this story in greater detail here]. And its because of that the Soviets were able to build what are called Cosmospheres. Your nodding your head, do you know something about them?
  • CG – Yes I do, the Soviet Union used that to force there way into the secret space program.
  • DW – What is a Cosmosphere? How does it work and what does it look like?
This is not a Cosmosphere, but an image of the Russian space capsule used
to bring the ‘first man’ into space on April 12th, 1961.
  • CG – They are metallic spheres that Cosmonauts were flying around with in outer space. The US was tracking this and they were very concerned. It caused us and them to open up more of a dialog. [I was able to find an interesting article describing the Cosmospheres. I do not know if it is accurate, but it does seem to generally match what CG is describing. Here is an excerpt:

“The first-generation Cosmospheres were weapons platforms that were ELECTRO-GRAVITIC (could hover against gravity), ATOMIC POWERED, horizontally positioned by rocket thrusters, somehow invisible to radar beyond about 40 miles (perhaps from a radar-absorbing coating), armed with CHARGED-PARTICLE BEAM weapons (at least a hundred times less powerful than those in the Moon bases), equipped with “PSYCHO-ENERGETIC RANGE FINDING” (PRF) which tunes in to the actual ATOMIC SIGNATURE of a target or object and can NOT be jammed, and some of them were also armed with microwave BRAIN-SCRAMBLING equipment.” …

“The 3rd-generation Russian JUMBO COSMOSPHERES were first deployed in April 1981, in parallel with the first U.S. Space Shuttle mission. They significantly interfered with that MILITARY mission, in ways which were successfully covered up by NASA using techniques similar to those shown in the movie “Capricorn I”, (5-7-81, 5-14-81, and 5-21-81 WR).”

Jumbo Cosmospheres are much larger than the 1st- generation models, and use ELECTROMAGNETIC PROPULSION instead of rocket thrusters to move around.” …

“Russia’s offer to share their “Star Wars” defense system with the rest of the world might also extend to SCIENTIFIC SPACE EXPLORATION.” …

“A Russian Jumbo Cosmosphere could complete a MANNED version of such a mission in a matter of MONTHS, if they have not already done so, since these Cosmospheres can accelerate continuously.” – Russian Cosmosphere

  • DW – How large were the Cosmospheres, how many crewman could fit in them?
  • CG – They had many sizes. Some were for 1 to 3 crewman and others were even larger.
  • DW – We’re going to watch a video clip now. To some of you this maybe a bit disturbing. During the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster there was a UFO captured by an amateur videographer. [I was able to find the video, the UFO enters the shot at time index 4:10.


  • DW – Corey, I am not sure if you are familiar with this, but Lt Col Tom Bearden, now retired, claimed that the sphere like object captured in the video was a Russian craft. And that this craft attacked Challenger during take off as part of a secret cold war effort to strike at the US with advanced technology. Did you ever hear of that incident?
  • CG – We were already working together with the Russians far before that happened. The Cold War was pretty much a gimmick.
  • DW – Like a fund raiser?
  • CG – You could call it that. The people on the ground, the lower level people were very much into the idea [as in the exoteric cover story of the U.S. and Soviets ‘battling’ for supremacy was something many people accepted into their world views]. But when it came down to it [as in behind the scenes] the Russians and the US were very much allies.
  • DW – Apparently it was only recently de-classified – I know this because someone left a comment about that on my website, after I wrote about the Manhattan Project – that the US was never able to enrich enough Uranium to build an Atomic Bomb. And they got the rest from Nazi Germany. Now this kind of stuff makes people go crazy, because we’ve grown up around the idea we fought the Nazi’s in World War 2. I mean women were making bombs, and the whole world was captivated with fear of Hitler and his third reich. And your saying that all this stuff is big elaborate circus?
  • CG – One of these days when there’s a data dump of the true history of what has happened in our world occurs, people are going to be dumbfounded. And angry.
  • DW – Is this why the Soviets had the A-bomb almost immediately after the Soviets developed it, even though the US had allegedly had a classified project? They traded the secrets with each other behind the scenes?
  • CG – All this is very low level stuff happening on the ground. When it came down to it, they were already working together in space because of different perceived ET threats. They were working together to protect the Earth, despite it being a bit silly that we could have gone up against an advanced ET force. They were forming an alliance well before the Cold War to protect the Earth.
  • DW – Do you think this was the basis of Ronald Reagan’s infamous speech about an alien threat unifying the world?
  • CG – I guess it could have been. But far before that we were already allies with a lot of the people we were supposedly enemies with.
  • DW – Lets take a look at that Ronald Reagan clip:

[Dr. Michael Salla and Corey Goode recently had a Q and A session that we offered commentary on found here: Analysis of Q and A with Michael Salla And Corey Goode August 4th | REAGAN SPEECH ABOUT ALIEN THREAT LINKED TO SECRET UN INTERSTELLAR SPACE FLEET.]

