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The Rink Report #1 – September 9-28-2012

My friend proposed a wonderful idea. I was asked to put together a report to offer the latest news on MILABS and super soldiers in general. Though I don’t poise myself to be any kind of spokesperson on this subject matter, the job sort of showed up on my lab because sadly no one else is doing it. But this is not the first time I’ve had to stand alone. Back in 2005 when I first helped my friend Nathan Wilder break free from his milab handlers. The Men in Black decided to inject me with hallucinogens placing me in the psyche for three weeks as I began to question if my parents were my real parents. And as a result my family felt I was delusional. This questioning cost me $25,000 …


Update on Milabs from William 9-27-2012

Hi James I am writing to you to give you encouragement since that you’re coming into your winter and more time will be spent inside for you. Keep up the gym as anything you do that is positive in your life is good for you and keep in with your friends that you have made along the way both MILABS and the normal ones. They are still cutting you and giving you needle marks, they are idiots James dumb barbaric back yard back in the day idiots. Keep an eye in the internal bleeding they are so stupid and backwards. If they had a brain they would be lonely. Here is a little something that may interest you for yourself. …


Update on Milabs from William 9-24-2012

In the future the Nazi cabal faction plans to be more open about things as time goes by. We just had your Leon Panetta, United States Secretary of Defense down here in New Zealand. Your country is very very worried about the Chinese here in the pacific. It is the second time in only a few weeks that we have had a high profiles down here. Prince Charles is also going to be turning up down here soon for his birthday. Very interesting James. So there is a lot of stuff happening at this part of the world it has go your country spooked because of the Chinese, but the Japanese and Russians will follow as a backup to chins soon. …



In the biblical story, Joshua’s group brought the walls of the city of Jericho down with a ritual procedure (focusing of mind and etheric energies) that culminated in the blowing of horns (mixing mental/etheric energies onto a “carrier wave” of sound vibration). In other words, an “interdimensional” technique or technology was employed to reduce an area of massive stone walls (symbolically a confining, controlling structure) to rubble. And that second line of the song stanza will turn out to have a central bearing on our discussion-as we continue where we left off before pausing to describe the kind of musical communication that often “haunts” our scribe. So let us continue. Recently, this scribe was asked to provide some clarification to …


A Different Breed

Among humanity walks a group of kings and queens more noble then any of earth…they guide those who seek truth…and help the lost find their way…they are watchers of souls..and their light never burns out…they are both humble and meek..noble and great…strong is their souls…yet they have no status in this world…they are ragged and poor…and only those that have spiritual eyes can see who they really are….


Update on Milabs from William 9-20-2012

Hi James just a small update for you. I have learnt today that Britain is doing what France and Germany have not dared. Britain putting all of its key industry eggs into one basket. BAE systems is merging with the Franco-German European Aeronautic, Defence & Space (EADS)  The deal will give away control over Britain’s most important defense contractor and make a new conglomerate the top arms seller in the World. Without BAE Britain will have little left of an independent defence industry. Britain will be completely dependent on France and Germany for it defense. It would lose control of its most important aircraft manufacturer the builder of its main battle tank, next generation aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, and as well as its suppler for …