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January, 2013


Listener Feedback on the January 3, 2013 Mack Regression

Hi James well looking at the Jackson base is an interesting one, my child hood street was called Westminster which means in service to the queen. I went to a convent on that same street and was groomed there as from a child till it was time to move on. So I was looked after or thought as special for some reason and would attend dinners and functions as a child with my grandmother and had privy and some privileges that no other family had I was seen as one of there. Later on, I moved to another address where I went to live on a street called Jackson’s road. There may be meaning in the word for some of us. So …


Montauk Mind Control, Privately Run By Nazis, Funded and Controlled by Religious Secret Societies

I was part of Montauk 2.0 Last last night a former “3 letter” agency patriot contacted me with a video of the most unusual sort. This video covers several topics, I’ve excerpted the portion on MONTAUK MIND CONTROL. Montauk is on Long Island, New York. Its also an area were unusual animals are known to wash up on shore, the Daniel papers on this blog go into the unusual creatures that inhabit TIME-SPACE and relates an incident where one came through a time portal and trashed the facility severely. I was aware of the subject Montauk mind control, and have heard Al Bielek on Project Camelot, but this is my first encounter with this new video tape. To my knowledge …


Steven D Kelley laser cavers & magic

Whistleblower Steven D. Kelley talks about his first hand experience in the firearm and optic R&D industry and how it lead him to deep place underground figuratively and literally. In this presentation Steven also shares an in depth look at the underground base at the Getty Museum.


World Watch with William Ross – January 3, 2013

JORDAN: Jordan had invited the EU to monitor it elections. The EU sent 140 observer from 27 member states. It was to be a first in an effort to win support in its battle against the Muslim brotherhood. Jordan is willing to turn to the EU for support against the Muslim brotherhood. Expect the EU to station a base and troops in Jordan as a counter balance and a stepping stone to the rest of the middle east and Israel. JAPAN: Germany and Japan Bio-pharmaceutical Axis powers has begun. Lwami Asakawa Germany’s trade and representative in Tokyo said “with world class Pharmaceutical industries and cutting edge research, Germany and Japan are natural partners.” Both are facing the same challenges that come with aging societies. …


Anderson Time Chamber

Regarding Dr. David Anderson Posted on January 4, 2012 by Peter Moon For over a decade, various people have followed the research of Dr. David Anderson as has been chronicled by in various articles published in my newsletter “The Montauk Pulse” as well as in the books “Transylvanian Sunrise” and “Transylvanian Moonrise”. Dr. Anderson’s work includes time warp field research as well as the Time Reactor which supplies virtually limitless energy at very little cost. In the very near future, I will post this data as well as various other data and will create a virtual “David Anderson home page”. The reason for this is that David’s very prominent and well-trafficked websites (i.e. Anderson Institute & Anderson Multinational) have disappeared from the internet …


The latest from “DHS Insider”

For a few years now I have heard, from a friend whom I know to be a true patriot, the report from a person who should be in the know and has told us what he can without compromising his responsibility to his work. For a long time he was right on with the real story of what is happening to the country. For a while now there has been nothing. When there was regularity the info was identical to what this Canadian author is reporting  going on between the two in this article. The space we heard nothing was because of “much cluttered info” and the inability of the patriots within the alphabet agency, to share their knowledge. This …