  • DW – You said that the Cosmospheres are kind of sneaky and annoying to the space program. How much collaboration was there between the Soviets and the US really?
  • CG – In the beginning there was very little, but it became apparent to the Soviet Union, and all the countries of the world that there were secret space programs going on.
  • DW – What time?
  • CG – In the late 50’s early 60’s it was obvious. The big powers, including the Soviet Union, started working together. The question asked by these groups, ostensibly, “is how are we going to keep the smaller countries quiet now that they know about it?” They wanted to be a part of ‘saving the world’ [from an ‘alien threat’ as Reagan implied], apart of the secret space program.
  • DW – Were there intelligence services for some of these countries that were capturing and interrogating people, perhaps under very strenuous means and obtaining information in unethical practices? Is this how this was happening?
  • CG – They were obtaining information in any number of ways. We had agreements with all these countries that any time a UFO crashed on their soil, we could send in our retrieval teams.
  • DW – When was that agreement made?
  • CG – That was going on in the late 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. We were retrieving UFO crashes in all these different countries. The big players couldn’t really keep it secret. They didn’t have to put the screws to a person to find out what was really going on, as I said it was obvious due to the nature of their cooperation. What happened was they formed a secret space program, that I call up until recently the ‘NATOish’ type. It wasn’t until I was in one of the secret space program meetings at the LOC (Lunar Operations Command) that I heard it referred to as the Global Galactic League of Nations (GGLN). That sounded like a really ‘hinky’ name to me.
  • DW – That name, League of Nations, was a predecessor to the United Nations, which came about as a result of World War 1 and the treaty of Versailles in 1919.
  • CG – The GGLN was formed as a type of ‘carrot’ for these other nations, to keep them quiet and to make them feel involved in protecting the planet. They were told that there were all these different threats to the planet, and that they could be involved in the solution. They were provided bases and technology, but these were entirely outside of the solar system. [This method of ‘bait and switch’ is used extensively by the Cabal. Generally speaking, when we observe something out of the ordinary, curiosity drives us to investigate and seek answers. CG reveals later in the interview, that the larger nations, the US, USSR, etc, made an agreement with the smaller nations to allow their teams to retrieve crashed UFO’s on their soil. This would have made the governments very curious and as a result a program was offered, ready made with a compartmentalized story, to keep the inquisitiveness and curiosity to a minimum.]
  • DW – Who in these countries were lucky enough to be privy to this little world, like elected officials, minsters, cabinet officials, etc?
  • CG – I’m not sure who in these countries knew about it. Just about every country you can imagine is involved in this program.
  • DW – Do you think it may have something more to do with high level intelligence agents, defense contractors, high level military personnel – people who outlast the elected administrations of government officials?
  • CG – Yes. A lot of scientists were involved.
  • DW – What about bankers, or accountant types?
  • CG – They seem to have their fingers in everything.
  • DW – Walk us through as much as you know. You said this began in the 50’s and 60’s. How were these people approached, and what do they see? How were they brought off planet? What did they get to see and know?
  • CG – This program was a fairly recent one. It didn’t start in the 50’s and 60’s, thats just when they began to take notice of the larger programs. Back then is when they found out what was going on. It started in at least in the 80’s and 90’s. I am not exactly sure what the specifics of propaganda they were fed. But I have been to one of their bases, I haven’t described it much in these talks we’re having.
  • DW – Lets get into that now. Did you travel their via craft or portal?
  • CG – Strangely enough it was the underground tram system we’ve been talking about [in episode 7 of Cosmic Disclosure, CG describes the underground tram system on Mars as a network of tunnels connecting ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate) installations. These tunnels are apparently created using tunnel boring machines with a nuclear power cell able to heat the rock ahead of the boring machine to melting, which then cools to form vitrified rock. Allegedly this image is of one of these tunnel boring machines:
Photo of United States Air Force tunnel boring machine at Little Skull Mountain, Nevada, USA, December 1982. –Source
  • CG – This tram was connected to a portal on a Moon around a gas giant in another solar system [although CG doesn’t explicitly states this, it is implied that he entered the tram possibly in our solar system, and it traveled through some kind of star gate or portal]. It came out of the tube hovering above the track.
  • DW – My space program insider Jacob, described portaling in a sub shuttle system. He said its so fast, most people don’t even bother to sit down, before you know it, your at your destination.
  • CG – I’ve talked about going through a portal using a train, but people have been telling me that its ridiculous because no one else has talked about it before. [A dubious set of logic to conclude that something isn’t real because no one else has spoken of it before]
