UPDATE ON Trauma Based Mind Control

By Fritz Springmeier

Years ago (1995) I sat on the floor of my living room with about 120 files on t.b.m.c. programming tactics and brainstormed how I could make it understandable. I came up with 12 mind control sciences, which include trauma, drugs, deception, hypnosis and 8 other sciences. This update will use those 12 sciences as a way to organize some more material which I offer in this post. The purpose of this post is to provide information that was not written up in my 3 books on the mind control. I have written several articles this year to provide new info on the t.b.m.c. programming, for instance, I wrote on the Theta programming, a type of programming that not all t.b.m.c. slaves receive.

TRAUMA. The victim’s mind has developed the habit of splitting (dissociating) when torture (pain), stress or the programmer’s conditioning is present. It will do this as a natural coping mechanism in day to day life. This is a God-given defense mechanism, and animals also use the same ability to dissociate to deal with traumas in their lives.
Perhaps you have noticed that a natural built in reaction is to fight or flight. What happens when neither seems available?—what can happen is a deer-in-the-headlight’s freezing. At a certain point, the t.b.m.c. victim’s mind is so overwhelmed that they stop fighting the abusive programmer & quit trying to mentally flee, but are fixated on the programmer. At this pt. there is the possibility that the mind—reaching into its survival instincts—can become totally docile & suggestible to the programmer. Why? Because the terror in the subconscious mind communicates to the victim that IF they want to survive they must totally comply. Now the mind of the victim lays open to the programmer. Whatever the programmer says is uncritically accepted, for the mind realizes this is necessary for survival. By the time the child victim grows up, the programmer may not need to genuinely torture the mind controlled slave, as the mere thought of it brings compliance & suggestibility. Survival depends on listening to “daddy”. Intense trauma can also cause the mind to dissociate prior recorded info in the brain as it splits—this is a survival mechanism that basically is saying, what worked in the past does not pertain to survival, so start with a clean slate. The programmers know this & take advantage of this clean slate phenomena to now build whatever they want out of that clean slate part. One might call this kind of programming “fear-of-survival-driven” programming.
Brain stem scarring is a specific tactic to produce photographic memories—but if something goes wrong, the result can be multiple sclerosis. You will note that there are various causes for multiple sclerosis—and of course the controlled medical system is not going to admit that t.b.m.c. programming is one of the causes—although the literature on m.s. does mention trauma to the spinal cord as one of its causes. One victim of t.b.m.c. (in Germany) reported to me that his doctors would not talk to him about his brain-spinal cord MRI. Apparently, the scars from the brain stem scarring showed up. Yeah, doctors (in general) if not guilty are at least compliant to hide the facts from people, knowing that their careers are on the line if they don’t comply w/ powerful threats.

Another aspect of programming traumas is that it disrupts the ability of the victim to form natural family relationships. Spouses, friends and other significant others in the lives of t.b.m.c. survivors often blame themselves when family relationships are distorted, not realizing that without therapy the survivor is not likely to have the ability to form & understand genuine family relationships. Events in their lives are interpreted/perceived in distorted ways, and then they respond to these distorted perceptions. Many people ask me how can someone traumatize their children?? They fail to realize the distorting effect that the trauma-b.m.c. has had on the parent. Even then, the main programmers often have to blackmail the parent into helping traumatize their own children. One of the common traumas, perhaps used in half the victims of t.b.m.c. at some time or other is a near drowning. (Remember, my recent post where I mentioned a JW programmed multiple whose son mysterious drown in the family pool?)

HYPNOTIC TRIGGERS & CODES. Historically, many secret societies/tribes around the world have had secret names for their members, with the belief that if a person knows someone’s name, then they have control over that person. Who knows the names of the system’s alters?? The programmers and handlers, so they have a natural construct to claim that they have control over the person; they are the only ones who know the real name!
Many of the codes that were given in my books are still valid.

