I astral traveled into your bedroom

Yesterday evening I had this mark appear on my lip then was contacted by an individual who claimed to have astral traveled in my home right after it happened. Here is his message.


James why in my last out of body trips I’m visiting you and we are having conversations? It was between 4 to 6pm here in in the west coast, I can’t remember exactly when. But this evening I astraled into your bedroom, you was mad at me because I was there and wanted me to go. But in the few times before we talked about aliens.

You were with somewhere else and when you came back to your room I was already there. Your rash happened before I was there., I was trying to help you but you were very mad with some people and refused my help, and that’s why you don’t want to talk to me at that time.

It is something about aliens. After I was attacked Saturday night by two grays, I also went to visit you. Do you have any military training with reptilians? I believe we have some connections with the milab military training program from the reptilians. I’m the only survivor from my group after the academy ended. All the others died; if you don’t pass you die. At least that’s what they shown me.

Maybe we haven see each other at that academy. Each class is only 4 or 6 people. Our bodies are not clones; it is more than two souls in one body, alien and human souls in one. I remember the teacher faces but not the other ones. The training already stop, they got us and they need no more people. But we are theirs forever, sad but it’s the truth.

Did you remember what they are training us for what’s coming? Do you remember your mission on the future? If not when the time comes you will remember what your mission is. In my case I was the enemy, the resistance. Do you have any memories about the other planet where we were training? About the spheric drones?

Do you remember your other soul?  Your other soul living in a different planet and working with you on this time, helping you, but is the one our military choose for us…. If you don’t remember it’s okay at the end you will understand. We’ll fight for our freedom. Your two souls are going to be free someday, we all will be.

BTW your friend Nathan’s body is in a tube of water right now and his soul is not there.

Anyway that’s all I can tell you at this time. I have no family or parents, they all died already. And no friends, that’s why I’m talking to you, I’m strong but sometimes I need somebody to talk. On Saturday night while I was sleeping in my tent, camping in the desert, I was attacked by two greys. They launched on me and tried to capture me. I defend myself as a wild animal and thanks to the military training that I received from the reptilians, the two greys went away. Now I’m recovering from a dislocated left arm and a beginning of heart attack. I always survive. Take care my friend.

Sorry I don’t remember the academy. I do remember another milab mentioning seeing me in the mess hall of some training facility. He said I was taller more muscular and had a deeper voice. I was like his instructor or something. 

No I don’t remember the training sorry. As for the off world mission did we wear like this wrist watch that showed where all the enemies are and could call in air strikes?

And no to the twin soul. Don’t remember that either. Maybe that is who Nathan is. 

I’m Ready

James I have some interesting information I obtained from first hand experience from an MK Ultra programming attempt that happened to me last year. I still have full vivid memory of the event. I am not sure if these events are tied into Project Talent or not. The US military tried to “DELTA Set” different personality levels. They could have been priming me for future training upon joining the military as I had expressed interest in this at the time.

I had a guy tell me they spent or were planning on spending 60 Million Dollars on myself. The CIA are still all over me to this day. Every time I go out I encounter “crazy faced” people, people acting psychotic to try and induce disaccociative stress on myself. I tried contacting the FBI last year but was turned away twice. The following are the levels or “alters” they set in soldiers.

These are activated by aromic priming and verbal command. I witnessed them “bump levels” on a guy while I was in there. Its fucking nuts. The nurse gave the priming commmands:
1. Child. In childs voice: “I want to play with Tony the Tiger Mr. Jacobs.”
2. Adolesant. Gamer kid. “Woah dude totallly.”
3. College. “Hey buddy, hows it going.”
4. Navy SEAL Deisel. The final level. They bump from 1 to 4. In a low relaxed masculine tone with droopy relaxed eyes. “Im ready”, they then hit their center mass with there fist.

They also tried to program a self destruct suicide command in myself. I can tell you the technique they use for that. I’ve got a lot more details for you. These techniques are brilliant and took decades to develop.


Avatar Mode

William do you remember the Lisa interview where she saw me with a briefcase. It is possible this message is more a representation of what was done to me then a actual mission. Inside that briefcase is my memories. So somehow opening it will help me remember. Lisa said it was like a algebra equation read backwards. Maybe that’s a activation code.

Also I have had many people who seen my avatar claims it is wearing a silvery cyborg industrial like suit. He wears a helmet with a little metal piece that comes down over the right or left eye to see out of it. Apparently he hates what hes forced to do and wants this to stop but powerless as they got buttons in him to turn him on and off like a robot. He doesn’t have my memories but he does get flashes of my life and it confuses him. What do you think?