  • DW – I heard about it from my insider as a said, and I intentionally kept it secret so I could vet out other insiders. And you just verified it.
  • CG – Ok. So we disembarked and the train was hovering slightly over the track, like a maglev system. We get out and we noticed announcements in english.
  • DW – Can you see the sky?
  • CG – No, we’re in a cave or grotto like area. We hear these general announcements in English.
  • DW – Is this a tropical moon, with lush rain forest?
  • CG – At this point all we could see was the cave. We could see people walking around, walking in twos or groups of four. It was a very relaxed. They were wearing jumpsuits with a flag on their shoulders. It looked like a scene that was depicted in the TV series Stargate Atlantis.
  • DW – What color were the jumpsuits, did they have different colors?
  • CG – They have different colors, but blue seems to be a big standard. The same kind of color that the air force uses a lot, a royal blue. They all had different flags from various countries.
  • DW – Which ones did you recognize?
  • CG – Many I didn’t. But later I recognized flags from countries like Estonia, the Ukraine, Greece.
  • DW – What about the middle east, like Morocco, Algeria etc?
  • CG – People from those countries were involved, but I can’t recall all the flags. I didn’t see thousands of people just a small group.
  • DW – What about countries from Africa? Chad, Nigeria?
  • CG – I couldn’t see everyone, but people were obviously from everywhere.
  • DW – South American, most of the five big countries, etc.
  • CG – Any where you can think of.
  • DW – And you said these people were happy and relaxed?
  • CG – Yes.
  • DW – That doesn’t seem normal from the other bases you described.
  • CG – No. At Mars colony I visited, we were escorted by armed guards, we were told not to talk to anyone. People looked gaunt and stressed out. Conversely, these people were a 180 degree difference. So as we walked out of the train platform walking towards where the cave had been sealed off by a giant metal wall with an entrance for security. We looked to the right and there was a big cave entrance going out. It was like a tropical environment. The other times we’d been there, we saw two moons in the different places in the sky.
  • DW – Were they larger than Earth’s moon?
  • CG – Depending on their position, they did appear larger.
  • DW – Did they have any unusual color or surface features?
  • CG – One looked orange. But we could only see the other moon partially.
  • DW – Did they have rings around them?
  • CG – No.
  • DW – Did you see the gas giant planet that you were supposedly orbiting?
  • CG – No. But I was told we were around a gas giant. If you were looking out the cave, to the left, there was a blue luminescent pool and a waterfall trickling down in to it.
  • DW – Like built into stone?
  • CG – This was all natural, not man made.
  • DW – But the blue glow was man made?
  • CG – No, it was natural, some sort of glowing phenomena. There was a myst that lingered over the surface of the water. There were people out there laughing and talking as if they were on R and R (rest and relaxation).
  • DW – So this isn’t like the Chronicles of Riddick movies where some nasty creature comes up and eats people. It was a safe happy place?
  • CG – Yes. People were relaxing. They had towels and swim wear. People were having fun. To the immediate left was this big wall where you walk through to go into the facility, to do repairs…
  • DW – What kind of equipment was being repaired?
  • CG – Certain types of lab equipment, that are involved in testing. It was different each time. It was highly specialized equipment that the ICC produced. Either by the ICC or scientists that were assigned to research vessels that people were proficient with and working on.
  • DW – What was so special about this spot, this was a base outside our solar system. So was there something unique or valuable about this location? Was it near a location of tactical significance?
  • CG – The ‘scuttlebutt’ was that it was an installation in the pleiades. Several of us didn’t believe that, but that is what we were told. For some reason, the pleiades seemed to be this kind of stamp, that was put on everything. “Oh this came from the pleiades… that came from the pleiades.. pleiades, pleiades” [like a type of branding for that base?] So we were told that is where we were, but who knows where it really was.
  • DW – Given the fact there are 7 stars in the pleiades with a bright magnitude and that their fairly close to each other…
  • CG – I was told there are more than that.
  • DW – Yes, but the 7 that are the brightest, do you know of any phenomenon where the other pleiadian stars are more visible then what we may be familiar with here on Earth, due to their close proximity? What would it look like?
  • CG – When it comes to point of view, where you are in the galaxy affects the night sky. If you were standing on a planet in the pleiades, you would have a whole new set of constellations. Nothing looks the same. The point of reference is totally thrown off. You really have no way of judging where you are, even for the ‘egg heads’, unless you have the right equipment. If you don’t know the address of where you are, or you don’t have the right equipment, then you don’t know where you are.
  • DW – Lets say you go to a binary star system.
  • CG – Most of them are binary.
  • DW – Do you see to suns in the sky, if your standing on a planet looking up at the sky?
  • CG – Depends on the relationship of the binary star system. But yes, you can see a faint star in the distance.
  • DW – But its not as big as some of the movies we’ve seen? It is just a faint impression of a star?