DRUGS. When I wrote my books designer drugs were more limited. Now legal designer drugs are widespread, and available for the programmers. These drugs are specifically designed and in certain cases, better for specific programming uses. The effect of drugs can be held by a split so that the victim can be programmed to think they have a vial of that drug inside their body. When something triggers a certain program the “vial is released”…what actually happens is the part with the drugged state comes up behind the alter holding the body and gives it an abreaction of the drugged state. The sensation is that the vial of the drug (or toxin) has been released.

BUILDING INTERNAL STRUCTURES. Castles were mentioned quite a bit in my 3 books on the mind control. However, the two stages to program it internally were not delineated. The victim is often taken to a castle and forced to become intimately aware of it. Later an accurate small model of the castle is used as a prop to hypnotically place the castle into the mind of the victim. The all-seeing eye as a structure was mentioned and even illustrated (and this programming object is reinforced by every dollar bill), and a similar structure, the Eye of Lucifer may also be hypnotically implanted into the belly of the victim. The importance of 28 was missed in my Formula book. The number is considered by some Satanists as the number of the Beast and is also linked to menstrual cycles. Remember, that the foundation of occult theocracy/occult science is the Kabala, and 28 means power for Kabbalists.

While I mentioned how the programmers set up conflicts between parts of a system so that only the programmer can bring order out of chaos…I didn’t mention one of the conflicts that is set up: having alters with different religions! Imagine an alter system with a Jewish alter and an Islamic alter! The programmers also create internal spirits, which are controlled by the programmers’ magical powers. In line with these magical powers, the programmer’s duplicate alter may appear as an internal genie in the system. As mentioned, places like Neverland & Shadowland appear in many internal structures. Also a magical pillar of power may be placed in the system somewhere. Watch sci-fi movies to learn the type of critters & structures that could be placed internally into the victim’s internal worlds.

THE PROGRAMMERS. I have another group to add, this time from Australia. A survivor of t.b.m.c. reported to me of a group in Australia that he was involved with. This group practiced t.b.m.c. & had many psychologists in its group. The group is located on the east side of Melbourne, Australia, & had property in the Catskill mtns. of NY, & the Broom Farm in England. The founder of the cult was Anne Hamilton-Byrne, who the police estimated had a fortune of $50 million. And the name of this cult? Well they used a name which is popular with several groups, incl. the Illuminati & the Mafia—which is “the Family”. They also called themselves “the Great White Brotherhood”. They met at their Santiniketan Lodge, their White Lodge and their Crowther House. Whether they were associated with the Illuminati or some intelligence group like MI-6 in 1961 when they were founded, I don’t know. On Aug. 14, 1987 they were raided by the police. In recent years, they have had power struggles and lost their power. Were they kicked to the curb by the Illum.? There is more to their story, but I don’t know the details. Being aware that they used drugs, electro-shock, trauma, and hypnosis at their private psychiatric hospital owned and operated by a member, Marion Villimek, helps fill in some of the pieces concerning Australia. The t.b.m.c. has spread global, and is especially prevalent in N.A., Europe, the Middle East, Russia and South Africa.

FINAL THOUGHTS. This article is as long as I care to make these posts. For those who have used my books as a reference to understand the t.b.m.c., this post has been designed to provide additional info.

3000 Mile Wide Disc Caught By ISS?

Ok, this image was released by the Brasilia Planetarium recently and seems to show a massive disc shaped object stationed above the Earth. The disc is estimated to be around 3-5 thousand miles in diameter. If you look at the bottom left of the image you can see a cloud formation passing over the top of the anomaly, this indicates that the object is not a projection onto the earth. I have no idea what this object is, i can only speculate at this point. I have contacted the Planetarium for further clarification regarding the slide, and will post an update when I get an answer.


As Michael stepped back to his chair, John moved rapidly to the podium and began to speak. He explained that what would hap­pen next, was in no way to be considered magic nor spiritual, as that word is defined in Earth terms. He said the next group of participants were not to be considered Gods, and more, that each present is to recognize the God Source within himself.

