Enslavement of Humanity

James so your telling the people of the world big changes are coming, well all I have to say is it is 2013 I see no changes except for the enslavement of humanity. One good say that this is all about keeping the masses calm so the world government and the enslavement is complete ummmmm?????


As we approach the zero point of the 5th dimension our consciousness can effect our reality. So literally you go to a timeline in which your belief system manifests into being. If you want to be enslaved go for it. But I am headed to a timeline where heaven manifests on earth.


One thought on “Enslavement of Humanity

  1. I feel we have the chance to create our futures, most people will overwhelmingly choose tyranny because, they’re scared. but i want to focus on positive things, so at least i have a clear conscience. although i never lived through nazi germany etc, i am however, fully aware of that era. who wants a repeat of nazi germany?


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