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James have you ever considered trying to find a reptilian to do a interview on your show? It’s pretty easy to find one these days. It would be pretty interesting to see one reveal itself on camera and explain the shape shifting process and what its like the be a reptoid. I guess the MIB or milab people would be kinda angry if you tryed.


Yeah i know one but he told me not to tell anyone else so go figure.


James I’ve heard some sonic insect like buzzing noises coming out of nowhere in the night a few times in the past. They also seem to come from a certain direction almost making me follow it to find out where its coming from. Should I follow it? know what this is?


Sounds like you got a mantoid problem…. lol you should try telepathically communicating with the noises and see what they want.


Hi James- I’m sorry, I know you’re really busy… But I just want to ask someone, someone that would know what they are talking about- what am I to think of all these FEMA camps? Honestly, it scares the living crap out of me. Should I worry about them? Move out of the country? The idea of running away from my fears seems like the wussy way to deal… And I am so bored and dead inside that ultimate life-turned-upside-down scenarios almost sound better than anything I’m doing now… Esp if i get a quick ticket to heaven without any effort on my part. You are in my thoughts to stay safe, and thank you for everything that you do James, it means a lot to me.


Those camps will be useful for holding bankers and elites who will be rounded up when they are brought to justice.


Dude are you sure you;re not making a big deal out of nothing with the blood blisters in your mouth and what not? Everybody gets those, but maybe not as often as you. I only read a little of your past but don’t you think its more likely you predisposed to those due to a biological condition? I mean I’ve been facing every dragon demon and darklord I can find for over ten years, reaching all the way to bottom while I hold tight ot the very top, or in other words I take the brightest torch I can touch and go as deep down into the dragon cave as I can, and I completely shift people and places around me, yet despite all these battles I go into, I have never had anything anything interfere with my body before. It’s like I make matter and spirit one, which is to blow the door wide open, and still nothing can touch me. I have to wonder how it is that shit can apparently touch you so easily. I keep wondering that.  BTW I listened to a St Germain channeling that you did on youtube, at least I think it was you channeling that, and I have to say that is a totally amazing channeling. He’s never been able to do me that well. Mighty impressive work my friend.


Blood blisters are accompanied with two and three prong needle marks I made the video about st germain but i didn’t channel him. I think that was from some guy named Mark Prophet:


Hi James. I’ve gotten a chance to view several of your videos. Fascinating stuff! I’ve had some interesting experiences throughout my life as well. Not super soldier stuff but more like traveling through wormholes via the merkaba to other times/places and strange psychic happenings. I am interested in getting one of your cubes. Did you create the technology for them yourself?


The original idea was a group effort and I was able to use that as a template for the current configuration you see today. Its good to hear you are open to working your psychic gifts so many people try to shut down their connection to god source and don’t realize what they are missing. If you have any other questions about the Neo let me know. Here is a video which explains a short history of how it came into being.


Hi James,

I wanted to make you aware of the following: I was speaking to William Ross who you had on the show and gave him the same information. He mentioned a change in currencies coming and from the research I’ve done it looks like one of the major ones besides China will actually be the Iraqi Dinar . I have been following this for a while.

The value could be around $3 for $1 US as it previously was or even higher.

Since the new system will be based on the value of the resources in the country and gold backed as well.

If this change is happening soon and at the beginning of October.

You should purchase some Iraqi dinar soon. You can purchase some from dinarbanker.com or https://www.sterlingcurrencygroup.com/buy-dinar.html which is the same site.

The smallest you can purchase for is $105 which will get you 100,000 Iraqi dinar. This will increase in value soon so if you don’t already have this you should really consider getting this and do this before October.

You will need to place an order with them and send them a cheque and they will FedX to you the dinar.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Sadly the Dinar is a scam purported by the cabal to recapitalize our current fiat money system. If the dinar rved it would finance the new world order for another 100 years. You could try hoboprince.com or freedomclubusa


Brother i feel that the way the dark beings have free access to your house like once you were making a video you said the greys were doing some disturbance.I had a friend of mine who was contacted by wrong beings which described themselves to be benevolent and when she started meditating upon god her guides told her to stop and when she did so they abducted her,i had some similar problems with my place filled with demons having red aura colour as i had contacted wrong source for healing my self.You can try rebuking them it really helps and slowly they will leave you. have you tried calling Jesus for help ?


What do u think?

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