The demonstration would be to represent to Earth people that they are not alone; there are wiser and more advanced brothers in the outer realms which we call “space”. He said they come in willingness to render assistance during Earth’s time of crisis, cleansing and rebirthing. He said they would also explain that they come to evacuate Earth if that should eventually become a necessity. He said many of the Galactic Fleet commanders would present themselves; the first speaker would be the Supreme Commander of the Fleet, Ashtar.

All eyes were immediately riveted to the sky above; it seemed as if everyone present momentarily forgot the heaving Earth under their feet. The bleachers continued to tremble and vibrate.

Within seconds the boiling clouds began to vaporize and high, high above the Gathering was what appeared to be the under side of some monstrous craft. The periphery of the object was visible. It seemed to blanket the world. It appeared to be very distant above the Earth, which made its tremendous size more ominous.

From underneath the “object” suddenly appeared several smaller craft which were disc shaped and typical of descriptions of space ships. These ships gathered closely together and simultaneously brilliant beams of light appeared from the center of each craft. The audience gasped in shock as beings began to float down­ward through the beams. One by one they joined the speakers on the stage. Fleet Commander Ashtar immediately took the podium. The Earth continued its convulsions.

“I direct my thoughts to you of planet Earth that are the volun­teers from throughout the Cosmos, from the angelic realms, and the representative of the Hierarchy. Each of you has passed through a period of great turbulence. You have felt the impact and the initial injury as lower energies have been unleashed to be removed from those that are about you. As you have grown in your own awareness and enlightenment, your vibrational pat­tern has altered, and you are, indeed, much more fragile than those ones that would choose to walk the path of oblivion. Con­stantly you are on our monitors, that we might send forth heal­ing, in balancing, and allowing you to ride through this period of turbulence. This is brought to you for your time is not yet over. Earth, and those that are with her in these hours, are experiencing the throes, the anguish of the birthing process, so shall you feel of this within your being. As you take the oppor­tunity to retreat into silence, into places of quietness, of soli­tude, so do you receive of that which will assist you in your healing and your balancing. We recognize the role you have selected is indeed one that is the front line of the great forces. We salute you in that which you have come to do, and we are humbled to serve with you at this time of Earth’s crisis.

“As Earth makes preparation for moving into the next dimen­sion, and you prepare in your assistance, you shall each, in your own way, receive increased enlightenment and awareness. Your whole vibrational pattern is being quickened. The hour of seeing, of knowing, of believing is upon you, that you might start as one small voice, and as you come together the voice shall grow, and you shall be heard throughout the planet.

“Our legion of volunteers, I put forth the call that the hour is nigh of awakening. We of the fleet salute you. We stand ever ready to offer assistance to you. You are the vital key for all ones of planet Earth. May I offer my most sincere appreciation to each of you for selecting the role that you have chosen. Know that we stand ever ready to assist you. PEACE. ”

Ashtar introduced the next speaker as Andromeda Rex.

“I am here to speak to you who are newly awakened. Many of you are experiencing great confusion at thishour. Many of you are feeling great loss, a great void. This is because of the new communication and the removal of lower energies. Some of you are frightened at the thought that a voice or a thought is entering into your field over which you have no specific control. It is a process of change and we will help you through your pro­gression.

“Many of you will experience communication from other dimen­sions. This is not the role of ALL on planet Earth. Indeed, if all were to grow the seed then who would weave to make the garments? Or, if all of you were to grow the seed, then who would build the dwellings? Each will have your own unique role.

“As you become aware of your involvement with us, of your role, of your purpose, our communication with you will be more easily established. In order to facilitate this, I suggest that each of you designate the same period each day, that you would sit in quiet, in solitude, that your being, that which you call your body, might attune to this time frame, that you might learn to settle yourself, to clear your mind of its clutter, and to be ready to receive. We of the higher dimensions will continue to work closely with you.”

Soltec took the podium.