December 9, 2012 Lisa Interview



I thought the case was a nuclear bomb inside the suit case I do not know why but I knew it had a code with in it. Come to think of they seem to use a brief case as a point of centre. As I have seen a handler carry a brief case that I was made to see. It seemed to me that there was a tremendous amount of burden put on you regarding your case.

These avatars James are made to do anything and everything. But in there hearts of hearts they resist but they still do what they are forced to do. That is the key they can do torture you and make you to do anything  but deep within you is your right of freedom and courage to stand up for what is right. Be course of their evil they do not and cannot understand this. And that is why they fight us as well as use us.

These men and women that are behind the projects are grasping for power they cannot obtain. And the aliens know what they are doing for they enforce their own evil on these men and women in power. Even the queen knows that her time is coming to an end like all of those before her. Yes she has paranormal power and yes she can change into a Draco much like her counter parts. But that is it that is where it ends they grasp at straws. And yes they can through technology move there soul into another young host to try to continue on.

James where there is a powerful family there will be an even greater and more powerful foe even if it is via a poor blood line but all the same that blood line is long and older and established.

Our enemies James that use us have greater enemies than them. So keep up your strength and courage to go forward you are on the right road ahead. If you get activated in the future then so be it but it will not come from your heart of hearts. And that is the difference between you and them and alien.

Susan Martin Regression Transcripts April 20, 2012

Audio file was corrupted but I managed to recover some of it and transcribed the regression done with Susan Martin on April 20, 2012. Here she describes being abducted by her Nazi handler and experimented on as well as remote view different types of classified weapons used against milabs and the american people in general.

