Thursday, April 18, 2024
Hey James I am a bit pissed the fuck off at the moment this is my second attempt to get intel to you in shorter terms.It said contact not recognised and deleted my whole fucking message so ive started again. If by chance you did get the last one let me know.
I done 3 tours of Afgan and am now a civvy. Ive had time loss twice on civvy street but the fucked up shit happened in the Gan as we call it lol.
I live in a town called Stonehaven Scotland i wont tell you my name because think im getting monitored since i left the corps and the fucked up shit is when i try watch your vids my comp crashes, being on your page seems ok tho. Anyway to the point of this. Im now a civvy as i got granted discharge from service after serving 4 years in the corps and 3 tours of the Gan. The creepy thing was my Commanding officers went mad!! when i told them , but they where really nice and like all the best to the other guys from 45 Commando Arbroath who got granted discharge. Saying that i was part of a recon troop/platoon to you, of 4 guys. I got tested for PDST but im fine considering the shit i have seen and done!.

I woke up to the alarm call in the Gan one morning went for breakfast and then to mission brief, stepped into mission brief and dont remember fuck all until waking the next morning. I awake feeling like i had done a marathon with cuts and mud all over me and the smell of cordite like i was wearing it as fucking aftershave. Got my shit together, step outside i notice heaps of Yanks outside our mission brief, who say hey man like they know me, sorry if yank offends. I ask and realise my other 3 buddies are in th same shape and dont remember shit. So we speak to our commanding officers and a yank officer and ask what the fuck happened. answer-“you guys where ina blue on blue airstrike that didnt know you where in th area and your brains where scrambled by the shockwave, ive felt alot of shockwaves!” We ask why the fuck are we not in sick bay?” answer- you guys where fine so so was no need”. Then we where told get some rest and we will let you know of the next mission brief we are busy all said dissmissed!!!”. All while a yank is taking notes. This is all shite for a start when you think i remember going into mission brief but didnt even remember stepping a fucking boot outside camp Bastion. Anyway the strange thing is our 2 officers went straight on 6 weeks leave/RR to you and never seen the yanks ever again. This happened 4 times all different but with the same time loss on my last tour. only! when these 2 officers were in camp Bastion in command of the marines. The yanks changed everytime, every time getting more creepy, synthetic and adroid in nature with little or no emotion. Thats all ive got bro at the moment maybe it will come back, all my tours were normal apart from the 4 times i have 24hr time loss take a few hours or so and the strange yanks. The implants are fucked up as i dont recall getting them done. I want to get to the bottom of what is going on in this world without getting myself into shit. Hope this intel helps you maybe give your view on what i went through. Hope you get! this message and if you can help it would be great bro take care and look forward.


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