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I astral traveled into your bedroom

Yesterday evening I had this mark appear on my lip then was contacted by an individual who claimed to have astral traveled in my home right after it happened. Here is his message. James why in my last out of body trips I’m visiting you and we are having conversations? It was between 4 to 6pm here in in the west coast, I can’t remember exactly when. But this evening I astraled into your bedroom, you was mad at me because I was there and wanted me to go. But in the few times before we talked about aliens. You were with somewhere else and when you came back to your room I was already there. Your rash happened before …


I’m Ready

James I have some interesting information I obtained from first hand experience from an MK Ultra programming attempt that happened to me last year. I still have full vivid memory of the event. I am not sure if these events are tied into Project Talent or not. The US military tried to “DELTA Set” different personality levels. They could have been priming me for future training upon joining the military as I had expressed interest in this at the time. I had a guy tell me they spent or were planning on spending 60 Million Dollars on myself. The CIA are still all over me to this day. Every time I go out I encounter “crazy faced” people, people acting …


Avatar Mode

William do you remember the Lisa interview where she saw me with a briefcase. It is possible this message is more a representation of what was done to me then a actual mission. Inside that briefcase is my memories. So somehow opening it will help me remember. Lisa said it was like a algebra equation read backwards. Maybe that’s a activation code. Also I have had many people who seen my avatar claims it is wearing a silvery cyborg industrial like suit. He wears a helmet with a little metal piece that comes down over the right or left eye to see out of it. Apparently he hates what hes forced to do and wants this to stop but powerless as they got buttons in him to turn him on and off like a robot. …


Susan Martin Regression Transcripts April 20, 2012

Audio file was corrupted but I managed to recover some of it and transcribed the regression done with Susan Martin on April 20, 2012. Here she describes being abducted by her Nazi handler and experimented on as well as remote view different types of classified weapons used against milabs and the american people in general. J What’s the first thing you see? S: It’s a white room J: What is the shape of this room? S: I’m not sure J: What else do you see in this room with you? S: There is not much in there… J Do you see anything around that can give you a hint S: Feels like surgery J: what’s the next thing you see in the timeline? S: I see ceiling fan above me J: How …


Time Traveling, the MiB, and some other crazy shit

Hi James I have never told anyone publicly this but I think I been experimented on by the Nazis. I have been remembering more of when I was in jail and a short time after we talked on the phone. In jail I remember the guards being real nervous around me, and the memories I have of the dreams I had when I was there some about time traveling, the MiB, and some other crazy shit. The dreams seemed so real to me I just couldn’t let it go; I think I was getting into something the powers didn’t want me into. I am not sure what I was used for but I think there is something special about the way my brain functions or the …


Interrogation Alter

James I gotta tell ya…I have listened to so many of your videos, and you are an excellent interviewer  You ask the questions we are all thinking…you catch the audience up just in case….you go after details….you do so many things right. You make it very easy to sit and listen to something that is an hour or more long. Response…Maybe i have a interrogation alter?



Hello my name is Felton and I believe I am a super soldier. James asked me to write up my testimony, so here it goes. I was doing some research and I came across Jame’s YouTube channel. I started listen to some of the stories and abductions which are similar to what I experienced as a teenager. I have rage issues and PTSD from being in the army as well as separation anxiety. I also get cuts and needle marks and black outs and missing time. Then I watched the David Morrow interview and then decided to contact you to see what was wrong with me. Since studying your interviews I have been getting flashbacks. I believe I was part …


Killing us would destroy their ability to exploit us.

James you’ve done too much gaming, reading sci-fi books, and watching too many sci-fi movies coupled with a massive imagination. It honestly sounds like you’re soo much into super powers and super soldier stuff because you mention having, or someone else in the same situation, alot of super powers. Wolverine metal bones, psychic abilities, flying, etc. You’re apparent agent name is sabertooth. Honestly just seems like a very active imagination from video games etc and now you’re attempting to connect your imagination with your real physical life. Everyone has allergies of some sort. It’s not strange to see someone with alot of allergies. Do you have doctor’s notes or can you take a camera with you to an appointment to get diagnosed …


World Watch with William Ross – April 24, 2013

By William Ross UK: Bring down London and you bring down the UK. Britain is uniquely independent on its finance industry more so than any other major power. Yet Europe seems determined to destroy or at least cripple London. The European Parliament is to impose a cap on the amount of money bankers can receive in bonus. Of course this is an economic war on an industry vital to Britain Economy. The EU is attacking the financial health of the nation. Mayor of London Boris Johnson said” This is vengeful and self-defeating attempt to pick on London. Well the same thing can be said of the US and Britain spending billions of dollars stolen for black project in an attempt …


Mind Control 402

Brain Implants vs. Directed-Energy Weapons If you are a subject of neurotechnology that has been implanted in your brain without your knowledge or consent, you want to be careful to avoid being misled by false explanations on the internet. There are a lot of web sites out there talking about “gang stalking” and specifically “directed energy weapons.” Based on my own knowledge and research, and with due credit to the pioneering work of Jeremy Radlow, it seems to me that a lot of the talk about the abuse of directed energy weapons might actually be “straw man” disinformation designed to mislead ill-informed targets away from learning about the truly advanced neurotechnology being used against them. There are some “targeted individuals” and groups out …