“Greetings Earth friends, I am Soltec. I will speak of the geo­physical manifestations that shall be appearing on Earth: Up­heavals and eruptions will be seen about the planet. This con­dition shall be accelerated in the upcoming days, and indeed, as seasons change upon the Earth, the change shall bring forth great unbalance in the weather patterns, as well as the geophys­ical reactions to the change.

“Parts of the planet will experience flooding, tidal waves ex­cessive rain, mud slides, periods of great turbulence weather patterns. As you of Earth consult your media, you will be unable to turn on your televisions or read your papers withoutsome mention of a so-called disaster on Earth. This is an at­tempt to rid Earth of the negativity that she so long has held. This unbalanced energy is coming to the surface to be released, to be expelled from the heart of Mother Earth.

“This shall be a time, as seasons change, that these shall be al­tered. The season that you call spring shall be minimal, just as that season which you call fall. There shall be a ‘sliding’ from the extreme of summer to the extreme of winter, and from the extreme of that which you call winter into that which is called summer. The balmy times upon your planet shall begin to minimize as the weather patterns react to that which is being released from Mother Earth and those of you that are with her.

“We have placed a belt of ships around the center of Mother Earth to assist in her stabilization. Also, we have stationed at each of the polar areas large magnetically-controlling, ships to assist in the stabilization from that view. We will continue these efforts to, hopefully, prevent further wobbling or unbalance of Earth on her axis as these changes progress. We do not know, at this point, how long a period of time we can maintain the pre­sent balance.

“As the severities increase there will be a shortage of food sup­plies as you recognize them. Plants will be introduced in vari­ous locations on your planet which shall be discovered and use shall begin. I offer encouragement and I share freely of that which I have available.”

The Earth movements had lessened in frequency as the next speaker took the floor.

“Keil-Ta is my name and I will discuss our ships. Our particu­lar portion of the command has been assigned in the area of evacuation and lift off. This is why we now make our presence known. Our ships are not of the shape with which most Earth­eans are familiar, ours is an oblique disc. And those of you that might have seen it as it has traveled through the atmosphere might have mistaken our light pattern for one of a shooting star, or a falling star as you would say. Our ships do not have to conform to a specific pattern for navigation because the ethers of our galaxy are of such an attunement that they present no resistance as we go forth.

“During this period our small scout ships shall be very close to Earth and we will be easily visible. Our purpose will be to become even more familiar to you of Earth to ease your fears should evacuation become necessary.”

Keil-Ta was replaced by one he introduced as Beatrix.

“Greetings. I am here to speak to you who are architects, physicists and biochemists. You must now find new answers that do not take away from, but rather contribute to. Man of Earth has felt he has accomplished a great deal as he split the atom. Indeed, he has accomplished far more than he realizes. For, by splitting the atom of the living elements, he has indeed speeded up the hands of the clock. As one atom of one living element feels of its unbalance, so do all living atoms throughout the Cosmos feel of this unbalance, also, You noted ones of sci­ence have overlooked the magnetic pull of the Earth, of the ley lines that are about Earth. You have overlooked the use of the crystal. You have overlooked the use of various gem stones that are found about your planet. These long forgotten knowings shall come to the surface for ones of this day. And ones in places of your university settings, and those areas of your busi­nesses and your companies that employ others for their ability to think and reason, shall come together in a mutual sharing toward enlightenment. Man’s first realization will be that of the undoing he has created by splitting the atom. You must rethink your way of living.

“Scientists of your great nations must come together to share knowledge and expertise. You must learn to share without exter­nal influences of your political governments. You must speak as brothers. You must build a peaceful environment or you cannot survive. ”

The feeling of restlessness seemed to begin to unnerve the audi­ence as the realization of the reality of the moment began to take hold. One known as Algaron quickly rose to speak.