An example of a binary star sunset from the film Star Wars.
  • CG – It depends on each system. The closer they are to each other the faster they will rotate around, and more dynamic the system is. The ones that seem to have more life are a bit further apart.
  • DW – Lets go back to this base now. When you walked into the sealed off grotto, was there anything that looked cool or futuristic, that might have helped these people feel like they were in a really advanced location?
  • CG – They had newer tools and toys from the ICC. They were given a lot of new technology to make them happy. There seemed to be a lot of research; tons of it. There were a lot of scientific personnel. [According to Goode, the ICC is the the one of the most advanced programs, and is actively trading with over 900 different ET races interested in our technology.]
  • DW – How many personnel did you see?
  • CG – About 3 or 4 dozen. There was not a large security presence. Most people weren’t armed. People just looked relaxed. Wherever they were, they felt very secure. The energy or feeling I got, being an Intuitive Empath, was of no anxiety or agitation. They felt happy that their work was important.
  • DW – Did you see a hanger with any type of unusual craft?
  • CG – They had a hanger, but we didn’t go into it.
  • DW – What about land vehicles used to venture out?
  • CG – Not that I saw, and I didn’t see any tracks. They did have battery powered trucks, with small cabs, that were driving around.
  • DW – Did the moon have an atmosphere? Was it breathable?
  • CG – Yes. People were outside the cave where there was vegetation..
  • DW – Really? So this was not some arid moon, devoid of life like our own?
  • CG – No. Many of the inhabitable spheres that are out there, are not planets in the ‘goldilocks zone’ around their stars [modern science asserts that life can only be found on planets in the so called goldilocks zone, the distance from the central star to allow for conditions like we experience on Earth; liquid water chiefly. According to these theories, life could not exist too far or close from the central star]. They are moons within a certain density in size, orbiting a gas giant of a certain orbit, which is also a specific density. And that gas giant could be any range of distance from the central star.
  • DW – How big would the gas giant be in size, looking up at the sky from one of these moons? Would it take up half the sky?
  • CG – I haven’t seen myself, so we’d be speculating.
  • DW – It would appear looking at Jupiter, that on any of it’s moons it would look huge in size if we were to stand on the surface.
  • CG – I think that these inhabitable moons would need to be a little bit larger and further away then some of these moons around Jupiter or Saturn because of the tidal forces involved.
    Rendition of Jupiter from the film “Jupiter Ascending”.
  • DW – What are they told they are doing? What is their mission, what is the objective?
  • CG – They’re told that they are working on science and technologies that will help the Earth in preparation for an outside alien threat, just like we heard President Reagan talking about. That clip may have been meant for this group.
  • DW – It sounds like they’re trying to set up some sort of defensive foothold to save Earth from what they perceive as an oncoming threat?
  • CG – I don’t know if I would call it a defensive foothold, but they are working on science and technology they fervently believe will help humanity protect the planet Earth.
  • DW – How much knowledge do you think they have of ET’s? Are they kept in the dark? Are they told the same story as some of these military types, that ‘you guys are it, and everything else is ancient. But we have to protect ourselves if someone shows up’, something like that? [DW is referring to an apparently large number of very old and ancient sites found within our solar system. They are from what people in the program call the ‘ancient builder race’ which used technology that appears to be inanimate objects, but are in fact activated using consciousness. The descriptions of this race reminded me of the facility from the film Prometheus, that was made from stone in such a way as to condense a breathable atmosphere using ‘solid state’ technology.]
  • CG – From what I have found out since all of this has happened, is that all of the programs are heavily compartmentalized.
  • DW – So they really don’t know the full spectrum?
  • CG – They know some, but don’t know as much as some of the other programs. The compartmentalization lie is different in each program or project, but almost everyone is told ‘your at the top of the totem pole, the tip of the spear for the planet. Be very proud of what your doing. Your very special, no one knows more than you. You’ve been cleared to know more then anyone else on the planet.’ Everyone else in every other compartment is told the same thing, and they believe it. [If you can get someone to invest emotionally into a worldview or belief system, they will defend it with as much vigor and conviction as a religious zealot. The form and nature of these compartmentalization systems can be seen in a grand context on Earth as well. The Cabal carefully sculpt reality using media and propaganda techniques, developing a worldview which most people not only accept, but ardently attempt to maintain. In other words, its much easier to keep a population managed if they believe in a societal myth, than to suppress them overtly.]
  • DW – This sounds like a perfect way to keep the opposition silenced. Thats all the time we have for today. We’re just getting started with these talks, and much more information to come.


