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A message to Milab Survivors.

From Anon. Yeaps they are mad James I have had more implant put into me so I must be doing something right and they cannot seem to control me all to well. What can we do to really piss them off I think of that every day of what I can do or what we can do and every night there is not a moment that goes by where I am not thinking of it. That is how much I hate what they do and what they are doing 24/7. I hate all the implants in me and all the upgrades that I have. I hate having my ability’s being used for evil because before they came along with the …


Stargate or Star Wars?

Stargate or Star Wars?  Darren Perks a British Ufologist writes, “Since approximately 1980, a secret space fleet code named ‘Solar Warden’ has been in operation unknown to the public… Is this nonsense, is it a conspiracy or is it simply so sensitive that it will cause uproar around the world?” These are my own words after conducting research into the secret program. Whilst conducting an FOI (freedom of information) request with the DoD (department of defense) in 2010, I had a very unexpected response by email from them which read: “About an hour ago I spoke to a NASA rep who confirmed this was their program and that it was terminated by the President. He also informed me that it was …


Army of the future

Army of the future

Tomorrow’s soldiers could be able to run at Olympic speeds and will be able to go for days without food or sleep, if new research into gene manipulation is successful.

According to the U.S. Army’s plans for the future, their soldiers will be able to carry huge weights, live off their fat stores for extended periods and even regrow limbs blown apart by bombs.

The plans were revealed by novelist Simon Conway, who was granted behind-the-scenes access to the Pentagon’s high-tech Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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military interference?

military interference?

The three guys sitting in the back: the one in the middle I actually perceived him as the association-separation of the other two. He has the same characteristics as the other two, but separated. He’s the one who makes the separation remain the same. I perceive him like a spiral that keeps the two universes detached, otherwise they would melt into each other. I believe he’s in part the being that doesn’t age and in part the old man. He’s the one who decided to stay on this side: he’s in the middle, just like in the drawing (see below- A.N.). I don’t know the other one: I need to think it over, because I can kind of see it, but I can’t really visualize it.

The military men: one wears a green mimetic suit, but it’s a bright green. No writings on the zip-fastener. Another one has the hat just like a Basque beret, with a symbol on top (I can’t really see it: I’d say red, but I’d have to think about it). That’s also on the zip-fasteners of his uniform. The third one wears a dark-blue outfit (but it’s a different blue compared to the one of the five fingered,) and he also wears a cap, but differently than the other one, he took it off and put it on the table. The first one wears brown shoes, like raw chamois leather. They are covered with dirt. The arrogant one wearing the Basque has a small foot. The uniform has many colors, because it’s made with many colored threads. However the color is rather dark. There’s also another military man, but I can’t really remember about him right now, maybe it’s one of the three, but I cannot really say which one: I also dreamed about him… Do you remember when I wrote you describing that place which I wasn’t even sure it was on Earth? That’s where I think the military was. I think I was away for a long time during that dream. I remember all the details for those rooms and that building. While we were going up with that very big means of transportation, I could even see outside and there was a huge expanse of ground a little bit reddish. It seemed almost like clay here and there. There was no vegetation and the base was divided in two parts. You could get in from the top and go down a few floors. A portion of the bottom part came out between the rocks and was of a color very similar to the ground, maybe a little bit lighter, but not too much; it was rough. There were very thick glasses (I believe armoured) on the walls, approximately 30 by 35 cm. Oh my God, I really remember everything about this place. I am trying to write things I have never written before.

The room: the door to close had no handle on the inside. You could open it only from the outside. There was another room in front of mine, another one on the side and another one on the front. The hallway separating the rooms was very large, maybe two meters.

The military were there and they were just checking and escorting. But that place is different from all the other ones where I was in before. It’s not the usual kidnapping place, from where, once finished the job, they get you and bring you back home. It was different there. As I already told you, I am almost sure I was there for a very long time.