“We must turn our attention to the severe problems you face with health and nutrition on Earth. There will be great cleans­ing of Earth and souls are going to rapidly be removed from your planet. You will find illness widespread. There will be no earthly cure for these illnesses. This has already begun with the introduction of that which is known to you of Earth as AIDS. You will continue to also experience that which is known to you as cancer. There will be a widespread increase in those diseases caused by the lower energy forms; those such as AIDS and other forms of venereal diseases.

“Do not despair as the general health for light workers shall ac­tually be increased. Many alternate sources of foods rather than the animal proteins will become most familiar. Many ones will try the new plants and find ways to prepare these that shall be most palatable to all of you. This will be a great time of re­gaining balance and attunement for those of you known as light workers. We will be constantly with you to assist you in any way possible. ”

One known as Monka replaced Algaron.

“I will be brief as I see you are restless and frightened. You must realize that the strength and harmony which you seek is within your own beings. There shall continue to be unbalance. There shall continue to be countries and leaders that will test the patience of all the world. The acts of terrorism will be a mani­festation of this. It will sometimes appear that you are on an un­avoidable path to a great and mighty war. But we shall not al­low this war to be.

“Yes, the hold will be most tenuous, but war shall not pervade on planet Earth. The councils, the tribunals have come together in one great and mighty auspicious gathering. And the Decree has gone forth, planet Earth shall not be destroyed. And those that are of the Light shall not be denied their birthright. Thank you and I salute the volunteers on Planet Earth.”

Hatonn speaks:

“The Light Forces of all Creation are coming together in assis­tance of this jewel within the Cosmos. Be strong in these up­heavals of Earth. Recognize that there are those who cannot see beyond this moment and shall cry of catastrophe and calamity. They shall cry of great terribleness of all the acts that are com­ing about. Know as this is done that these see with a very my­opic eye. Always look beyond the moment. Look to the Divine Purpose. We work toward the Universality of all man-kind. We are your brothers. Salu Salu Salu.”
Phoenix Journal 1 – ‘Sipapu Odyssey’, pp. 98-104.



Pleiadians are actually very beautiful people. They look very similar to us humans (they do have varying degrees of pointed ears, slightly larger eyes, slightly larger pupils, & the eyes are beautiful colors not normally seen in humans unless wearing exotic contacts), and are some of our ancient ancestors. They are simply more evolved than us, and exist at a higher frequency/higher dimension in another star system. They dislike coming down to our lower 3D vibrational frequency to visit earth, since everything is extremely heavy here. They used to live on earth many centuries ago, but fled this planet when it was invaded by the Draco Reptilians. Our government has known about the Pleiadians from the Pleiades (Seven Sisters) for a very long time. This photo shows what they look like. I have also linked to a short 4-minute video of a female Pleiadian and her son that were captured in 1972, and held in prison for 2 years simply because they were from off-world. The female named Ariyuanhas would not talk to her prison guards for the entire 2 years of incarceration. She also did not eat any food during the entire 2 years, but would drink water (water was a bit safer in the 70s). She was between 78 to 100 years old, but looked like she was about 30 years old. Pleiadians live to be about 1,000 years old so they age much, much slower than humans. Her son named Adrieiuous was kept in a cell next to hers. She and her son communicated with each other using telepathy only. They could always communicate with each other no matter how far apart they were. The young boy did speak to guards, did eat food, and even took an IQ test. The boy was between 19 to 28 years of age, but appeared to be about 8 to 10 years old. He scored higher than a 210 which is far higher than all 5 of the greatest geniuses that have lived in recent recorded times.

[This is an example of what Pleiadians can look like. The woman and her son in the video are real Pleiadians and they do both have pointed ears, just not this exaggerated.]