J What’s the first thing you see?
S: It’s a white room
J: What is the shape of this room?
S: I’m not sure
J: What else do you see in this room with you?
S: There is not much in there…
J Do you see anything around that can give you a hint
S: Feels like surgery
J: what’s the next thing you see in the timeline?
S: I see ceiling fan above me
J: How old do you appear to be?
S: 20….something
J: Is there anyone else in the room with you?
S: No
J: Where are you position in this room?
S: Front ways. I was on the floor…
J: What happens next?
S: Can’t See
J: Step around a bit and look down and see your younger self there, what happens next?
S: I can’t see very much
J: That’s fine; we ask the parts of your subconscious mind to allow us to access the memories so roll the timeline forward to gain memories for your own healing. So what happens next?
S: Pointing to posters
J: What is on these posters?
S: Plans
J: Are you able to describe what these plans would look like or be used for?
S: War
J: War against whom?
S: Men
J: And who made these plans? Describe what they look like?
S: I don’t remember that
J: How are they going to make war?
S: Satellite
J: Holographically create a camera and take some snapshots of these posters and download these images into your conscious mind to draw out those posters with crystal clarity and let me know when you are done with that.
S: Not All
J: How many posters are there?
S: Lots
J: Instead of doing all of them, snap 3 to 10 images, ones which would be important to know at this time.
J: Okay wonderful, all right. Now where does your subconscious mind want to take you next? Is there anything else in this room that you need to know before we proceed further?
S: Don’t know where this room is.
J: What I like you to do is to go up, high enough to look down on planet earth and pinpoint your current location.
S: I see a base under the desert in Arizona or New Mexico. It’s big.
J: Can you see a sign to see what this facility is labeled as
S: C…C….C… the letter C
J: Good can you give me an idea why you been taken to this facility?
S: Because I remember things.
J: So they take you to this facility because they like your memories or ability to recall information…. What do they do with your memories?
S: They hide them
J: So tell me about these posters you saw. When you say hide them what do they do after they show them to you?
S: They might use them sometime later.
J What happens to these posters after you see them?
S: I don’t know I don’t see anything else. But there is a film….membrane. I don’t know if it’s in my mind or if there is a membrane in the room.
J: IS this like extra stock video footage
S: No it’s a curtain
J: Are you allowed to go behind this curtain?
S: No
J: I am going to grant you access and we are going to make our own rules in this holographic reality. So lets go behind this curtain me and you and I am going to pull that curtain down and tell me what’s behind it. I rip it up and what’s there?
S: Men in suits
J: Are they looking at you?
S: They drug me
J: I am going to hand you a pill right now; this is the antidrug that will neutralize the effects. Again this is holographic. So for now on in the future whenever you have access to this memory; this antidrug will allow you to access these memories without the effects of the drugs. So you are going to be set free right now. So clear your aura of this drug. Now tell me what are these men trying to do to you?
S: They put me in trances. Told me not to remember.
J: We are going to ignore and we are going to remember because ; it is important for our own integration that this fragment of our own soul needs to be part of ourselves for our own integration and healing to make peace to what has been done to us. Do you give permission to access these memories?
S: Yes
J what I like you to do is to accept the belief system, that I can remember. Because you have the power to integrate and become whole and it doesn’t matter what other people say because thoughts manifest reality. Therefore you have decided to manifest your own reality one which you can use the law of attraction to heal and integrate yourself. Is there anything else you wish to explore with this memory perhaps with these men?
S: Blond Man
J: What is your connection with this individual?
S: He’s the one that comes into the room and puts me under, further.
J Get a good look at his face
S: Yes
J: Now take that holographic camera and take a snapshot of his face and upload that into your conscious mind. What is his name?
S: Charlie, it’s not his real name.
J: That’s fine we can just call him Charlie for the time being. Now get an idea how nay time this individual has visited you?
S: Lots of years, mostly in the 90’s.
J: How many times a year would he visit you?
S: a lot of time….30
J: so we are saying about 2 to 3 times a month
S: Yes
J: What would he do when he would visit you?
S: Knock me out. Then he would help me up.
J: Lets go back to the point he knocked you out. You’re not going to be knocked out, you’re going to be with me and view yourself in the past. How does he knock you out?
S: Spray something in my face, I was sleeping
J: Is that the only place he usually knocks you out
S: Yes
J: How did he get into your home?
S: He was let in by Jim
J: What happens next after they spray something into your face?
S: They take me somewhere in a Van.
J: When you are brought into this van are you unconscious or are you walking?
S: No… No I am stumbling. And I lay down.
J: When you are walking are you in a dreamlike state?
S: No …..Put things in my veins….. Needles….. They put something on my head. It’s got electrodes like a crown and it’s hooked into something….
J: Is Jim there too when this is going on?
S: Yes
J: Is he in a alter state?
S: He gave me to them
J: I understand, do you choose to keep remembering this?
J: So go ahead and take a few photos and upload them into your conscious mind that’s going to stay with you when we are done with this session.
S: They take me out the back door into a van. Nobody can see.
J: Where are you taken?
S: I don’t remember. They laugh at me
J: Do you give me permission to counter the effect they have done.
J: I am going to inject a serum back in time using quantum entanglement and now the drugs they have given you have been totally reverse. So that now whatever associations and memories they have connected you with this drug will be reversed. So now the effects have been totally negated. So for now whenever you access this memory, you’re not going to have the effects of this drug any longer. Let me know when that serum has taken hold 100%
S: Ok
J: Are you ready to continue to go deeper into this? Can you mind handle this?
S: Yes
J: Roll the timeline to the next important thing your subconscious mind wants to know about this event
S: They take me to a building in a van. They take me to the building and they put me somewhere else…. They when there for some reason to see some other man.
J: Now I like you to use your ability to use telepathy, even if you can’t get their exact words in their mind just try to get emotional images to get an idea what they are feeling or thinking or why they are doing this to you preferably.
S: Because they know what I am. They know I remember ……That I have contact with things. I am a Lab Rat. They wanted to put something in my head. I don’t know why these plans.
J: It has to do with the plans?
S: Yes
J: Is that around the time they showed you the posters?
S: Yes
J: So this lab rat experimentation they are doing to you how is that connected to the posters?
S: They put them in my head, plans against people.
J: Did they put anything like a physical implant into you?
S: Yes
J: Is that where the memories are stored?
S: No
J: what is this implant connection to these plans? What do they do?
S: They want to take these out of my mind another time but they want to leave them there. But I am going to see them someday.
J: You still recall those plans?
S: Yes
J: When you are done with this session I like you to drawn them out as crystal clear as possible. Now look a little closer to this implant. Is it connected to anything else remotely perhaps? Relaying information something like that?
S: GPS. The signal leads to the back of my head. They have a computer that can see where I am.
J: Are they monitoring us right now?
S: Yes
J: Okay let’s do this. Guardian angels and guides, benevolent extraterrestrials we ask that you would destroy those computers at this time. Now use your telekinesis. I am going to join you and I am going to project psychic energy into this computer and image it all burning it up. Now let’s burn them up. Do you see it? Do you see other computers there?
S: Yes, let’s do it.
J: Let’s burn them all. We call upon the extraterrestrials. Teleport any personnel out of this facility so there is no loss of life and we ask this facility be destroyed. Now is this facility destroyed?
S: Yes
J: Are there any other facilities which can be used as backups?
S: Yes. I want to destroy the satellite.
J: Imagine a ray of golden light connected to the satellite. Let me know when you are able to locate it.
S: Yes
J: Can you see any serial numbers on this satellite to give you an idea who made it? Or maybe look inside the satellite.
S: Lockheed. Space Airforce.
J: Do you give me permission to share chi energy with you from my palm chakras?
S: Sure
J: Do you feel it?
S: Uh huh
J: Now let’s deactivate your implants in your spine. So go ahead and shut them off. I am going to let you go to zero point. So I want you to bring your kundalini energy down your spine and do a psychic burst from your abdomen. Now imagine a lightning bolt going from your abdomen and just blowing the smithereens out of that satellite. Tell me when you are done doing that.
J: Now give me a idea what you see in the remains of this satellite.
S: Broken Pieces.
J: Now use your telekinesis and vaporize the dust. Because they put nanites in these satellites and they can regenerate themselves. So vaporize it hot enough so all the nanites are destroyed or you can even send it to another dimension were it will never be able to be a problem again.
S: Ok
J: Is there any other satellites connected or any other connections to your implants at this time that can give you problems?
S: I don’t know
J: That’s fine. I want you to see a crystal ball in your mind that will give you a yes or no answer. And I want you to look at it and tell me is there anything else we need to work on at this time?
S: Yes
J: Now let’s go back into the hallway where we started. I want you to find another doorway. I don’t know what we are looking for. But we are going to ask the universe, and your subconscious mind and your higher self to show you some insight for your own healing whatever that may be. And I want you to step through that door even though we don’t know what’s behind it. So let’s step through it together. What do you see?
S: Lots of men, watching a video. Propaganda
J: What propaganda
S: The plan of what they are going to do. I want to burn them in the room.
J: What do you see in this video?
S: It tells them how they are going to do everything. It’s how they are going to use this on people.
J: So it’s like a training video or something?
S: I want to burn up the room
J: Before you burn up the room take your camera out and take a few snapshots. So let’s fast forward the timeline and snap a few snapshots of this movie. Something that is important to remember when you are done with this session. Let me know when you are done
S: Its smoking.
J: Are you starting to burn the facility now?
S: Yes
J: Go ahead and burn it all down, thrown a few fire incendiaries in there. Do you want to burn those people too?
S: They are burning
J: Are there any high ranking officials in this meeting?
S: Oh yeah. They are trapped
J: How did the fire start?
S: I started it. I pulled molecules form the air and heated them up and I threw a fireball in the room.
J: So it’s like spontaneous combustion. So go ahead and turn them in dust. And let me know when you are done.
S: They are pretty well baked.
J: Is there anything else you need to explore in this?
S: No, not yet. There is a lot of smoke.
J: Let’s put a gas mask on. Even though we don’t need it, our mind thinks we need it. I am wearing mine and you are wearing yours. And we are both carrying a flashlight.
S: Ok
J: Let me know when you are ready to go to the next step.
J: Earlier you told me that when you tried to access these poster memories. You had gotten some kind of trigger that blocks your memories. So what I like you to do is to take an eraser and look at parts of your aura where these memories are stored. It might be something that is bringing a negative association with these posters. Now we already cleared out the drugs earlier. But if there is anything in there that might trigger negative behaviors, your subconscious knows what I am talking about. So erase the areas of your aura that has these memories embed in that could possible trigger if you start to draw these pictures. Now we can’t totally erase these memories but we can relocate them into another location where they won’t cause you harm. We call upon your guardian angels and guides to help clear your aura right now. We are going to transmute this negative energy into the positive. You won’t be triggered by accessing these memoires on your own. You are going to be clear of the associations of the chemical reactions and you’re going to feel positive and well and for now. With a clear mind when you have access to these memories. All because it’s all belief system and if you believe in it strong enough there is no reason that it can’t come to be. Are we done here?
S: Yes