This was the structure of the building: the entrance was in the highest point, and actually, in order to get there, we had to turn right and go up. The entrance was a big gray dome, a kind of reflecting gray, transparent-like, surrounded by rocks. There were no doors: you could get in from the top. It was a spiral-like opening and you could get in. Once inside, there was no way to get out, cause the walls were closed. The same thing was true when you went down: the wall above closed down, but there was like a crack left open, and obviously no human could get through that (it was a diameter of only 5 or 6 cm – app. 2 inches, T.N.). The quarters were a few floors below (at least 4). there was nothing under it, but moving a few meters on the right, there were more floors down under. It was very big.

Now that I really think about it, I believe the military man escorting us downstairs was the one wearing the Basque, he was thin. He walked without making any stop. He was very tense, rigid, never losing his composure.

I believe there is a hierarchy even in the military. Some of them can never see the alien: I mean, one escorted me from a room to another military who escorted me to another one, who escorted me to the alien and the last military couldn’t go anywhere he wanted. The first military does not know the identity of the third one, and so on. The military wearing the Basque is generally brown-haired with dark eyes. They don’t speak Italian between each other, and I cannot understand a damn thing about what they say to each other during the handover. But I think there’s some kind of military guy who is more important than the others. I mean: there’s some military men who think they count something. That is, the ones escorting they just do that job, just like a regular job. There’s more, and they give me the impression that they count a little bit more (but they still don’t count nothing). It’s very likely that they are not even part of the military, but terrestrial who maybe have some kind of important office. I have a picture in front of my eyes which is a little weird, and if I was to draw the hierarchy for the “wicked” in collusion with the aliens, I would include:

• the military who escort you to other military,

• the ones who escort you to the alien,

• the military who plan for the military who more closely serve a certain category of terrestrial (maybe heads of state), who believe they are in a position which is “almost” the same and in complicity with the aliens.

I believe that the military who kidnap human beings in order to know are:

• the ones who bring you to the alien, because they want to know what the aliens do to you.

• the ones who bring you to other military men, because they also want to know what they do to the abductees.

• Then I believe that also the ones who are just under the government kidnap you, because they want to know if the aliens are telling all the truth.

I don’t know, at times it is weird, because this base, this situation… I feel it now so true just like if I was living in it right now while I am writing it down.

The military and their ranks, it almost seems they are like the floor levels: the more you can go down the floors in the base, which means you can get more information about the experiments, the more you are important as a military (if one can say so). Together with this military, in the hallway, there goes also an alien, every now and then, and, if I am not wrong, I think it is the Grasshopper. It is hard to describe it, because I really remember a lot of details (even the number of layers for the little black rubber knobs on the ceiling of the room).


Trip Chairs

Trip Chairs

Now this room at the end, can change into one or two or even three screens center or in the corners, also on the cieling theirs some sort of Stimulating laser that shoots into your pineal gland they also have a tray with needles or a tranquilizer pistol, and also some sort of orbs are sometime present above the chair unsure whether their mounted or suspended the line out the door is a line your told follow if you deviate can be gut punched in the stomach or threatended in some manner… Also their is only two people in the room with you one observes and the other walks around doing things cant ramemebr to well but i think their is a two sided mirror or wondow with an control room or oberservation room may be a computer console in the room just cant remember it memory very fuzzy only remember the end of the stairwell the guards and the room everything else is blurry cant remember faces only clothes and weapons the hallway is cold but the room itself is warmer


Star Gate Chair

Star Gate Chair

Regarding the Star Gate Chair there is a handler that operates it that lets people in and out. Once you set for into the third step you disappear to a destination somewhere. You do not need to be sitting in the chair unless you are a handler. There are and can be another portal chair somewhere else or just a location where you are teleported there though the star gate frield.

The floor is a heavy metal. The chair is made of a type of metal the same with the platform. To me it looks harder than iron. You know if you see a piece of iron against a wall somewhere well it reminds me of iron slabs put together I think it is a standard platform chair for recon, handling and star gate. But that crystal one is really something.


Project Aquarius: Exclusive interview and illustrations of Area 51′s S-4 facility

Project Aquarius: Exclusive interview and illustrations of Area 51′s S-4 facility


Open Minds recently documented, in great detail, “Project Aquarius” – the U.S. government’s alleged secret project to research extraterrestrial biological entities and their presence on the earth – as told by the highly controversial whistle-blower, Dr. Dan Burisch.