Stalin’s Ancient Alien Rocket

Michael Hesemann’s recent findings about Soviet UFO research have emerged because these secrets are no longer closely guarded by a paranoid totalitarian culture (1).  The collapse of the Soviet system has allowed the Generals to freely discuss their work on the UFO question, and the remarkable data the Russians collected about this enigma.  There is a consensus of opinion among those Russian officers interviewed by Hesemann and his colleagues that UFOs are real, and not of this Earth.

The Russians are far more candid about this than we would have expected.  In fact, their stark message about UFO reality can sometimes read like a sensationalist tabloid headline.  Only, they’re serious people with a serious message.  Is it our Western cultural bias that causes us to struggle with the image of 3-star Russian generals openly and seriously discussing the extra-terrestrial origins of UFOs?

On 19th November 2002, Pravda, that old bastion of communist propaganda, published an article about Stalin’s deep interest in flying saucers, and the many military and scientific bodies set up by the Soviets to secretly investigate the phenomenon.  Incredibly, Pravda also described an alleged retrieval of an alien artefact during archeological digs in Kiev, near the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. After all, this is the word of Pravda, the voice of Russia.

I first read about this in ‘The Editor’, a weekly global news summary published by The Guardian newspaper.  Entitled ‘Stalin was a UFO Obsessive’, it covered the Pravda story thus:

“The US government might have spent more than half a century trying to convince suspicious conspiracy theorists that no UFO ever crashed at Roswell, New Mexico, but one man never believed the story.  That man, according to Pravda (Nov 19), was Joseph Stalin.  The Soviet dictator apparently thought the US was covering up with its story of a weather balloon crashing, so he ordered senior scientists to investigate.

“In order to assess the situation, the scientists recommended that Stalin organise special investigations of similar phenomena.  As a result, a number of programmes to study UFOs were launched in the USSR…Until the end of the 90s, there were seven research institutes and about 10 secret military departments of the [former] Soviet defence ministry that studies UFO phenomena.”  In fact, suggests Pravda, one UFO-related discovery – the remains of an ancient alien rocket – provided vital technical knowledge for the Soviet space programme. The paper, once home to endless accounts of Communist party congresses, did not offer any evidence to back this assertion.” (2)

On first inspection, the historical accuracy of this account published by the Guardian seemed dubious, in that Stalin was dead long before the Roswell incident later came under public scrutiny.  The story had indeed been allegedly covered up in 1947 with the weather balloon in General Ramey’s office, but the story didn’t get properly aired until Stanton Friedman’s initial investigation in the 1970s.  In between, the Roswell incident had been long forgotten.  So if Stalin had heard of the Roswell incident, Soviet Intelligence must have picked up the initial story in the summer of 1947 when it was published widely in the American press (Stalin died in March 1953). And they must have given it a lot more thought than the Americans themselves did.

