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Christy Campbell–Turned into a child soldier by George Bush


. . . and everything that I have memory of being– it’s like an abandoned psych ward. Like, from around four to six years old, that’s where I was kept, in that, and it was like a jail cell, almost like that. And I was by myself, and I just had like a nurse watching over me to bathe me and feed and everything. And then George Bush would come in and he would program me, do, like, reading, and give me, like, codes and stuff with the reading. Also do the trauma, you know, all the stuff that they do with the programming, like, you know, the prodding, the, you know, whatever you got, they stick it up in, you know, for, like, rape– I’ll just say trauma.

George HW Bush comes in often to visit with me, nealy every day. He comes in to read to me. By doing this, he is programming me and doing torture exercises. He is very nice to me, makes sure I eat, bathe, and that I have pretty dresses.


(1) He [Bush] has me picked up and taken to parties. I am dressed up in pageant dresses. The nurse gets me ready and the driver of the car comes in to pick me up. Bush tells me ahead of time everything I am to do at the party. He comes in several times to put in programming a few days before, then [the] day of [the party] he tortures me by poking me inside, drowning me, and he starves me a few days before. He does this in a way that he makes me feel it’s my fault. That I’ve disappointed him. I’ve let him down, that he will forgive me if I do a good job for him and his friends. So I do a good job. He says if he asks the men if I was bad and I cry or complain, he will be very disappointed in me and he’ll have . . .

(2) . . . to stop coming to see me and read to me, bring me dresses or dolls. If I do good, he’ll be very happy and the next day he brings me a doll or some gift.

I am 4-6 years old. I’m little. Sandy blonde curly hair, this lasts for awhile.

Bush instructs me to call him Daddy.

He performs every sexual act on me.  Everything.  And he puts me in a trance-like state by reading books such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, other stories–he would twist the words. He had the books made for me.

(3) Only he reads these books to me. I’m not to read them at any other time.

During the day Bush comes in to do psionic exercises on me. Testing me. He would bring in specialists to train me to do psionics, torture. He had me trained and my abilities were beyond anything he had ever seen. He began sending me to parties and showing me off—showing off my abilities and what I could do. I could move things, set to fire, read minds. But these were alters created and Bush had to be with me to give me the direction to switch.


(4) After some time, I was going to be sold to a wealthy man. Bush was going to make millions off me. He was very proud of me. He told me where we’d be going and what was expected of me. That I was to make him proud of me and he’d be coming to check on me or call me or video me. He’s also have the men do things like he did, so I was used to the program. But I was a weapon. I was assigned to a room. It was very nice, luxurious. I was given warm baths and nice clothes . . .

(5) . . . food and special training. They treated me good, really.  I still was sent to parties to show off my abilities and also be a part of rituals or gifts to different men.  Also I would be sent in to use my psionic and take out targets. All I had to do was concentrate.  Then he fell to the floor dead.

Bush would show up every once in awhile with gifts and story time with me and would torture me.  He would stay in my bed with me and would stay till I fell asleep. He would . . .

(6) . . . make me feel so much love for him like I wished he’s stay with me and I’d do anything for him. But he told me he’s have to leave and he’d see me soon—to do a good job for him because it makes all the men happy when I behave. So he has me in full control.  I’m always on good behavior.

(22:30) Later I’d be sent to another place that was more of a military school training. 8-9-10 years old. Developing my abilities. Doing exercises, training and using my psionic abilities.


From age 8 to 10, then I was at the military school. It was just like a lot of training. There was other kids there, boys and girls. I don’t really remember the other kids.

The room in the military school was a room full of other girls. It could be like a Montauk place. Campus-like place, only kids here. Boys were there, just in another dorm.

(23:00) James: Okay, so do you think this was part of Montauk?

Christy:  There wasn’t like a chair or nothing like that.  I think they were just teaching us how to use more of our abilities, and also like [UI] us physically and stuff like that. That’s what I just remember, doing a lot of training.  A lot of military training, like outside: running and doing obstacle courses, and stuff like that, and fighting. Like, a lot of combat, fighting stuff, too.  And, yeah, more of that, really, is what I’m remembering now, it was like doing the little hand things, hitting each other, like that–just doing those kinds of exercises all the time.

James:  And did Bush Senior come and visit you here?

Christy:  He called on the phone and, like, on the–  He would call and just check on me and then give me little messages and stuff, too.  He would give, like, messages that would– they would kind of like program me still, or something, one of the alters or however.

James:  Why did Bush Senior take so much interest in you, as more than just a monarch?

Christy: It’s part of my DNA as well, because I have German DNA, I have German ancestors, and I’ve seen him in other realities as well, at least two other places, in other times.

(8) We had to do so much training. We’d do so much all day and exhausted at night.

I’d get a call or a visit from Bush one time or two times the the time I was there.

After I got my period I was relocated.

I would be sent off to a castle—Victorian, very, very old, and everything is so clean.  The lady is [an] elder and she is like the wicked stepmother.


(18:00) They would do the rituals; they would make all the girls that were there pregnant to have an abortion, but just abort the embryo, to have the rituals, and they would have the sex rituals there too.  That’s all I remember doing is just that—having babies all the time for them.

