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Bourne Legacy

Hi James I just watched the new Bourne Legacy movie  I think they have let us see what they gonna do with us? I hope not. Yes that seems to be the plan for us if things get out of control  After tracing the name Jason Bourne from Charles Bourne of Yerkes Primate Center (For more info see Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory – Super Soldier Humanzee. ) and JASON GROUP: July, August, September, October, November…financed by the Mitre Corporation…. Where as the JASON Think-Tank Alien Group sets the standard, with Charles Bourne’s hybridization techniques. Its really and truly a Knuckle-Dragger Society of Killers… I think the 7 & 8 year olds Top Gun, Gamer Groomer kind will be more and more prevalent in future. And don’t forget to watch out for …



Dec 19, 2012 Doug or Joe, I am a law enforcement officer in Hawaii and for obvious reasons don’t want to be further identified. I’m sending this e-mail to you though a throw-away account and a proxy server as all of our computer email is filtered thru IA. I listen to your show everyday and appreciate what you both do. I love it when Steve Quayle is on your show and praise God for him and both of you. I worked in cyber crimes unit so I know what goes on. Things have been getting tight hear over the last few years and there is a lot of oversight. You talk about betrayal, well there is a lot of that …


Universal soldier: Pentagon eyes limb-regenerating super-troopers?

Note: Pay attention to what not is said. These marvelous feats come at a price. They allegedly did this experiment on me altering my digestive system so i can go without food for weeks surviving on a liquid diet but there was complications  and now I suffer from pain every time i eat. It can be fixed but how can i fix something when personnel are coming into my home everyday sabotaging the healing process : Published: 13 August, 2012, 14:30 Richard Ellis / Getty Images / AFP The US military’s future technology division is reportedly eyeing tampering with soldiers’ genes, allowing them to go for days without food or sleep and re-grow limbs lost in battle or due to landmines. Scientists at the Pentagon’s high-tech Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency hope to …


Pegasus Assassination Units

Hollywood is jumping on the bandwagon and now jumping on board with this subject. Good thing too, the public needs to know these experiments and projects are real and better start learning about them too understand whats in store for all of us. Do you think the Government spent all that money on Kid’s Games as Grooming Programs for nothing? Yeah…heavy duty top gun pre-teens…people would NEVER expect a kid to WHACK them…thus…the perfect tool…see Pegasus Assassination Units…made up of pre-teens, jumping through Portals just to execute Hardened Soft Targets…and they are back through the portal in less than 9 seconds…termination after termination…these kids move like a monkey on steroids..and these “monkeys” are hard to target…makes ya watch the SYFY series ALPHAS with a …


Reverse the Situation of a Super-Soldier

“There are techniques that are known that can fully reverse the situation of a super-soldier, and it does require commitment, and time to do it, and it can be done, and they haven’t been known before Ron Hubbard. And I believe the techniques done to make a super-soldier, they can be reversed. You know of Cathy O’Brien? The first person to help her when she escaped was a Scientologist who took her in, a friend of mine. Cathy had her memory restored by a number of techniques, and not only by him. That’s remarkable. There are no others of her ilk with restored memory like she has. She was implanted severely. From childhood – babyhood, actually. The super-soldiers should get …


Super Soldier is more than Accurate

James the term is Super Soldier is more than accurate. This is proof the clandestine hermaphrodite targeting you James.  I know why, because you are making progress and coming up with data they could never come up with. There is no reason he/she should target and complain about what you are doing if they are a genuine survivor. And besides shouldn’t we all be working together?


Response to Triangle Crest December 27, 2012

Hi James I saw the mark and that the pleiadians had taken you on their ships. James be careful since as we are MILABS any activity alien wise is all connected to the MILAB complex. Theses Pleiadians if there is such a thing will be renegades. Or they will have some contract with your government. Because the MILAB complex is a negative entity they would not allow any positive group to grab you. I do not wish to be negative but I have to be truthful for your protection. James if a positive group were to grab you that would had been done long ago. Also the activity with you and MILABS and me has intensified over the last few …



Prepare to have your mind completely blown and ripped apart. Please read all of this with an open mind; you are about to read a very detailed account and summary of this shooting (I am not vouching for its accuracy, I’m simply presenting it, as-is). This is from an anonymous female psychic who posts at the blog address linked below, who has given me a personal reading, does not charge a fee and who I consider to be sincere.I know some people may not believe in psychics — but please bear in mind that law enforcement uses them on cold cases. I have prepared a summary of her viewing — for quick reading and easy assimilation — please take note of these …


Former White Hat on Aaron M Clones

The last time I had a run in with Aaron McCollum was in 2011. A friend of mine sent out a mass email list with links to my Change is on the Horizon documentary and some links of my super soldier talk series and without making any judgement on the content asked the recipients to investigate. Interestingly Aaron McCollum wrote this individual back with the words “DON’T MENTION THE NAME JAMES RINK TO ME EVER AGAIN” No clarification or further response was given to his negative reaction. Now I am not in the business of promoting hearsay I can only provide information and let others decide what may or may not be true. But i have been in this field of research long enough to know when someone gives a bizarre reaction to certain content with no clarification or a poorly reasoned clarification probably indicates they are …