Dan Burisch

Dan Burisch

Dr. Burisch was interviewed extensively by Open Minds researcher Michael Schratt on the minute details of Burisch’s claimed interactions with an extraterrestrial named “J-Rod,” who was housed in a secret underground base at Area 51 referred to as S4. Schratt’s full report is now available below.

Area 51 is located in the Nellis Air Force Base military operations area and has long been suspected as a facility used to store extraterrestrial craft and debris retrieved by the U.S. Air Force. Area S4 is reportedly housed under nearby Papoose Mountain. Using Burisch’s descriptions, Open Minds has created a never-before-seen fully illustrated reconstruction of the multi-layered base, including each level’s complete contents.

Some of the projects Burisch describes in the report are “Project Looking Glass,” the U.S. government’s investigation into the feasibility of determining probable future events. Also, covered is the ancient Sumerian connection to man-made stargates operated at Area S4 and their connection to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The article provides Burisch’s explanations to the following perplexing questions: Who are the extraterrestrials? Where do they come from? Why are they here? And Burisch’s detailed accounts as to how J-Rod and its associated craft eventually ended up at Area S4.

Please note that Dr. Dan Burisch is also known as Dan Crain and both names are used in the document, but refer to the same individual.

View the document in its entirety for FREE here: Project Aquarius – File size: 20 MB, it may take some time to download with slower connections.

*To download: right click and choose “save link as…”

*The document is in the Adobe PDF format. You will need the free PDF reader to view the document. You can download the latest viewer for free here: Adobe PDF Reader.

STARGATE-LOGOSome images/illustrations in the document were created by Mark McCandlish and provided by Stargate Productions.


Soul Matrix Chair

Soul Chair

From William …….

Hi James look they have soul matrix chair now. It is similar to a trip chair also they have a soul gun as well now. This is very important as they possibly found a way to destroy the soul it seems. The chair is made of what looks to be cubed crystals very clear and see through. It is the same for the guns. I know I have one pointed at me. To which I just rolled up my eyes and said well do it if you are going to.
The crystal cylinder type structure is imbedded as one giant piece and contains a pinkish tone. When an individual sits in it they turn into a transparent white color. Nearby is standing another transparent person looking down at the person in the chair, they are both looking at each other. The chair is big so a slim person can sit in it and there would be plenty of room.
The guns are made of the same thing. Now I have worked before with the new grey mother ship crystals finding flaws in them, which had to be replaced. But this is not the same type of crystal, it looks blockier. They have got to be careful in showing me this sort of thing unless it comes from the same grey types in the military. Because if I get hold of those crystal weapons and chairs and know the composition of what makes up these items it will be trouble for them.
They also knew that I would know what it was made out of and what it is and what the gun is and how it works and is made of. That’s why I rolled my eyes up when the gun was aimed at me. I had said to the person with the gun well do it and by the way that thing is nothing. Any how it all co inside with the selling of souls so they have found a way to destroy or damage a soul which is very interesting.


MILABS Image Placement

This is for MILABS image placement. Regarding on what they may see, be working with or be doing. They through images at you now and then to let you know what you will be doing next to get your mind ready. This is how they do it. Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of the subjects brain and show the subjects on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subjects eyes are seeing. Of course we know this due to the eye lenses that they have put on our eyes. RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex by passing the eyes and optic nerves. NSA operatives can use this to surreptitiously …



This is one of the drugs they give us in MIlabs.

From my Book “Lone Wolf”

In milabs we may be under the influence of mind-fracturing drugs such as “Barbiturate 1v , Amphetamine 1v, with Benzilate Hallucinogen code BZ.” These chemicals as well as the ones in chemtrails help keep certain areas of the mind in trauma, reinforcing the programming of all Monarch victims.

This according to James Casbolt’s book, Agent Buried Alive…

“When we arrived, I was taken into lab and strapped into a seat that looked like a dentist’s chair. There was a large screen in front of me, and I was injected with another drug – I later found out the name of the drug. It is an accelerated learning drug called Scopalamine. Another drug is also used, called Dythenol C.