(9) I had a room with 2 other girls already there and they were older than me. They were keeping an eye on me and would tell on me.  I was in trouble all of the time because of them.  I hated this place.  The mother would send me to be tortured.  I would be beaten, raped, chained up.  I would be present for rituals, be passed around.  I would become pregnant and they abort the embryo for ritual.  So much this happened.

And then the place, it was really, really bad, because they just used us girls for ritual, for getting pregnant, and then aborting the babies.  We’d be beaten and chained up and all those things that you’re showing there would be occurring with all of the girls. I was around 11 to 14 at this place, at this house.  They locked everyone up in the basement area down there before the rituals—you know, like a couple of days before so that you’re just kind of traumatized, but you’re also cleaned out with no food down there.

(26:30) James:  Do you have any idea how many children you might have made?

Christy:  Like in two years, then–  I don’t know how many, though, because it was just an embryo–it was just like the start.  I mean it was all the time that they were doing that, so I don’t know how many.

(10) The mother began treating me better because I was making her a lot of money.

Christy:  Yeah, ’cause they get, like, awards, you know, for my behavior, for the girls that live there, their behavior, and how many embryos that they . . . can produce and all that.  They produce so many, like the house, you know, her, she represents the three girls; then she got money and stuff like that.

James:  Do you remember how much money she was getting?

Christy: No.  I just remember that part of it. Beacause she would say stuff like that, too.  That’s all she would–  I think that she would make sure that we ate right, and that kind of stuff, too, to make sure we could produce enough embryos when that happened, too–so we would stay fertile, and maybe stuff like that. But we were, like, eleven; like the other girls were a little bit older; I think they were, like thirteen or something.

James:  And did you or anybody else ever try to escape?

Christy:  No.  I wouldn’t do that because it would disappoint Bush.  I would never do that.  That was my programs, to not– to be on good behavior all the time.

(10)  I had my own room after some time and I was the best girl.  The other girls were to hate me.  To tell on me still to steal and blame me, to rip my clothes so I’d be beaten.  To ruin my food, hide my things, all the gifts Bush gave to me were all destroyed.

They even gave me a dog and end up killing the dog.

James: What do you mean, ruin your food?  What do you mean by “ruin your food”?

(30:00) Christy:  Oh, yeah, they was messed up–so I couldn’t eat.  They would put something in my food.  Then I couldn’t eat.  Then I would be starving.

James:  So, why did they kill the dog?

Christy:  Just to traumatize me–it’s my dog, and they just did that right in front of me.  Toward the end of my time there they did that.  Just holding it up and then slicing it and stuff.


(11) I would be taken to training on remote viewing.

I was around 14-15 years now.  Remote view with a tall grey and put in the interrogation room with the reptilian. My training would be all day.  I would live at this base and do the training and exercises for them. Bush would appear to me on the screen or a phone call.  He would say the key phrases.  He told me where I was going to be going and to do a good job.  That his career depended on me.  So I did really good; I never let him down.







(30:45) James: So, What did you learn about remote viewing?

Christy: . . . This is the military base.  I would be taken to this place, to the abandoned military base.

So, it looks like an abandoned hanger—there was no airplanes there.  And then the table was pulled out, and  there was the tall grey.  And I remember you there.  You was my training partner there; we sat across from each other doing the remote viewing.

James: Oh, was that with the tall grey?  The memory?

Christy: And then there was two other people on this side of us, and we were outside. And then the grey would just kind of walk around and give us, like, coordinates of something, and then we would pair up together, you and me, and then we’d do stuff by ourselves, too. But I don’t remember where they told us to look; I don’t remember that. They did tell us to do stuff, but I don’t remember what we were looking at, where we were sent to, like our mind sent to.

(32:30)  But we did that for a couple of years, from 14 to 16. You and me both were there at that place. And then, down under the—like inside the hanger, and then an elevator takes you down under, and then there’s like an interrogation room. And that’s where the kids would just line up in the hallway and then wait one at a time to go into the room. And then the reptilian, who— you sat across the table from the reptilian. And then he was training me—I don’t know if he trained every kid the same, but—to withstand psionic attacks. And then, as soon as I could block it, or learn how to block it, then he was teaching me how send it back to him.

It was like that all the time. We were just practicing that the whole time I was there. It was just those things: just remote viewing and psionic training, just doing that.  It was really just a noise, or interference that—  He was trying to invade my thoughts and put something else in my mind, so I had to learn how to block that, so he couldn’t do that, so I wasn’t interfered with.

(34:00) James: So, I remember being in a room just like this–two chairs, a desk, and it was the cinderblock.  I think it was all painted white.  And I remember sitting at that desk by myself, and I was being interrogated by someone asking me what do I remember, and I kept saying, “I don’t remember,” and I started crying because I didn’t remember what the hell they were trying–  I don’t even know what they were asking me. And the guy left, and then I walked in this door, this tall grey, and I just blacked out.