Every time I think about this encounter, I get very emotional. Our government is cruel to benevolent, off-world races that are here to help us, yet they are all buddy, buddy with the malevolent races that want to destroy us. The reason is the benevolent races want to teach us love, spirituality, and oneness and will not share ET technology crafts or weapons of war; while the malevolent races are willing to give us ET technology in exchange for rights to abduct, experiment on, and even eat humans as food. Our secret shadow government trades humans for ET advanced technology and signs deals with the malevolent races. This is the absolute truth. Ariyuanhas and Adrieiuous did absolutely nothing wrong. Even as badly as they were treated, they did not show outward anger toward their prison guards at any time. They came to earth looking for there father who is here on earth to help our world with the impending ascension. I hope you “know” this video is 100% real. This is how evil our Military Industrial ET Complex (MIEC) and secret shadow government known as the Illuminati really are. Time to wake up to reality. Also let me tell you that the blanket the boy is using in one of the photos is the exact same blankets we used in all military prisons for the inmates. I served in the military for 28 years with both the Marines and the Army in the fields of Infantry, Military Police, and PsyOps.

Other Pleiadian information:

The picture is from unknown source, only used as an example photo. The woman and her son in the video are Pleiadians. They are clearly shown and you can see their ears and their eyes up close. Yes they do have varying degrees of pointed ears just like humans have varying degrees of ear lobe shapes.

The Financial Reset – By COBRA – May 2015

The Financial Reset – By COBRA

This will be in three phases:!

