Milabs, Monarchs, Mkultra


Update on Milabs from William 9-20-2012

Hi James just a small update for you. I have learnt today that Britain is doing what France and Germany have not dared. Britain putting all of its key industry eggs into one basket. BAE systems is merging with the Franco-German European Aeronautic, Defence & Space (EADS)  The deal will give away control over Britain’s most important defense contractor and make a new conglomerate the top arms seller in the World. Without BAE Britain will have little left of an independent defence industry. Britain will be completely dependent on France and Germany for it defense. It would lose control of its most important aircraft manufacturer the builder of its main battle tank, next generation aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, and as well as its suppler for …


Update on Milabs from William 9-10-2012

Hi James this is one of the pictures for the MILAB court. This is just one of them they I was told that they will have four more by 2045. But James they are not going to get to 2045 they are going to be cut short due to sabotage.  There is an operation platform that is manned before the pens. Once they pull a switch a bolt is released and goes through each MILAB and through to the next in concession and so on. Some have their head decapitated but most it is done via the bolt. Then the MILABs run out of each holding pen but disintegrate into nothing. Each pen has a door and an opening at the …


The announcement

Information received and translated by planetary reestablishment group G.H.RE.ES through Neutrino Beam receptors from the Andromedan armada near Saturn.

A laconic message to the inhabitants of Gaia, regarding the Draconian occupation of the planet, possible false flag events and the extermination of all life by those that present themselves as “friends”.

Secrets lie in symbolisms.


N.S.A. Whistleblower

The filmmaker Laura Poitras profiles William Binney, a 32-year veteran of the National Security Agency who helped design a top-secret program he says is broadly collecting Americans’ personal data.

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Update on Milabs from Jerry

James I have a drawing I would like to share with you I think you’ll find it as intriguing as the trip chair drawing. This is the lab room at Edwards AFB. The tunnel on the bottom right leads in from the tarmac. Those tables on top where metal a lot like the picture Casbolt published. This place was tied into all the most far out shit I’ve experienced. The metal door on the left goes somewhere I can’t even begin to recal. I also astral traveled there. At one point an ET’s tried to block, but they can’t/couldn’t stop me. But now I just don’t go back there. Too much trauma to heal. There was a path I’d used to go through that …


Update on Milabs from William

James had a flash today of a large supersonic ship I saw an image flashed today as I was resting and the second flash was the crew coming into a large open doors leading out from the ship. They were wearing red gear a cross between an astronaut and something else little bit more slicker. When they flash images I know I am about to be involved in it somehow. The ship had large wings and very bulky at the bottom of it I suspect that is wear the drive is. I find that human made ships are tacky so even if it were state of the art to me it looked tacky. If I find a close enough image …