Alter or a Clone

James what do you think?

You seem to be the same to me. I don’t see it. You’re in the public, bound to get attacked. Now, Michael Prince, he’s different, whether that’s an alter or a clone. Wow, Max Spiers looks so much like a Bush. He even has Bush, Jr.’s mannerisms. I watched the new project camelot interview with michael and max 3 times and could not get thru it without falling asleep, yet I watched Erin Green Hicks from beginning to end. Now watching Melinda Leslie. Audio was messed up with Michael and Max.


Your right about spires he looks like bush a bit. About the recent interview with project camelot I filmed it but did not edit it and was a bit dissapointed to see the final product. A for the FWH I like to find out these people who claim I changed, if anything it was a bit of a chuckle. Don’t forget to see this one too.


One thought on “Alter or a Clone

  1. Project IBIS was an all male project that began in 1972. The oldest males in the project that are still alive would be turning 41 this year.Max’s eyes are way too pretty for a Bush.. Thank you Max and Michael for your info..


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