A few minutes later…………….

S: That was good
J: How did I do?
S: I think you did pretty good. I think I wiped out a bunch of assholes.
J: We did this for almost an hour
S: Really?
J: Do you have full recall of what you experienced?
S: Somewhat….
J: Do you remember what Jim did to you when he was with Charlie?
S: Yeah… that face I don’t forget
J: Have you had memories in the past?
S: I had seen him when I had beta awareness. I had him follow me at one point
J: What I really want to know are you aware they he was abducting you?
S: No I wasn’t aware he was the one. When I saw him in beta reality I had a terrible sense of fear go through me and that’s why. That’s why. That’s who he is. He is a big time Nazi.
J: Yeah I was thinking about that you said blond hair.
S: He’s a BIG time Nazi that guy. I scanned his brain when I was in there.
J: Do you think he is project paperclip.
S: Oh yeah something.
J: Do you think they have access to deaging technology and they are still alive?
S: Yep , he didn’t look that old but I know he has known me for a long time when I looked at him in this beta reality it was in Kentucky. And yeah he looks damn good. And he looks like a cookie cutter German ideal.
J: Did you happen to burn him up too in that room?
S: No I don’t think he was in that room
J: Well that’s okay. Maybe we need to keep a few alive so we can testify when their heads get chopped off.
S: I’ll get to him. He kind of looks like Michael Caine.

