The Pleiadian Army

Hi James I was taken two days in a row, the guy who contacted you when I was gone was either a clone or they reprogrammed me. I think he was being controlled by Dr Roberts I remember her on the computer in the lab, using my conscious mind. She might be able to help us as she’s very close to my alters, especially Michael Evans. This is the same group of people who make soldiers for the Pleiadians army I told you about.

They think it’s comical how the Nazi faction thinks they control us, the Pleaidians are way smarter than those guys.

While in the lab I saw something about Pleiadians. They mixed people with their blood to serve in their army. I saw a list of at least 20 names including us. I have to do some remote viewing because now I’m able to use my avatar body, but I remembering seeing a guy who worked for us who looked like this.



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