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June, 2013


Super Soldier Talk with Donald Marshall with Feedback – Updated June 6

Super Soldier Talk with Donald Marshall would have happened , but sadly Donald declined claiming I would kidnap him. Not that I don’t mind working with paranoid people, the problem is Donald went a step further by pronouncing me a liar and fraud for reasons that even I am unsure of. Now its not my intention to confront anyone even when Duncan O’fionian was a thorn on my side, as I always try to seek the best in people. But Donald made this impossible for task me. He did offer a Skype interview which I wasn’t opposed to doing, at that time anyway. However, I wasn’t exactly motivated to do either, especially after he insulted me by alleging I would …


Archon’s Be Gone

Hello James, Jeff and I would like to send you good news. The non-visible archon energy has now been largely removed. What remains has been compressed to 30 ft above and below the Earth’s surface. We may find it easier to rid the remaining dark energy when meditating above the 30ft level. This message is currently being composed on the 9th floor or about 60 feet above the dark. Please accept the following good news: Once the remaining dark energy has been removed, the approximate 2 million people who have been under mind control will be able to heal. The “Event” or shift will not take place until this happens. This will also put us all on the same timeline …


Clone Damage

James I muscle tested myself to see if your sore throat problems might be connected to something that happened to your clone and got a yes. It seems that maybe one of your clones had chemical damage to his throat and you’re picking it up.That’s funny. They must have made your clone swallow something corrosive to punish you. Also, after that I took a nap, and had a dream about you. You were very tall in the dream; we went out for dinner, and your family was there, and they were really rude and pretty much ignored us; then at some point, you got switched out with a clone, but it didn’t really look like you. Then you got switched back …


Alter or a Clone

James what do you think? You seem to be the same to me. I don’t see it. You’re in the public, bound to get attacked. Now, Michael Prince, he’s different, whether that’s an alter or a clone. Wow, Max Spiers looks so much like a Bush. He even has Bush, Jr.’s mannerisms. I watched the new project camelot interview with michael and max 3 times and could not get thru it without falling asleep, yet I watched Erin Green Hicks from beginning to end. Now watching Melinda Leslie. Audio was messed up with Michael and Max. Response Your right about spires he looks like bush a bit. About the recent interview with project camelot I filmed it but did …