Other quotes from Pravda about extensive investigations into UFOs by the Soviet Union have been borne out by Hesemann and others.  So, was Stalin really knowledgeable about Roswell, when the rest of the world had accepted the cover story?  In his 1998 book ‘The Soviet UFO Files’ Paul Stonehill, the director of the Russian Ufology Center, confirms Stalin’s intense interest in UFOs (3).  Stalin had appointed several eminent Russian scientists to study the phenomenon and report back to him personally.  Among them was Sergei Korolyov, who was summoned to the Kremlin by Stalin in 1947 to study a mass of foreign newspapers and books.  His conclusion, mirrored by similar investigations by other prominent Soviet scientists sequestered by Stalin, was that UFOs were not foreign weapons presenting an immediate threat, but that the phenomenon was real and did need investigating.  Stonehill notes that investigations by Dr Richard Haines revealed that the Soviet archives contain no documents about Stalin’s UFO files.  Nevertheless, evidence suggests he had a personal interest in the phenomenon and ordered some of the best scientific minds in Russia to assess the situation on his behalf.

So Stonehill’s account of Stalin’s interest in UFOs corroborates the Guardian and Pravda, and suggests that the lack of official documentary evidence in Stalin’s Soviet archives from 1947 has helped the USAF to continue their denial of a UFO crash retrieval at Roswell.  Are the Russians helping the Americans to keep a lid on Roswell? The Guardian story indicates that Pravda itself has no such inclination.  Martin Cosnette, of ‘Cosmic Conspiracies’ helped me to obtain a copy of the Pravda article, translated by Maria Gousseva.  The Pravda article does indeed claim that Stalin was aware of Roswell, and that the Soviet leadership was not as easily duped as the American public regarding General Ramey’s weather balloon.

It goes further, claiming that Stalin personally controlled a secret scientific project to back-engineer an ancient space rocket discovered by archeologists under the city of Kiev in 1948.  Discoveries made by those scientists, who included Korolyov, were later made use of by the Soviet space programme in an attempt to win the Space Race.   And apart from the Moon landings, they did just that.

This incredible account relies heavily on the testimony of the ‘famous Soviet archeologist and artist and journalist Sukhoveyev’ who tells of the experiences of his father, Khvoika, an archeologist who was summoned to Kiev to study the retrieved object.  Khvoika described to his son the discovery of a ‘small, silver device’ that appeared to be a space rocket that had originated from an ancient civilisation.  The Soviets rapidly took control of the situation:

“When workers demolished ruins in 1948, they came across the mentioned mysterious object. The find was dug up, cut into pieces, and loaded onto trucks. The parts were taken to a secret testing area in the Moscow region. The father of the journalist was sent there as well as an expert in ancient languages; he was to translate the inscriptions inside the space ship. It was the Sanscrit language, which is now a dead language.” (4)

Research carried out on this device, and the information contained within it, eventually helped the Soviet space programme, says Pravda.  But a different description of the ancient device, and its controversial contents, is offered by Paul Stonehill:

“A Soviet archeological expedition was engaged in excavations in Kiev, at a site on Reitarskaya Street.  They made a discovery that was to be kept secret by the Soviet Union for 40 years.  Those involved in the discovery are fearful even today to reveal their names. One of them reluctantly talked to a Kiev newspaper in 1993.  He said that the archeologists found a burial vault at a depth of 16 feet that contained a massive chest.  Inside the chest the archeologists found 500 books, written in Arabic, Greek, Sanskrit and Slavic languages.

“The books contained drawings: constructions of orbital stations, hangars for spaceships, and scenes from something like Star Wars.  The books also contained the original manuscript, Slovo o polku Igoreve, about the exploits of ancient Prince Ivor, written by chronicler Pyotr Borislavovich.  The MVD (secret police) arrived within hours, placed the findings in three covered trucks, and took them away.  The archeologists were warned to keep silent about the whole episode.  They did, until 1993 when a report appeared in Dzhentry newspaper (Issue #5) in Vladivostok.” (3)

The implication of this account is that the chest belonged to a Russian who had collected many wonderful ancient manuscripts and books, who had hidden them for safe keeping in a vault below the streets of Kiev.  This is in contrast with the Pravda account of the discovery of an actual device, presumed to be an ancient space rocket.  In fact, neither of these accounts directly implicates UFOs as responsible for the origin of this mysterious object.  The connection with UFOs is implied through association in Pravda’s article. However, the object is consistently referred to as an artefact of an ancient civilisation on this planet that was capable of space exploration.  This is, of course, also absolutely incredulous, requiring one to connect this account with ancient astronaut theories, or Atlantis myths.

