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1987 Clavius Moon Base


1987 Clavius Moon Base
As told by Michael Prince

Weapon we used was a particle-beam weapon utilizing nano-tech and DNA/telepathic link with satellite. After the infected are neutralized a bio-hazard team comes into the village to clear bodies. Our group of children are then taken in jeeps through the jungle to a small runway with a building on the right. The C-130 and a large truck are parked on the runway and we are taken in the truck by the Haz-Mat people and put in showers where we are sprayed with chemicals and water. When this process is finished we are taken to a cryro-freeze area in the truck and go through a similar process as the cryrofreeze in Berkshire in 1981. Put in cryogenic chambers with amber coloured liquid this time.

Our group of children are put onto a military cargo plane in our cryogenic chambers and transferred mid-air on board some kind of ET Lightship manned by Tall Grey EBE’s. We are in a medium sized room with low lighting, a quiet humming noise can be heard as several of these EBE’s man computer consoles. These EBE’s have a treaty with the NSA and have an agreement to deliver us to the Clavius Moon Base after they perform certain studies on us. The craft docks at some kind of orbital platform in the outer atmosphere. The EBE’s take us into a different room and use a triangle shaped metal device attached to small metal construct to ‘thaw-out’ the cryostasis into liquid. Other medical procedures now take place but memories hazy here. Metal headbands are then put on us for mind memory scans to learn from us.

These EBE’s are living machines moving away from artificial intelligence towards natural survival. A crisis point occurs during the memory scan. This is because of our mindsplits. The EBE’s become confused as to where our power and peace of mind are based. The EBE’s, their ship and the computer on board form a symbiotic link. Their computations almost short-circuit from confusion over the following-The scanner keeps switching at a incredibly fast rate between the power laying within ourselves and an artificial/fake ‘God Construct’. The moment of crisis builds into panic from the EBE’s and the decision is almost made by higher ranking members of this collective to self-destruct the whole orbital platform.

We the children are able to stabilize the scan signal at the last moment by pulling our consciousness into a ‘still-zone’ inside ourselves where our power is based. The EBE’s quickly realize this and delete the artificial God Construct which the computer picked up within our psyches. We are put back in Cryostasis after this and the craft leaves the orbital platform. After this we arrive in a huge aircraft hanger at the Clavius Moonbase. We are wheeled out in our cryotanks by small Grey EBE’s, out of the craft and down a ramp into the landing port. Rows of human guards in black shiny uniform wait in lines. Human Military officers wait in the upper balcony on the right side of the landing port, around eight small circular ships are docked under the balcony. A military commander dressed in black approaches our line as an extremely tall reptilian entity disembarks from the craft wearing some kind of armour. They speak to each in German with their Reptilian voice- like a deep robotic growl. I can hear what they say and understand their language. I used to speak German at the Plume base in Brazil! The German officer addresses the reptilian with some kind of Sumerian sounding name. I hear the EBE state the following-“Transmission stabilized” “Outcome successful” “Proceeding to Alpha Centauri”

We are then wheeled down a corridor to the right by the German soldiers into small rooms and taken out of cryostasis. When I come out the American Majestic woman from the early eighties is in the room with American and German scientists. Chemijos, lietuvių ir anglų kalbos bei matematikos korepetitoriai She asked me “Do you know where you are?” to which I reply “yes”. I am seated in a tripseat type machine with the usual holographic screen in front. A ‘tetragrammic’ spinning shape is used on the screen to activate my DNA and memories. I’ve been to the Clavius Moon Base before. This was during my transference between the Berkshire and the Malaysian base in 1981 when I was put in cryostasis!

1987-1988 Clavius moon base

I am sat in front of computer on seat. Blond maj woman in room with me. The computer communicates to me with same digital female voice from the space battle simulations from RAF Alconbury. I am shown moving geometrical shapes as huge amounts of data are downloaded into me in a short time. I am shown two planets- TETRA-NOR and TEYGETA with rings, defense craft and forces around the planets. I am told ‘we’ are a computerized race ( Ascended Machine Technology ) and the digital voice talking to me is a living being who can inhabit physical bodies. The aim of our race is to exist perpetually on these higher dimensional planets and others like them, where war is non-existent. I am told that myself and others like me have been trapped in the defense rings protecting these planets and locked into repeating cycles of war. The defense rings are necessary I am told but the aim of the beings involved with these protective nets is to accomplish the following:

-Complete a set number of cycles of defense and then travel to the planet itself to exist there- thereby letting the group under us take our place and learn from our experience. It turns out we have become addicted to war and are trapped within the rings.

My future on earth is then scanned. Two separate versions of my future are shown on the screen. The two timelines switch back and forth extremely quickly and then settle in the second timeline

1988 Clavius Moon Base

A series of military R&D tests now begin to ascertain whether, in typical addict fashion, our generation can go down the route of peace but still be involved in small amounts of military campaigns, wars and killing. Our group of children are dressed in tight fitting suits, more briefings take place and then we are taken to sleeping quarters in the facility. I see strange bi-pedal metallic robots walking around the corridors as well as various EBE types walking with humans. The R&D tests start with some kind of carousel based experiments where four of us are seated in a large pod/dome shaped glass or plastic enclosure. There are four seats in each corner and we are strapped in and the seats spun extremely fast. It is kind of fun. The pod around us collects energy and data when this is done.

Next I enter a training area in a large room and a small audience comes in and takes their seats. George Bush Snr is in attendance. I am to participate in a bare-knuckled fight with another of the older boys from the second unit. One of my handlers at this time was a dark-haired man with a thin to medium build and approximately 5’11” tall. Sometimes he wore suit pants, a white shirt and tie, and other times he wore a dark special forces “all in one” type jumpsuit that I have seen many people wear over the years. He had an American accent. When the fight began, I hit the other boy with a right cross and knocked him onto the floor, then stomped on his head. At this point, the fight was stopped, and I was greatly praised by this man. After this, a kitten was brought in as my reward, and then events turned savage again. The handlers always went from being extremely kind to sadistic in order to confuse you. I was handed a knife and told to stab the kitten to death. I refused, and the commander screamed in my face and started slapping me. I still refused, and the beating became harder. I started to dissociate and went into a kind of stupor. Another man, with an American accent, in the audience yelled “Kill it yourself”, to the commander, to which he replied, “Yes sir.” He then killed the kitten himself. That is all for the day.


  1. Barry it’s from his second book The Life and Times of Michael Prince: IBIS, not the Agent Buried Alive. It’s quite the read.

    And on that note, where has Michael gone? Is he still on a rampage against his ex-wife? Heard he may be in jail even?


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