DARPA Time-Travel and Cyborg Program

Anya & Sean,

After completing my US Army service at Ft Sam, TX, I can state the following regarding NSA and DARPA run time-travel and cyborg program’s-

: Nearby Lackland AFB is a gold mine of black operations! The Air Force base has one of the main NSA centre of operations in the country, named the Medina Annex.
The NSA transferred it’s area base from Kirtland AFB, NM, to Lackland AFB, TX in 1997.
They are transporting cyborg ‘super-soldiers’ from Ft Sam to Lackland then onto Kirtland. An underground shuttle runs from Lackland AFB north to Dallas and then west to New Mexico.

: George Bush Snr a major participant in this program running operations from Dallas. Bush Snr is rumoured to have approx 5 million cyborg super-soldiers ranging from 5 years old to 25 on board orbital platforms around the outer atmosphere of the planet. They are transporting them back and forth from the Kirtland ‘Spaceport!

: Sandia National labs located at Kirtland AFB is running a DARPA time-travel and cyborg program. Using LOOKING GLASS technology they have two teams of scientists back and forwards into time to the years 1812 AD and 2212 AD respectively. A third team stays in 2012 in New Mexico and they pass hardware back and forth between each other in time. These DARPA scientists main area has been passing robotic limbs back and forth, perfecting the exo-skeletons and then assembling them at places like Sandia, Los Alamos Labs and Dulce.

: Ft Sam houses the Brooks Army Medical Centre ( BAMC ) on base. This hospital takes care of US soldiers who lose limbs in threatre of combat, reintegrates them back into society. These men are being transferred underground from Ft Sam to Lackland AFB then onto Kirtland for use in the DARPA cyborg program’s.

James Casbolt


3 thoughts on “DARPA Time-Travel and Cyborg Program

  1. James,

    Watched the following video last night before reading this blog entry. This video explains a spontaneous fire in Moscow in 1812 possibly set by aliens…I don’t buy it…but I do buy possible current militarty attack on Moscow in 1812. I just find it a bit synchronous that i watched this video last night and the read this blog post soon after and saw 1812 again….might have to research that year a bit.



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