Milab “frequency”

Hi James i’m 18 and no i haven’t got any needle marks or black out that i know of. It started when i had a dream about being abducted to some facility by these swat team looking guys and then being in this large dome laying on this black dentist like chair and i was mainly like remote viewing the spectators that were behind what I assume is a one way glass. There was a general, I suppose, or some high ranking military guy in red and 2 other grunts next to him(they did have insignia’s but that is/was too much of a blur  asking me what my significance was and he said something about my “frequency”. Well i had never heard of the montauk project(in particular) but I randomly came across it like a week later and was one of the weirdest experiences I’ve ever had. Profound correlation along with other things i had dreamed of. But anyway been looking into black projects stuff ever since but i was pretty far down rabbit hole before all that.


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