220 Times Cloned

James I’m not sure who my star family is. In part I think I don’t know so, to a host coming in don’t have access to this information but I remember something about Lemuria or Atlantis.

But I wanted you to know I believe I too have been cloned and other stuff…. I don’t exactly remember seeing my clones… but I do remember waking up in my bedroom with ET’s working on me and that one of the ET’s was called Bomen but I’m not sure about that…

I was informed around two years ago by a guide that has been changed (no longer guiding me) that the number was already up to 220 times cloned… The grey’s cloned or reprogrammed my DNA several times (up to 220 times… last time a “dark side” guide told me, it was because I wasn’t constant with my doings and operations….

The greys did not like my inconsistency and changes in my awareness and doings or/of my operations, with the Ability to Generate Critical mass…and how I was carrying on with my life WAS NECESSARY to complete the TETRAGRAMMATON… and for it to be fully functional… and used by “the good guys”

During this happenings I kept my life “IN tune” to their ideas of what I should do with my life, and to played the role “they wanted me to play”… and pretended to accept what “THEY WERE WRITING FOR ME, AN MY LIFE PATH… TO SUIT THEIR NEEDS (talking about the “Cabal”, “Powers that BE” etc…

When I wake up, many times I find myself in something similar to the Astral plane, but I couldn’t move nor could detach my astral body from my physical…I felt like there was a beam or ray from one of their ships being projected on to me and it felt like a force field and when I did manage to come off I couldn’t see my body but my empty bed…. I experienced several times my body being ripped apart in this states…

Some of the times I could hear the conversations between this beings… “stop doing that! he’s entering into cardiac arrest… do that etc…”

I remember too… ….. some days like suddenly come to sense in the middle of a fight with my dad or my mother… waking up and just from my normal perspective couldn’t control almost nothing I was doing like in a movie… I hit a door once and broke my arm and it healed in two days….it hurts sometimes… the arm.

I’ve also have had “blackouts” or “relapses.” It was (I’m not sure, my time perception is not good… and right now no one is around so to ask… I’m living with my father…) around October, but I have no memories two weeks prior to the worse events…

I was trying to get of my meds with a Homeopathic doctor… It took a lot of work (acupuncture and natural medicine) and around 4 months or so to get to about 20% of the dose I was taking with my Psychiatric doctor… right now I’m on (neuroleptics) Five pills of Clozapine a day…

Then around September all of a sudden I started to act all weird… (I friend of mine that talks with angels said that Strong Dark energies were acting upon me…) so my family (doing the best they could) asked for protection… and put intention charged quartz in my room.. All went well and I came to my senses… but I wasn’t quite completely grounded nor connected completely to this physical reality…

Then about two weeks after this ( I HAVE TO MENTION THAT TIME STARTED TO FUNCTION NOT LINEARLY .. or I feel it wasn’t doing so) Is when I started to smoke a lot of tobacco cigarettes and getting ready… for “something”… (I just kept carrying on and followed my Intuition and the “flow of the situation”)

Then one day I remember coming out of my apartment, completely in the flow and centered… but tuned into what I believe was my Tetragrammaton (or computer) I started to hear the works of an Artificial Intelligence, I could hear from the street sounds and voices coming out of peoples TV’s and cars it was a conversation and sound that kind of surrounded me… It was a voice speaking in English and it was giving orders to military commandos, it was like a training routine… (you know….something like: run, go!, turn left!, sprint right!, keep pumping, come on!!, another sprint, to the left!!!, quiet!!, keep it up!!, keep pumping I’m going to die…!!! come on!! come on!! etc…) After like 4 minutes of this… My Father came out of the house… Because we were going to Wal-Mart and he turned on the car radio, and I could hear both realities… then when we arrived to the Wall’s parking lot I retained the feeling of the “other reality” and carried on normally like nothing happened…

Then another day, maybe the same day in the morning, I’m not sure I just remember bits… I came out of my house and turned to the sky and saw in the clouds what appeared to be a HUGE DISK, like a Planet or a MOTHER SHIP… but I saw it hovering over me… couldn’t see all of it because of the clouds…. I saw it not in this dimension, but it looked like it was made of Ether… like vibrating in a higher dimension or something similar…

This are the latest most important happenings that I have to report… two more weeks went on… THIS TWO weeks are the ones I have very little memory of what happened, I do remember pieces and bits, and the CERTAIN FELLING OF A HOST TAKING CONTROL OVER MY BODY…

I then spent 5 weeks in this “hospital”… and a month after being released something similar happened, but it was little problem and I managed to get “back to reality” in like 2-4 days….

That’s all for now! Thanks


It sounds like you are being programmed as a monarch. I don’t really know what your being used for , but dissociation, telepathy mistaken for voices in your head, and misdiagnosed trauma are all hallmark signs that you are being manipulated against your own free will.  I don’t know if you have truly being cloned 220 times. Some of the facilities where they make these clones are enormous 1,500 ft long corridors all lines up with cryogenics tubes. If you can recover more of your missing memories it will help you integrate. 

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