First phase: this will involve an inner reset. There will be a release of funds and forgiveness of
debt. Debt is a Cabal concept (from Orion). Debt is used to control the masses. Money is promoted
as a means of exchange, but in fact it is a method of producing debt and slavery. We will have to
forgive ourselves and others.!
The karma system – or sin in Catholicism – involves debt and slavery in the etheric realms.!
People work every day, real physical work, in order to pay back those who only entered numbers
into a computer. !
In fact, there is actually an etheric banking technology which interfaces with the main banking
system. This involves plasma. The top archons receive information about all individuals. This
etheric technology will have to be removed.!
Eastern Alliance – The Eastern Alliance is an alternative financial infrastructure. It is not tied in
any way to the Federal reserve. Talks with the Dragon Families have led to a plan to defeat the
Cabal. The best method is simply to bankrupt them. The current financial system in the world is
primitive. The East is building a more sophisticated system. The BIS and the Fed etc work for the
Cabal at the top levels. !
China, Russia, India, South Africa, Brazil etc have got top people in. This initiative has the silent
support of the positive military. There is a secret group in South America – a military group – that is
making sure that the Cabal cannot stop this process.!
A new alternative is being set up to the SWIFT clearing system. A new Russian payment card is
being developed. Also, systems are being developed for direct exchange without using the
American dollar. China has gathered together most of the world’s gold. The Yuan is set to become
one of the world’s new reserve currencies.!
Three years ago the suggestion was made that a basket of currencies form the new reserve
currency. But, there is a risk. The Jesuits have sought to penetrate the structure of the Eastern
Alliance, and hope that way to get global control of the new financial system.!
Forces beyond this planet are observing what is going on, from their mother-ships, and monitoring.!
The entire world debt is in the region of $233 trillion. !
The Secret Space Program!
Those living on Mars will demand payment soon! This involves refineries and mining companies.
Virtually no one knows about this aspect of the programme. Those who do know are afraid to
speak out.!
All countries are involved in very big debts, because real money went off Earth.!
Second phase:!
So everything needs to be reset. The Secret Space Program has to be stopped. All cabal entities
need to be removed. The Geopolitical System reflects the Solar System. Bush and Cheney are
currently being protected. !
The enormous debt of $233 trillion would provide houses for everyone on earth, and food for all,
many times over.!
The money currently going to projects remains a classified topic.!
Money works as a fiction because everyone believes it.!
The Rothschilds of the Bank of England.!
One trillion dollars is siphoned in the USA, three billion dollars every day.!
All the real estate on Mars will eventually belong to humanity. The secret space program started on
the moon. Mars proved to be a much more effective project. Many other races have been involved
in Mars; there have been reptilians on Mars.!
The financial system involves an occult economy that goes beyond this planet. The Cabal has
invested. For this reason, they think they own the planet and also the Solar System. But this is not
a reality. There are forces that will prevent that.!
BRICS alternative!
The BRICS Alliance want the new financial structure to be solid, and to sustain The Event. The
Resistance Movement will activate a virus, within all banks, stopping all transactions. The banks
will close. They will remain closed for a period of between three days and two weeks. Because of
this, the Cabal will lose their source of money. They will not be able to pay mercenaries, buy
helicopters and so forth.!
The alternative system will be activated. BRICS and the Eastern Alliance, will go online, but with
new rules. There will be no stock market. Many very large companies will be forced into bankruptcy
by having to buy back their own shares. Many banks will go bankrupt.!
There is very little physical money in the world. 200 billion dollars, not more.!
Police and the military will prevent bank robberies. When the banks reopen, individual’s bank
accounts will return.!
However, the real value of houses will go down. This will enable real estate to be available for all.
The value of the house will closely relate to the real cost of building that house, a fraction of the
value of many houses now. Everyone will have enough.!
Gold and Silver!
The Cabal had a lot of gold and silver but they lost it to the Resistance Movement. The vast
majority of the gold on the planet will be for the use of humanity. It will be used as collateral.!
At a certain moment after First Contact we will have a technology that will provide everything that
we need.!
Initially the value of gold will go up.!
The way animals are treated will improve dramatically!
Third Phase:!
The third phase will involve society without money. This will come when humanity as a whole can
handle this in terms of awareness.!
Putin is quite brave and he has had support from beyond the planet. He disappeared for ten days.
Cobra confirmed that there are lookalikes for Putin (and indeed for others). [It is also true that there
are clones for various members of the Cabal.]!
Putin went to a meeting. He met beings who are not from the surface of this world. He was given
information about the reset.!
Eisenhower met with the Ashtar Command as well as the Pleiadians. He wished to work more
closely with them but this was blocked by the military. So the Dracos came and he was forced to
sign a treaty. This led to abductions. It also resulted in the proliferation of underground military
Despite the threats he was facing, Eisenhower put the task force within the Solar Warden Program.
By doing this, he saved the world. He infiltrated the Secret Space Program. Some information
about this is known to his granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower (who can be found on YouTube).
Eisenhower also helped set up The Organisation. This is where the “mass arrests” will come from.!
Bitcoin – Bitcoin was an invention developed by the Light forces. However, in time to come, for as
long as money is still needed, it will have to be physical. !
Greek Myths contain fragments of old history. So for example, the Andromeda Galaxy is being
referred to in the Perseus Myth. This galaxy has a very strong polarity and has been closely
involved with planet Earth. The Perseus myth (Gorgon’s head and all that – Ed.) has very strong
keys for dealing with this split. !
Trouble in the Ukraine – this has to be settled as a problem before the vortices in Europe can be
Orion – similar to the Andromeda Galaxy; there is a great polarity; some rigid adherence to the
dark; Betelgeuse is committed to the light. The Orion Galaxy was liberated more than one decade
ago. Many of the Rothschild family has come from Orion.!
Planet X – is at the outer edge of the solar system. Officially, it is not yet been discovered. The
Resistance Movement comes from there.!
The moon – Our Moon is very special. This makes the Earth sought after.!
Monarchy – All suppressed information about the Monarchy will come out after The Event.!
Child abuse – Why has there been Satanic abuse and child abuse by the elites in the world? This
has come about because of generational trauma; they act out what they experienced themselves
as children. In order for this to stop, it has to be exposed. The minds of people involved get
infected by parasites. (i.e. Etheric beings)!
Sofia Archetype – the Sofia archetype is the classic cosmic archetype for wisdom. The way that
this energy will return, is through both dreams and revelations. The earth anchors the Sofia
Collapse of the dollar – The dollar could collapse, but light forces are not supporting this. It’s the
Cabal that want the collapse of the dollar. The Bush faction want to produce a collapse in the dollar
and damage as many people as possible.!
Jump Rooms: – The jump rooms were real. They were used to travel vast distances. However,
time travel related to the jump rooms is not real.!
Animal mutilations – The mutilation of animals has been carried out at the behest of the Cabal.!
Greece – Greece has various powerful bargaining chips, it might be able to greatly improve its
financial position. Greece includes Crete, and in ancient times the Minoan Civilisation was
connected with the Brotherhood of the Star. This ancient connection can be used to reactivate the
light in Greece. It is a vortex point for the return of the Goddess and the return of the Atlantean
Mysteries and Light.!
The Archons – The Archons are involved in the incarnation process, and will give you the parents
that will suppress you the most. Light workers are doing the work of 10 to 20 people, who are not
yet aware. Nevertheless, we will succeed. If we get to 144,000 at any significant point, this will
liberate the world.!
ISIL – There is a Syria Portal and a Samara Vortex. The ISIL Army are seeking to destroy this
legacy. In Israel there is a ten thousand year old energy point dedicated to the Goddess.!