One suspects that Pravda has succumbed to a certain amount of exaggeration, possibly reflecting an evolution of this story since it first entered the public domain in 1993, and that the device was indeed a ‘treasure chest’ of remarkable texts and manuscripts rather than an actual ancient space rocket.  But nevertheless, did those secrets include ancient science sufficiently advanced to aid the Soviet space programme?  Pravda seems to think so.  In which case the implications for our knowledge of our own origins are profound.

© Andy Lloyd 27th November 2002


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Man sneaks up on Area 51 “Cammo Dudes,” they get mad (Video)

Man sneaks up on Area 51 “Cammo Dudes,” they get mad (Video)

Area 51 is known for its high security and secrecy. Visitors to the roads leading into the base can spot white trucks on the hills watching your every move. Glenn Campbell, a former Area 51 researcher, decided to visit the base for old time’s sake, which ended up with him playing a little cat and mouse game with the Area 51 security guards, often referred to as “Cammo Dudes.” They are called Cammo Dudes, presumably becasue, well, they wear camouflage.

Campbell just posted a video (seen above) of his recent encounter yesterday, but he doesn’t say when exactly it took place.

Glenn Campbell recounting his encounter on YouTube. (Credit: Glenn Campbell/YouTube)

In the video, Campbell explains: “It was just like old times. I was out doing some research along the border of Area 51, which I haven’t seriously done in decades now. I was just south of Rachel, Nevada, and just north of the Nellis Range line. Wholly within public land when these guys, these Cammo Dudes, in a white pickup truck started following me. Now they were very shy fellows. Whenever I pointed my camera toward them they would back-up into the bush, and the only time I got close to them was when they screamed by me to get to their border.”

The Area 51 warning signs can be seen in this still of Campbell's video as the Cammo Dudes went speeding by after a gameof hide and seek. (Credit: Glenn Campbell/YouTube)

This part of the video is comical. Shepherd Johnson, an occasional contributor to OpenMinds.tv, posted the video on the UFOUpdates Facebook group, commenting: “Reminds me of an old Looney Tunes cartoon.”

In the video, you can see the truck back up as Campbell films them, apparently attempting to hide behind a bush. The scene reminds me of a cat that hides its head with its back end out thinking it is now invisible. Needless to say, their attempt to hide was not very effective.

Can you spot the Area 51 Cammo Dudes hiding in this picture? (Credit: Glenn Campbell/YouTube)

If you said behind the green bush in the middles of the screen, you were right! Good job! (Credit: Glenn Campbell/YouTube)

However, it gets even funnier. This is when Campbell decided to have a little more fun.

“They were watching me from a safe distance wherever I went, and I decided to play a little game on them,” explained Campbell. “I parked my car on one side of the road and walked up on the hills on that side. As they watched from the distance, I snuck around the back and came up behind them.”

In the video Campbell sneaks up on the truck filming and giggling the entire time. He almost gets right in front of the truck before he is noticed.

Campbell sneaking up on the Cammo Dudes. (Credit: Glenn Campbell/YouTube)

Campbell films Cammo Dudes in their truck. They are still not aware he is there. He gets nearly in front of the vehicle before being noticed. (Credit: Glenn Campbell/YouTube)

One of the Cammo Dudes jumped out of the truck and yelled: “Want me to take that camera from you?”

Campbell yelled back as he began running away: “You have no authority to take that camera!”

Cammo Dude gets out of the truck and yells at Campbell. (Credit: Glenn Campbell/YouTube)

Campbell says he kept running away at that point. He says the Cammo Dudes apparently went their way as he went his.

At the end of the video, Campbell ponders: “Now these fellas in the white pickup truck, these Cammo Dudes, they are not government employees. They work for a private contractor that works for the government. Still, I am wondering what the government’s policy is. Are we back to seizing film and cameras just like the 1990s. If we are, we are in for a grand old time.”