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I'm a Chimpanzee

I could easy beat you up mr super soldier. If your a super soldier then I’m a chimpanzee . I would fight you in hand to hand combat and destroy you in seconds. Inadvisable, James Rink is not the super soldier its his alter who is. Proceed with caution brain aneurysm likely.  


Karma Can Be a Bitch

Worked with a psychic healer tonight. The following is a summary of what we covered . I cant voucher for the credibility of any of this information but thought it of some interest none the less. She located a reptilian 4th dimensional reptilian astral being named “Lubius”  within my lower chakras. Apparently the being was put into me during some kind of black mass satanic ceremony. The reptilian didn’t mean me harm as he was just as much as a prisoner to all this as i was. He was obsessed about 3D human and wanted to live the life of a human through me. We did some work to release him and when the reptilian left I felt the left side of my shoulder twitch. Now that he is gone he can go back to the wheel of reincarnation and can …


James do Not Fear Anymore

James do not fear anymore. I see fear in you, when I watch your videos. If you knew the authority that God has given you through Yeshua, His Annointed One and that He gives us a Spirit of Power, Love and a sound mind, you would never sit and wonder where you came from or where you are going. James, Yeshua Messiah has come so that you and I will have Life and have abudant Life! Life coming out of out mouths in truth, which you love. I encourage you to no longer live in fear. The Hope has come to the world. Yeshua Messiah is God’s Hope. James, do not listen to evil spirits that have the power to …


I Admire Your Courage

Hello James, I just wanted you to know that i admire your courage and i am sending you love every time i watch one of your video’s on YouTube. I hope you feel the positive energy coming from Holland. I have learnt a lot especially from the regression video’s. I wish you success on healing and integrating your special self. I can’t imagine what your life must be like nowadays. I realize that a lot of suffering went on without my knowledge, at least consciously (and still is unfortunately). I always felt something wasn’t the way it supposed to be. And i have got service to others running through my veins. I wish i could be of more help besides …


Physical Teleporation ?

James these pics where taken on a Cannon Power Shot A75… 2006-2007 model.. I managed to use my psychic abilities to tap into the sensors system so it could pick up different stuff… In the pic with the name “chakras dislocated” I attempted to put my presence where you see the lights… and take a picture… simulating a teleportation… When I went to sleep and woke up in the night my body was “shut down” or close to Dead… because I didn’t feel my heart beat or something close to it … I don’t remember exactly but after a few minutes I managed to move but felt very numb…. and I smelled like rotten Eggs… excess Ying?? or Yang maybe?? The camera was rendered useless after a few …


Super Soldiers – Benjamin Fulford

Despite the bad spelling some good points make this worth the read ※Benjamin Fulford シリーズ  ※Weekly geo-political news and analysis  ※日本人よ!目を覚まして!!(ベンジャミン・フルフォードの原点)  01/27/2013 Hello Ben, Could you report about super soldiers in your newsletter? These persons are raised up since birth and trained in multi fighting techniques like martial arts as well as mental techniques. Thes have been implanted metal bones, brain interfaces and they can lift a tank by mental force. One such “unit” costs 30 mill USD. The cabal uses them as assasins since the beginning of the 80s. This fact also represents all the techniques how greatly the human race could developed using this for peace and what they are hiding from us. Laura M. Eisenhower, who is related with the …


Five Alters

A few days ago I had an opportunity to work with a medical intuitive and learned of some new information which may be beneficial to other milab survivors. She began by scanning my body to find the source of my numerous food allergies and imbalanced gi tract. She saw that my Adrenal glands where burned out due to constant exposure to the flight or fight response of trauma. The Adrenals regulate the body’s hormone system and immune system. 80% of the body’s immune system is the Gut and so if the adrenals are not working properly due to trauma then everything else is out of balance. It may also explain the fatigue issues and how to heal it by focusing …


Reanimation of Nimrod and Venus Colonies

James we are a tough lot of people even when it comes to pain we can take a lot of hammering more than the normal Joe blog in the civilian world. So bear with it if you can it is not going to be forever I promise you that. I have the same problems as well be course of those nut cases if they had another brain they would be lonely. But I have some very important information that may help MILABS below. More so as you get further down on who the main players are in space. Some of the fires in Aussie is due to UFOs that have been starting the fires. They have been seen and recorded. So someone is …


The Dutchman

Hi James late 2010 I emailed you about the SS programs. I did not get a response, assumed you were busy.  I was in email contact with James Casbolt before he went in the Army. He spoke well of you so I try again. I originally tried to send a video of some nano crystals taken from my hand. To the point, I am involved also, I strongly feel we or alters knew each other.  I will say we may have opposed each other, but that programming. I have many similarities with you the illnesses and more.  I have had black outs, missing time, and strange occurances with the grays  I just watched you 9/2/12 video with Adrian Espinoza and Nate. It blew me away. I get …


220 Times Cloned

James I’m not sure who my star family is. In part I think I don’t know so, to a host coming in don’t have access to this information but I remember something about Lemuria or Atlantis. But I wanted you to know I believe I too have been cloned and other stuff…. I don’t exactly remember seeing my clones… but I do remember waking up in my bedroom with ET’s working on me and that one of the ET’s was called Bomen but I’m not sure about that… I was informed around two years ago by a guide that has been changed (no longer guiding me) that the number was already up to 220 times cloned… The grey’s cloned or …