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Abducted a Couple Days Ago

Hi James. I’m a big fan of your site and your book was awesome. I showed it to my room mate and he wouldn’t put it down (and he never reads anything). My room mate and I were abducted a couple days ago. We were drugged pretty heavily, and could guess what the other was thinking telepathically. He got a triangle burn with 3 dots on his skin. We have a bit of PTSD, but we’re alright. It sucks when everyone (it seems sometimes) thinks you’re crazy when you talk about these things and no one believes you. But for what it’s worth, I can relate to some of the things you probably go through, the unconscious trauma that I’m guessing …


Your super soldiers are nothing but bullshit artists

FUCK YOU! The last time I killed, I killed at least 3 cops, and my handlers cleaned up my mess. And your ‘remote viewer’ is full of crap. He didn’t remote view anything — he just made shit up. I remote view, and I know what it’s like. It’s not like that. When I first started getting my memories back, my grandpa took me to a university hospital because of my health. I was dying. They immediately put me in intensive care because the doctor said I had a 50% chance of dying at that time. A couple days later, they moved me to a regular room. This 225 lb ex-marine started a fight with me, and I knocked him …


Future Warfare 2025 Secret document reveals a possible future timeline of robots, cyborgs, and humans. If milabs attempts to use these weapons god will step in and allow us milab victims to integrate and protect humanity. here is the document  


ALTERED SOLDIERS – by Frank Zero, Tyler Clark, and John Stormm

ALTERED SOLDIERS – by Frank Zero, Tyler Clark, and John Stormm This chapter will attempt, for the first time, known to this researcher, to put all of the stories of the “super soldiers” in one place, as well as a detailed history of the projects related in their work, lectures, and other testimony. Regardless of the fact that many in this field, mostly the soldiers themselves refute the term super soldier, it is still used non-stop even by those who speak against it. Some others have suggested altered soldiers, genetically enhanced soldier, hybrid soldier, M.I.L.A.B., etc… This work will attempt to chronicle the lives of the following individuals, primarily because it is the only way to attempt to clarify what the …


Super Soldier Talk – Michael Prince – Mass Milab Abduction – May 23, 2013

In this video Michael Prince goes under regression to revisit what exactly happened during his missing time episodes at the 2013 super soldier summit in Las Vegas, NV; and in the process recalls his role as a soldier in the Nazi 4th Reich Space Command aboard Starship Calopia. Additionally be sure to tune into Super Soldier Tyler Clark’s testimony as well. To get a copy of the book If you like to learn more about James Rink, super soldiers, and milabs please visit: If you like to learn more about how meditation technology can assist you please visit: Video edited and created by James Rink Original Recording Date: May 23, 2013


Intel Command 630

James this is what we look like as human avatars used by the military here on planet earth.     This is what I look like. I remember looking like this for a mission in Europe or Russia. This is what Intel Command 630 looks like . This is where they gather intel and watch the missions and direct us while on the mission. This looks similar to the table where u get needled and laser cut. I hate that table. To make this picture more realistic Dr. Roberts would be on the left and the little greys would be watching nearby.