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A Point of Observation

A Point of observation in a pictorial format- for you and I. We have both experienced the same level of darkness (the points of creation), but we were on opposite ends of darkness…..I experienced creation via elements, nature,soul temptation, tribal, and shamanism. You experienced artificial creation, genetic construction, soul entrapment, super soldier, and inception warrior (dream battles). Both of us were in opposite corners of the basement. As we become aware and master our present moment surroundings, we find the stairway to the next floor of complexity of life. Awareness brings respect and responsibility. The more we know the more we are accountable, the closer to the (present day living) ancients we become. Eventually we find ourselves migrating to the …


I like to see us working together please!

I am very open minded and like to read about others experiences about mind control. Normally I don’t like confrontation as it’s not my way of doing business. I want to say nice things about others but some people make it a difficult chore.  I would prefer to just ignore this issue as I don’t need the drama I know I’m going to get from Duncan and his cult of followers by saying the following things. But not doing so would do the public a disservice as this issue needs to be addressed. One such individual by the name of Khris posted a blog about how being a monarch is not cool and trendy. I agree wholehearted many people think …


Super Soldier Talk with Donald Marshall Transcripts

To see original post with comments The following is the last conversations I had with Donald Marshall via Facebook. My initial interactions with him where cordial as he showed a genuine interest in my wellbeing, he seemed to have insight about me personally being used in the cloning labs and I was curious to learn more. For thoose who dont know donlad claims his consicousness is plugged into clones when he sleeps where he interacts with other clones who recieve the same treatment. In the last part of May 2013 I traveled to Orlando to visit some friends and later learned that Donald was only a 3 and half hour drive from me in Miami. I suggested we do …


Was Bobby Joe Excluded from the Super Soldier Summit?

Was Bobby Joe Excluded from the Super Soldier Summit?

Of interest:

Now things come to light…this Super Solider Summit is in Marin County, Calif, June 23…and coincidentally Bobby Joe Clone’s “Survival” seminar is 45-60 minutes away in Sacramento.

Is Bobby Joe Clone (and Lady Corso, who will be there) miffed that he was not asked to be included in this seminar, so he set up an event nearby at the same time? Maybe he will crash the summit with his katana sword, with Lay Corso in a nice summer dress behind him, and scream how he is a “Graywalker” and Rink and Spiers are bogus, etc.

What I know: Aaron McCollum and James Casbolt will pay a surprise visit to both events, coming into Marin County in a TR-3C breaking the sound barrier at Mach 4, and really shake things up as true super soldiers who have broken from the Cabal and work with the Uncomporomised White Hats (whether they will be in synthetic bodies, projected as holograms, time traveling, or originals from this timeline is uncertain right now).

Given the crappy and rude way Bobby Joe and Lady Corso have treated people at past conferences, it is no wonder they are not asked to speak at any, not to mention the psychic attack battles between AX and her black magic vs. Rink and his alters.

Woody Brockbrader was supposed to be at this one…but, well, looks like he will have to be present in astral form only.


Project Camelot Interview Super Solider Summit – May 30, 2012

In this video Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot interviews James Rink, Alara Blackwell, Richard Rogers, and Max Spiers as they discuss the ultra milab super soldier program and the first ever super solider summit which will take place in Marin County, San Francisco, CA on June 23, 2012. You don’t want to miss this exciting event. Also be sure to tune into the special after show comment section with James Rink and Richard Rogers at the conclusion of this interview. Get your tickets now at


The Whole Agenda Show with James Rink and Max Spiers May 29, 2012

In this video Paul Landrus interviews Lorien Fenton, James Rink, and Max Spiers as they discuss the super soldier program and the first ever super solider summit which will take place in Marin County, San Francisco, CA on June 23, 2012. You don’t want to miss this exciting event. Get your tickets now at