One man stood to the left of the chair, and another man stood to the right. They were both dressed in lab coats. The man on the right said to me, “if you forget everything we’ve told you, try and remember one thing: he’ll try and convince you that pain feels like pleasure.” He pointed to the other man when he said this. Images then started to appear on the screen in front of me, and I do not remember anything after that.”


We Made the Dictionary!

James I just got an email from the Urban Dictionary today. They have decided to publish Transmorphing. They wanted someone to write up on what it means about 9 months ago or it could have been longer. So I did and they have decided to publish it. It will be up in a few days. Great aye. To have that published is really good it will be out there the whole works.

I don’t know how they got it. I have sent you what they sent me. Plus it is up on their site now. It has been published so I am very pleased. It’s really funny that it was while doing the definition that it would come from someone with in that those MILAB programs and then be published, to which we transmorph anyhow.

Thanks for your definition of Trans Morphing!

Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to publish it on

It should appear on this page in the next few days:

Urban Dictionary


Trans Morphing

This comes from the world of Black Oops. It is a process of where DNA changes in human. Often the subject humans DNA has been changed or activated in a way where the humans are subjected to a full transformation into another type of being. The human often have abilities in the first place. But once subjected to being altered in a lab or via other the subject will have a more of an enhancement. The change can also be in transforming into a being that can crow up to 10 feet high, to changing into something akin to that resembling that of a creature known or unknown. These subjects are used in Black ops on and of world work and within Special Forces. Other types are reptilian hybridization or cross breeds. This includes vampirism and zombism which is a different type of Transmorphing activated through virus points done through labs over the centuries. Reptilian, Vampirism, and Zombiism has a base animal aggression unlike their counter parts which have a full control of DNA activation via labs and or blood lines and or other. This altering of Humans genes goes back to Egypt and through the east and on to Europe and in the America’s. Transmorphing is a common definition in underground bases and labs. On the other side of the coin transmorphing can be in breed into families.

Trans Morphing: Altered DNA activation done through Labs on human subjects for special ops. Example would MILABS abductions done via the military industrial complex operated on a Global Alliance via space command.

Trans dimensional: This is related to the Dark occults and UFO boundaries. Where the persons are transformed and controlled via unseen forces. Where with UFOs are concerned there is direct involvement on the part of the abductors to change the person for reasons unknown to the abductee.

Family in Blood lines: Family’s that have a DNA that is pasted on that enable the person or persons to transmorph. Vampire, Zombie, and werewolf Morphing: is a carried via virus often a rage virus as is the common name however has lab based history behind this covering centuries.

Human Hybrids via blood ties: Example Human Reptilian and other kinds. Often carries transmorphing abilities. Also related to some occultic ties.

History covers a wide enough back ground into transmorphing but under different names over the centuries and eons into human history. Often related with trying to outwit death to turning to another alternative or having being interfered with by direct or indirect means.


Yellowfruit/Seaspray individuals

Yellowfruit/Seaspray individuals

Here is one of your standard Yellowfruit/Seaspray individuals…using sexual trauma & torture to compartment the victims…wouldn’t be surprised if he was ordered/programmed to do these things…

Lackland AF Instructor Gets 20 Years in Sex Case

Jul 23, 2012

Associated Press| by Will Weissert

Staff Sgt. Luis Walker

SAN ANTONIO — An Air Force instructor was sentenced to 20 years in prison Saturday after being convicted of rape and sexual assault in a sweeping sex scandal that rocked one of the busiest military training centers in the U.S.

A military jury at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio found Staff Sgt. Luis Walker guilty Friday night on all 28 charges he faced, including rape, aggravated sexual contact and multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault. A judge consolidated those charges Saturday into 20, but that didn’t affect Walker’s maximum sentence. He could have received life in prison.

Walker is among 12 instructors at Lackland investigated for sexual misconduct toward at least 31 female trainees. Six have been charged with crimes, and the counts against Walker were the most severe.

The women assaulted by Walker said they don’t sleep much these days and when they do, he sometimes haunts their dreams.

