Pegasus Assassination Units

Hollywood is jumping on the bandwagon and now jumping on board with this subject. Good thing too, the public needs to know these experiments and projects are real and better start learning about them too understand whats in store for all of us.

Do you think the Government spent all that money on Kid’s Games as Grooming Programs for nothing? Yeah…heavy duty top gun pre-teens…people would NEVER expect a kid to WHACK them…thus…the perfect tool…see Pegasus Assassination Units…made up of pre-teens, jumping through Portals just to execute Hardened Soft Targets…and they are back through the portal in less than 9 seconds…termination after termination…these kids move like a monkey on steroids..and these “monkeys” are hard to target…makes ya watch the SYFY series ALPHAS with a lot more focus…

Love and Light, and try not to piss off teenagers…lol


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