(34:00) Christy:  After you told me that, I found your energy there with me. And I seen you there as– we were the same age, but I was taller. And, so, you was kind of scared; they would try to scare you quite a bit. So, I was with you, kind of protecting you, but like a big sister, kind of like that. As much as I could–I couldn’t always do that, but I was trying to help you to be tougher in a way, too. Because they were using that against us, too. They would do stuff to you to scare you, saying that I had left, or that I’m going, that you won’t have anybody there; or they would tell me stuff that they were going to do to you. So, it kind of worked better if we didn’t always stick together, like me being protective of you. Like, if we kinda got tougher, it would be easier for us. We wouldn’t have a reaction like we did.

James: Thank you, Christy.

(36:00) And I remember that the reptilians, they would take the kids in different rooms, too–not the ones that were teachers there, but others, maybe military or something–and then they would rape the kids, too. They would do that. Maybe that’s why you were scared. I mean, they were doing it to all of us, so–  I learned how to block it really good, I guess from Bush.


Remote View
Block/Send Signals/Interference

I was also getting checkups and they take my genetic material.  I would be playing with little hybrid kids. They would give me downloads and other info.
At the DUMB there were ETs.
Military-like environment.

(37:00) Yeah, I wrote this down, and then I forgot about it.  I’m glad I wrote it down and I was remembering everything.  So, like, they would bring some of the kids in there–it was like in a little daycare, their room.  It seemed like some of the greys would bring those kids in.  And we all had to play with them and stuff.  It was kind of like we didn’t think anything of it, too.  Like, we was kind of really–  Because they would give us, like, downloads and stuff, too, so we was kind of becoming more ET-like, you know, like with those kids. They were doing stuff with us, but it was like they were teaching us to be more like the greys, really.  I guess, preparing us for when we went off to space.

James:  So, did they look like those mantids?

Christy:  No, they looked like the hybrid kids, like you see, with the bigger eyes, but they have–  No, they just looked like the kids.  They had regular eyes, but bigger.  They were really alien-like, they were, but we were, too, by this time.


(13) My mind was nearly alien by this time, and I was turning a certain age where it was time to go off-world and work.

I would be taken to different ET groups to show off my abilities.  They would do their best to get in my mind and I would not bend.  Soon I would be working for the top military and would go with them to places they needed me to communicate and make deals.  They would put me as a middleman.

(40:00) James:  Let’s comment about this.  How would you block–  You say that you would not bend, so how do you block them?

Christy:  The reptilian [UI], he was training us to learn to block any psionic attacks, so.  I would think it might be like switching to a different alter, almost.  I don’t know, really.  It’s like I can’t see how to do it, but that’s what we learned at the military base.

James: Yeah, that’s the reason why they would make these compartments.  So, they put all of the abilities in the compartments, so in your civilian body those abilities are locked up, and the memories too.

Christy: Yeah.  Like, I can kind of feel it, but I guess it’s just your [UI] power was developed in that time through all the trauma and stuff, and then through this: then it was just developing that.  Because our DNA had been taken, too, so we would probably be given infusions with alien DNA so [that] we could become more more alien, grey–I think more grey genetics.

James: Let’s go to number 14.

I go on to live with the alien groups on galactic ships. For various programs.  They bring me with them.

(44:00)  James: Let’s just go through some of the pictures you’ve given us. Here’s another one from Mothers of Darkness parties.  Okay, we’ve got a water board and torture chair.  So, we’ve got different rituals.  “Mind shattered.”

Christy: Yeah, traumatized to the max.  Electroshock and all that, you know?

James:  Sometimes what they would do is they would put you in a room with dead bodies.  Let’s just go on here. “Beaten.” “Hung for days”–sorry you had to go through that.

Christy: Oh, yeah.

James: Yeah, they would hang us upside down.  This Gloria Vanderbilt would take us kids, and they took a  scythe to your stomach. There’s a special place in hell for those people.

James: Don’t want to trigger YouTube, so let’s go on.  “Spy Agents put in place to trick me and break me.”

Christy: Yeah.

James: Oh, what’s this?  Dr. Axmine.

Christy: The mantis trainer for another one of my– because I’ve had four 20-and-backs in this– as me.  I’ve been taken four times for a 20-and-back.  So, he’s  a ninja assassin trainer with that, and–  That’s his name, Dr. Axmine.  And I got this information from the channeler, Jim Charles, so he could give the name and where they’re from, and all that for me with my memory. As I said, I have [UI].  These visions are accurate, he said.  Your memory is not vision. So, I always see the praying mantis.  But I have the praying mantis aspect.

(45:40) And this is– his name is Q Zed Rho.  And I’ve spoken with him through Jim Charles–he was channeling him, and he was giving me all the information on the SSP.  He’s another– there were four programs that I was in, and his was one of them.  But he said he’s from a like planet near Achilles, and they are Qior people, Qior was the race.  So, I never heard of them, though, so I don’t know anything about ’em. He said that they were around during like the ’40s, ’50s, and then some of the people were taken, and they would take families back to their planet, and they would live, they still live there and are happy there, interbreeding.  He said I could talk to him any time for questions.  He was like a manager, but not anymore. My progamming for that [ended] with the 20-and-back.


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