They testified at Saturday’s sentencing hearing about being suddenly unable to relate to husbands, boyfriends and even fathers and brothers after they were sexually assaulted. One said her fear during a tour of duty in Afghanistan was heightened by soldiers who reminded her of her instructor, and she warned her younger sister not to enlist in the Air Force. Another said she’s now afraid to be behind closed doors with any man.


About Yellow Fruit Sea spray

“I saw some of these NHCUs while on duty. It was after a high-wind sandstorm that ripped the rollup doors off of a Quonset hut housing a platoon of these units. Two of them picked up the 600-pound door with one hand and put it back in place.

All were approximately 7’+ in height, and were dressed as “Marine Grunts.” Each unit was identical in every way, hair color, eye color, & body muscle mass. No markings upon any uniform.

 All were required to wear wraparound sunglasses, even at night, Identification of intimate details were confirmed only by Military Police who in all intents and purposes were identical to these units, only because they were forced to interface with Organic Soldiers i.e. the reporting noncommissioned officer.

 Years ago, the Military placed some of these NHCU dressed in the same white armor as STAR WARS Clone Army Elements…we thought it was a joke that Reagan was playing back in ‘88, but these fuckers were these NHCU, telling military dependents, “Move along, citizen” once they had checked their military IDs….we laughed about it…but this was what we were seeing…

 I think I encountered a NHCU at Mount Weather in Berryville VA. Upon riding the bus to Mount Weather, we encountered Base Security. They had no thoughts at all as they moved through the buses, checking IDs and they had no fucking writing on them no pictures, nothing, but bar codes and magnetic strips. How in the fuck can a human read barcodes and magstrips?

 Also they showed no emotion, even when I attempted to invoke an emotional response, they had no thoughts that I could sense, even though I was at very, very close range. These motherfuckers look, smell, feel human, but they are not. Hell using them in Civil Affairs operations, where interfacing with humans is a very intense operation. What the fuck is right?

 NHCUs are not police elements themselves. They can call the police on you silently, alerting the cops to come and get you if you don’t check out via the ID card that has no fucking pictures, no fucking writing. I was curious about this for years. When I reached the DUMB portals I heard a robotic voice say, “Move along please!!!” over and over again. Then multiple lasers flashed on my chest. With more robotic voice commands, “move along please” “move along please.” I was clinging to the damn fence about to have a heart attack and these fucking things had no idea what was happening to me. I had to walk uphill to get to the chow hall with a walking cane and backpack, out of breath, clinging to the fence.

 I guess they would have called someone if I had collapsed, but I doubt it. Fucking robotoid motherfuckers! No wonder everybody at Mt Weather was tight-lipped. No joking, cautious people, same shit at dreamland, SEASPRAY. These motherfuckers are NHCUs as well.

 They are the second line of defense in and around DUMBs. Yellow Fruit are the first line of defense and can be very nasty fellows. There have been many who attempted to intimidate me and others in the Rachel area, but due to their lack of social skills, are very easy to confuse. Humbreds are the CAMO DUDES—at least they get angry and have hissyfits, but SEASPRAY are just fucking machines.

 Yellow Fruit are DNA/RNA recombinant soldiers, but not what you would find as an Alien-Human Hybrid, more along the lines of having the M.I.C./M.I.E.C. as their manufacturers. I call these Humbreds, as they are Humanbred Units with varying combinations of Alien, animal, and human characteristics. Whatever blends that meets the M.I.E.C. or the M.I.C.’s needs/ requirements.

 During one visit to the S-4 DUMB I was personally referred to as a “YellowFruit”, in for my annual checkup. Having once been interviewed and interrogated by a female Reticulan who was with some sort of short grey, described as a “Non-Thinking Intelligence” by the female. I was curious and couldn’t concentrate on questions, due to the odd way the small grey (DOW) would blink. Only after the female became impatient, she telepathically interfaced with the DOW, to “show” that it was merely a subservient tool for labor.

 When at rest the DOW would blink its eyes opposite of each other. Then when possessed or accessed by the female, it would blink with both eyes simultaneously. It then gave an emotional expression that I then realized came from the female. Then it went back to staring down and to its right and the odd blinking returned. It was then that I was able to continue with the questioning. She had just demonstrated what it was, for my curiosity, so we could return to the interview/interrogation.”