Hundreds of people claim to have seen a “floating city” above a village in Nigeria

Universe Explorers


May 12th, 2015

  • Is it possible that these reports are in fact a massive UFO sighting as some ufologists suggest?
  • Hundreds of people claim to have seen a floating city above their village in Nigeria

Since ancient times, we have been familiar with stories about strange creatures that appear out of nowhere, mysterious creatures coming out of giant crafts, flames, spheres, etc… These mythological “ships” were known in ancient India as the Vimana, mythological flying palaces or chariots described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics.

According to the interpretation of these sacred texts, besides having the ability to move within the Earth’s atmosphere, Vimanas could also travel into space. According to the ancient writings, Vimanas had different shapes and sizes, with two or more engines, these vehicles were sophisticated flying machines equipped with deadly weapons, although they were used for transport, their main business” was war. Some of these vimanas are descried as having a more oval-shaped form, while others resembled cigars in the sky, but there are also some descriptions which interpret the Vimanas as being giant floating palaces or cities.


According to a UFO sighting that took place in 2011, some claim that a giant Vimana was seen over Nigeria. According to hundreds of residents of the small border town of Dulali in Darazo, Nigeria, a large “flying city” came down from heaven.

According to one of the witnesses, Saidu Meshai Dulali who worked in the local tea shop, he saw the light in the sky after the morning prayer at the local mosque while preparing to begin daily work. Saidu and hundreds of other residents, including the imam of the local mosque, Mallam Shehu Liman, saw the bright light in the sky that was moving towards the village. As it came closer, you could see buildings and towers.

“The giant floating city” appeared out of nowhere, the entire city was surrounded by a thin cloud, it flew very close to the ground, through these “clouds”witness claimed to have seen beautiful large buildings, towers and the sound of machines originating from the city.

A 10-year-old boy also witnessed the floating city. According to local reports, 10 year-old Ibrahim could not believe what he was seeing. When reporters from the Nigerian national newspaper asked local residents about their opinion what they had seen, they said that it was the work of God, because of their religious beliefs. The Imam of the village, Mallam Shehu Liman, confirmed the sighting, though he attributed it to “Allah” and the “Djinn”, a reference to the spirits in the Islamic and Arab folklore. “We believe that perhaps God used those sightings for us to open our eyes and see how the Djinn live in their own world,” said Liman.

Exactly two weeks after the floating city appeared in our village, the flying object came again, and remained floating in the sky wandering over the town for nearly an hour before disappearing again.

Some residents believe that this “floating city” was in fact a giant flying saucer that belongs to an extraterrestrial race. From a cultural perspective, some residents have made connections to the biblical passage “Revelation 21:2″

“And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”

This UFO sighting would have probably been just another story if it wasn’t for the hundreds of people who actually saw a floating city coming down from heaven. We believe it is a sign that something big this happen in that small town,” said Yau Kaugama, a politician from the local government.

But the highlight of this amazing story is that many local residents have no electricity, no mobile phones or the Internet, therefore, are not “manipulated” by the outside world.