Some of the posters Susan was able to recall.




Time Traveling, the MiB, and some other crazy shit

Hi James I have never told anyone publicly this but I think I been experimented on by the Nazis. I have been remembering more of when I was in jail and a short time after we talked on the phone. In jail I remember the guards being real nervous around me, and the memories I have of the dreams I had when I was there some about time traveling, the MiB, and some other crazy shit.

The dreams seemed so real to me I just couldn’t let it go; I think I was getting into something the powers didn’t want me into. I am not sure what I was used for but I think there is something special about the way my brain functions or the way I perceive spiritual boundaries. If I am not crazy, which I think I am, I think I am somehow connected to the reptilian plot to harness our spiritual abilities.

It seems like everything was stripped from me. When I was in solitary confinement I remember looking at the walls as if I could see though them, and every direction I looked, at the instant I gazed at someone they spoke. I would try to do the Silva mind control on myself and I would go into a very deep dream, and when I woke up I would feel stronger and more powerful.

In the dreams I would meet this gray haired old man who wanted me to show him what I could do. The main guy was real tall, had a very stern face in a Nazi uniform with a cross on his shoulder and it seemed like I would dream about that very often. They would shoot quarter sized projectiles through a rail gun and I would dodge them and slow time down through a ritual. I kept walking into dungeon cells where I found soldiers in Nazi patched uniforms performing experiments on people and when I would blow a breath a transparent wave would stop time, and I would go in the middle of some type of medical transplantation and take the subject out, and later I would see the Nazi all deformed and incomplete because they were harvesting body parts from the subject.

The Nazi would have his chest open and some organs removed waiting for transplant or something and I would go in and heal the subject and take him out and the Nazi guy would stand up all messed up. I don’t know if he used me for surgery, but I think I was saving people they were performing on.

I also had dreams of predator type aliens picking me up and working along with the marines to train people to be like them. They look like reptilians but they seemed to be against the run of the mill aliens on this planet hell bent on world domination. They were warriors, and they were giving us the ability to fight for ourselves.

It is separate from the Nazi thing. They found out the Nazis wanted me, and took me into a ship, and they had these training programs like the matrix. It was a series of programs; the first one was to test what you were capable of. They would hook you up to a machine in a chair where it was equipped with electrification apparatus and a gas mask and then hit you with modified nerve gas. The nerve gas was supposed to increase the amount of pain you could take before you passed out or went into shock.

In the program which was like the matrix. You could feel everything, which I think in part was because of the electric tools they hooked into different parts of your brain stem in the back of your head. The program would run for weeks at time, and when I would wake up from the dream or find myself in my bed there would be a fresh plate of food, I’d eat, fall back asleep and resume exactly where I was last.

Overall it would consist of different things like poisoning tolerance training, electric shock treatment and molding my skull.

I also believe they put something behind my eyes probably for monitoring my targets. That’s why I just chalked it up as me being insane. But I don’t think I am insane anymore because I don’t hallucinate or have delusions any more. It all stopped when I left jail and got into the mental hospital it just all stopped.

To be honest I think I was experimented on in jail. I thought clones were walking around and stuff, and I that I visited mars. It seems like when I breathed the air from the vents in deeply I would get high and I saw the history of mars in some water I spilled on the ground, and I saw this crazy ass reptile bird flying around me and my spirit getting sucked out.

I think they made a modified clone of me. I don’t think it was a cyborg. But I think they removed some of my unique personality traits so that it could be controlled easier and be more effective. That’s what all the matrix training was for. I don’t know if you remember the Andy Pero story about jumping out of a plane and bouncing and landing right? It was shit like that we were being trained to do. I don’t remember any faces, but I know I wasn’t alone. But it’s all misty now.

Also I have been having an urge to do something deep inside of me but I can’t figure out what it is. I want to go out in survival mode, and train myself for something, but what that is I can’t figure it out.

Of everything I just told u, what is your take on this James? Do you think there is anything behind what I went through, or I was just temporarily insane? I couldn’t tell the guards because I started stuttering really bad and couldn’t seem to get anything out.


I think your alters where bleeding through due to the trauma of being imprisoned. I think they experimented on you there. Maybe another faction wanted to get a hold of you and prison was a good way to do that. I highly recommend start taking notes and putting together a timeline. And in time you will find your story making more sense.