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Blue on Blue – Updated March 30, 2013

Message from a Royal Marine – BLUE ON BLUE Hi James this is my second attempt to get intel to you in shorter terms. When I tried to send you a message it said contact not recognised and deleted my whole fucking msg so ive started again. Anyway the fucked up shit is I have done 3 tours of Afghan duty as part of a recon troop/platoon of 4 guys and am now a civvy (civilian). I’ve had time loss twice on civvy street but the fucked up shit happened in the Gan as we call it lol. (Afghanistan). I got tested for PTSD but I’m fine considering the shit I have seen and done!. I live in Scotland I …


Mind Control 104

Anecdotal Data on Electrical Disturbances Involving Street Lights Putting out street lights just by walking near them is also reported by those mind control victims who have been deceived into believing they are “alien abductees:”


Hot Bed of Dark Activity

James your meditations are very good, and I’m really feeling increased abilities with my Neo Skullem. I have a lot of meditations to go through. :o) I’m doing two meditations a day, except today – got started early out the door, and tied up the rest of the day. [youtube] But I wanted to tell you while meditating with your rainbow bridge I was trying to see where there is a hotbed of dark activity, and a building came into vision, with the address of 203 N. LaSalle, which is downtown Chicago. It was weird – first I saw the building – very clearly – and then the address showed up in front of me. Easy peasy. It’s …


Cobra safeguards 2 Puppies for 48 hours

See reptilians and humans can get along or at least not kill each other off   Children are like angels, this is a dedication to all the humans who ill-treat their children on the basis of their gender/in-capabilities. This happened in Punjab, India, were two pups fell by accident into a well,while playing with other siblings. The owner of the pups found 2 puppies missing in the group and later found the mother dog barking near a shallow well. To his surprise, he found the puppies in the well along with a King Cobra. They found that the Cobra which was supposed to be a threat for all animals including Man, was actually safeguarding the little pups from not getting drowned when …


Venenatis euismod exercitation integer ante molestie

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Note this information is dated and does not take into account trip seat protocols and human cloning which brings a whole new level of complexity to mind control criteria. Five Easy Steps To Create A Manchurian Candidate OPERATION OPEN EYESGunther Russbacher sent the original pieces of this article to his wife, Rayelan in 1996. In December of 1996, Rayelan pieced together Gunther’s many letters, and published the original article on “Mind Control in America” in the print edition of Rumor Mill News. Written by Gunther Russbacher From his own ExperiencesI have personally witnessed Levels 1-5 programming, and was myself a subject of level 3 programming. In Level 3 programming five different sets of primary aliases were created for me. …


Blue Injections

James while searching ‘super soldier’ in Google images, in order to verify or ~ not, something I read elsewhere. Ok, I’m looking down the images and I’m drawn to this blonde haired woman in the picture I roughly circled out ………look at it! It shows a scene of something a little bit more futuristic, super soldiers are advertised on the buildings etc, one man is taking a picture/ or video. Reminds me of the probable future timeline I saw twice with us in it. If that’s not so weird in a sync’ish way for me. Which, if you recall I told you that in one of those timelines I saw with you, in particular the one where the TV …


Russian research project offers ‘immortality’ to billionaires

They have these now, they’ve had them for like 15 years,… and rich people have used these chips to record their consciousnesses before they die. Then have some rotten people get a pretty victim, and either drill a small hole in the head, insert the soulstone microchip with flawed recorded consciousness of the dead person on it or they take the eye out carefully, and push the chip in on a thin rod…put the eye back in,… no need to drill the skull. The dead consciousness takes over, (bodysnatches like a Vrill) after recovery, they walk around usually with babysitters, (a handler) and live until they find someone else they’d like to be. Then kill themselves and have their pals put another …


Mind Control 103

Human Race Being Non-Consensually Brain Linked (Your ESP is Artificial)  This next excerpt is a response to this article : The following is an excerpt from On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology: [youtube] [youtube] And we thought Star Trek was science fiction …