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October, 2012


Who is James Rink now?

Ross I am supposed to be in a facility and have been there over the past few months being reprogrammed in a trip chair along with Max by tall humanoid beings with red eyes, annuaki? But somehow i slipped into a different timeline one which I never was sent there, i think someone in the program helped me out with this one. So from your perspective nothing changed but for me it did. Anyway its nice to be back even though no one knew i was gone lol. James Rink James be aware of the beings with red eyes it is not good I have come across beings with red eyes before and they are evil as. Well the reprogramming …


Message to JC

You know I can’t help thinking
That one day soon
We will all wake up
We will all be on the moon

Soaring above the heavens
Looking back on what has been
Seeing things we’ve never really seen
Thinking how it all could have been

If only the Moon had stayed up
If only the Sun hadn’t woke
If everyone were late for work
They would have been warned off by the smoke


Update on Milabs by William Ross – October 15, 2012

Draconian Time Travel Technology Modern day time travel technologies were built of course by humans with the help of alien races of the Draconian empire. These races were sub races that were ordered to get along with each other. They range anything from tall greys to arcturians and pelaidains etc. Of course there were trade off with the US government. So the expertise in technologies came from the aliens. However although in full use regarding technologies there are blockages for certain points where the travel of humans are monitored or blocked by some of these entities and right so and even I understand that. Whether for good or bad Human will only be allowed to go so far. This is …


Class-action suit to uncover military’s experimentation

Class-action suit to uncover military’s experimentation

RALEIGH — A North Carolina’s man’s quest to learn how the military had experimented on him in the 1960s has turned into a class-action lawsuit for as many as 100,000 veterans the government used to test hundreds of different drugs, chemicals and biological agents over more than 50 years.

U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken in the Northern District of California last week said the case could go ahead on behalf of any current or former service members who were subjected to chemical or biological testing without their informed consent. The government has said as many as 100,000 people were used for such testing between 1922 and 1975, when the military says it halted human experimentation.

The suit seeks to lift the oath of secrecy soldiers say they swore about what they went through, and asks the court to compel the government to provide the health care it promised subjects when they participated in the tests. It does not ask for monetary damages because the government is immune from most damage claims brought by military personnel.

Defendants in the case are the Department of Defense, the Army, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the CIA, which worked together to plan and conduct the tests. Representative of the VA and the Defense Department each said they could not comment on ongoing litigation.


Update on Milabs with William Ross – October 11, 2012

MILAB Time travel: For cloned avatars it seems time travel is all very easy. More so for those blood line families that are used throughout the ages. Seemly small bases or labs tend to be located at different time periods that is important for the controllers. Even as I would go as far to say that for those that already live in those time periods particular families are used for MILAB work and throughout the generations up to this time period.  However in saying this new comers will always come up and be grafted on. But enemies of the controllers will also come up and be grafted on also. Since these people are seen as a threat to the controllers …


World Watch with William Ross – October 8, 2012

James here is a small write up for world watch. So I hope you like it James I have never done something like this but it is about keeping MILABS informed.  Also I want to let you know there is a smaller version of that MIB car that take MILABS to their addresses which are of lightning speed unlike the large more long gated carriers these are more single person and driver operator that on one occasion I tried to get him to slow down and go on the right side of the road but he just carried on driving. I hope to do a small bit about time travel that will be interesting to many and many answer some …


MIB Old School Style

I came across this video by accident and upon further investigation found that this is a Surveillance Vehicle for Tracking a “BUG” transmitter placed on another vehicle…It allows you to track the vehicle from a distance in which the target is unaware of being tailed….The O-scope seems to indicate that the tracking bug also allows for listening or voice recognition before computer software was invented…it’s an old style M.I.B. vehicle minus the stealth black paint job & darkened out windows….seems there are other “special equipment” such as experimental microwave devices is missing or removed….FBI Special Affairs Division POS, in a plain brown wrapper…have to take it apart to really find out it’s capabilities…

I would suggest NOT pushing the red buttons, looking for “slicks” (weapons hide) inside & outside of the vehicle…look for places to hide automated weapons systems…trace down the wires & make a schematic of where the wires lead will tell you what they do, and if you find empty spaces where the wires are not connected take pictures & post on this site…it will give us more intel on what this was used for…
This car leads back to…..