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“Needle Marks” on my Body

Hello James. I’m messaging you today in the hopes that you actually read messages that are sent to you. I’m currently 15 years old and recall having supposed “needle marks” on my body after I wake up every now and then. I also have some health problems such as trouble sleeping and I get severe abdominal pain and so on. I doubt I’m a super soldier and im still a teen so im pretty young to be one. I haven’t seen many of your videos but I would like to see what you have to say about this. I also have had dreams that have happened the day I woke up, like a physic vision so to speak. anyway, have …


Your All Puppets of James Rink

A message from Krista I am the girl in the videos! I’m not a clone just got done crying over a lifetime movie… so this would be impossible. James doesn’t have my permission to extort me anymore, so he decided rather to protect my privacy and remove my videos like I asked, to hold them hostage, and fool his followers into thinking I’m in some sort of trouble. NO guys…he asked you to DL my video as much as possible…simply because he is an egotistical asshole! James… I asked you fro the safety of myself, my career and my family to remove my post from you tube… not only did you refuse to do that because you said ” I …


Special Request to Super Soldier Talk Readers!

I politely request the readers of this blog to take some time out of your day today to send positive energy to Krista as she is under heavy attack at this moment. Also we need a few people today to download and mirror these three interviews as soon as possible as Krista has expressed to me those in the know don’t want you to have access to this information anymore. I recommend downloading the videos using and then uploading it on either youtube, dailymotion, metacafe, vimeo , etc When you have done so please notify me via email at thank you. Super Soldier Talk – Flashguns, Avatar Bodies, Project Surrogate – November 11, 2012 Super Soldier Talk with …


The more I know, the more I KNOW!

James I downloaded the videos per your request and uploaded them as well. These are actually the first videos I have ever posted.  (so I have no following, but I know this is just to preserve them ) Now that I know I can mirror those super important videos I see as they cross my path.  I was able to listen to part of the your first link from your post last night.  I also listened to one from Jan 2011 about Adam Z and Tiyan.  That was interesting. I had read this book about a year ago, after listening to a short interview with this guy    I imagine you have heard of this guy.  There was some stuff that …


Our Prayers and Meditation Can Change Things

Hi James, I was raised on an island in Alaska that the government in Washington D.C. did not want anyone to know about. St. George Island,  In the Bering Sea. Before Alaska was to become a state, Washington D.C. was debating about leaving the islands out of being part of the United States. The reason was the fur seal. In the summer time they killed thousands of seals everyday for the pelts. They sold the pelts to Russia and China, and maybe some other countries. For many years Washington made billions of dollars from fur seal pelts. When Alaska became a state the Pribilof Islands were included. In the 1960s The governor of Alaska did not know of what Washington D.C. was doing on …


I wanted you to know that I prayed for you!

James I wanted you to know that I prayed for you, Krista, and people like you to cover you with a bright white light of protection. A few months ago my spirit guide came to me in a dream and told me that I was a light being. I have known that since 1980, but I do not tell anyone about that except some close family members and I need to be reminded once in a while. Whenever you or people like you need prayer just let me know. I will pray for you. God blessings. Response Thank You for your kind words. So many of us have suffered greatly at the hands of milabs, I have personally lost two …


Triangle Hospital Ships

Last night i did a hypnotic regression with a friend. He called me up to tell me he found the same type of blood blister i get in my mouth. Since I am the only one he knows who gets them he asked me if i had any info which i didn’t. But I offered to regress him and in the regression his subconscious mind said its too fresh in his short term memory. We needed to wait at least 24 hours before it shows up in the akashic records so instead looked at what was going on with me when i get them. In this incident he saw me being taken from my apartment, this was sometime in the …


Scientists create ‘sixth sense’ brain implant to detect infrared light

James Rink: Note this is what they are already using in milab avatars  A brain implant which could allow humans to detect invisible infrared light has been developed by scientists in America. Photo: ALAMY By Nick Collins 2:58PM GMT 17 Feb 2013 Scientists have created a “sixth sense” by creating a brain implant through which infrared light can be detected. Although the light could not be seen lab rats were able to detect it via electrodes in the part of the brain responsible for their sense of touch. Similar devices have previously been used to make up for lost capabilities, for example giving paralysed patients the ability to move a cursor around the screen with their thoughts. But the new study, by …


The Bilocation of Hillary Clone-Clinton

In 2008, during the American presidential election campaign, US Senator Hillary Clinton’s handlers began to get clumsy and she was seen in two different places at once on a number of separate occasions. And not just in Iowa and New Hampshire. Someone sees Hillary Clinton at a function across town at, say, 1.30pm. And then, when they compare notes with a Democratic Party co-worker later that day, they learn that Hillary was also seen back at the hotel at 1.30pm, three miles away. And her clothes were different, or her hair was different, or her makeup was different, and the people with her were different. Or, after a speaking engagement, the car drives Hillary Clinton away to Location A, where …