I Was Abudcted

Funny how after my first week of meditating with the Neo GateKey every day me and my room mate were abducted. 3 hours missing time, triangle-dots burn mark, we could guess each other’s thoughts and were RIPPED on some sort of drug. We were hung-over for a couple days, almost zombified from whatever they put into our systems. my first meditation a shadowish figure zoomed right by me and scared the hell out of me. i wonder if there’s a connection, maybe i opened the door to some entities or maybe they want to halt my progress idk. Also you say you have reptilian genetics and you shapeshift. Has anyone ever seen you shapeshift to reptilian or do you remember any clear shape shiftings?

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with your cube. Contactees don’t just get abducted they have been experimented on all their life. Meditation helps you see who you are. If you’re seeing dark beings then you should ask your cube to remove the negative entities as your probably have a negative spirit attached to you aura. The cube is based on sacred geometry and is in tune with the god consciousness where no evil allowed. The cube is showing you what you already are and it’s your choice whether to go into fear or to be bold and ask the universe to melt reality as you see fit.

Most contactees have reptilian genetics in them because the reptilians consider this planet their property and view contactees as their back door into the ascension process. But this will not be allowed, DNA is activated by thought consciousness, so ultimately what matters is not the DNA but your state of mind.

I have seen others eye lids turn into slits but never seen myself or another turn into a reptilian. With that said I do believe this is possible as there are no limits to god. 

Bases 29 Nina MK Ultra and SSS

In the past few days I have been receiving a lot of questions about the Nina interview on the Miles Johnston Bases Series. I have never meet Nina in person and she has never used a neo meditation device before and based on what she alleges she does not know what is inside. Its beyond me how she became a expert on the efficacy of the device.

The cubes amplify consciousness energy, they help melt reality into what ever you desire. If people are using cubes to integrate from milab truama then it only makes sense milabs will increase drugs and needle marks to combat the integration you have been receiving.

Additionally she alleges we are friends, I do not consider myself friends with nina past, present, or future. We have never met in person, but we have casually chatted over facebook and was kind to her like I am to so many people. But then she started to become infatuated with me. I was not interested in her on that level so I pulled away and at that point she turned on me and began saying ugly things. Additionally she cannot recall when we became “friends”.

I really try to make everyone happy but sadly some people are just not nice.


so much shit – Updated July 30, 2013

James I hear what U are saying but no thanks  dude would rather do the usual meditation methods really … There’s so much shit being passed around the web and I know U and casbolt are making money from other peoples similar events… If the federation of light would done summat like that it wouldn’t cost a single dime/pence…im not saying im a dis-believer coz I knw there’s summat out there so U can cut the marketing clap trap rite out if U “truth seeking fakers” spent more time looking at wats actually real then that wouldn’t be to bad ….. Oh yeah 1 more thing these regressions U do WTF DUDE THATS SUM LAME SHIT RITE THERE DO THIS DO THAT GET YOUR IPAD OUT ASK THEM IF UR FUCKING GAY

 You poor thing….. maybe you should say lurn to spell corektly and maybe sum1 will take you surelously

“Why am I a poor thing ???? Ha ha ha U have just been laughed at and named as a BIG DIS-INFO guy check megawatts bases 29 she hit the nail on the head where your concerned… It is funny how U av only just popped up on the scene now U have seen the real people making $$$$$$ and thought it was time for U to make sum from your “””CUBES””” and as for your regressions U implant things into peoples heads .. Your nothing but a posh boy weasel looking to get rich so U call yourself a SS get fucking real….hope they realise wat a fraud U really are ..have U seen ur self in a mirror wat part of a ss are U supposed to be ur a fucking idiot”

There are always two sides of the coin. I been talking about my experiences since 2005 and was thrown in the mental hospital for speaking my truth and sent a bill for $25,000 because i believed helping those who have no one to help is more important then protecting my own personal comfort. Its so easy to judge another as you safely sit behind your computer. I have paid the price for speaking my truth. What have you done?



Images of aliens and reptoids from various reported contacts and encounters as drawn by David.

“The art is based on a lot of sources in the UFO literature, people I’ve interviewed personally, information from documentary films on alien contact, etc. A couple of the reptilian sketches were studies of a Sleestak (Land of the Lost) and a Trandoshan (Star Wars) interpreted as alien reptoids, but they’re kind of mixed in with the others. I’m sure sci fi aficionados will pick up on that. There are definite similarities between fact and fiction, and I drew them to illustrate that, as well as to feel out the boundaries of what these reptilian aliens might look like.”

David W Chace .

Music – SiRELE – A beautifully haunting yet futuristic track. Please visit his Myspace channel for more music and info.


The Maverick Elder Says – July 26, 2013

Note: This is the first of a series of reports released by The Maverick Elder found exclusively here on super soldier talk.com. Stay tuned for more info.

Hi James I am Texas and I went into the store to pick up some ammo for  my shotgun and a couple walks by me in their early 30’s, my implant goes off and I know they are aliens. The women’s eye goes from black to blue and lasted 10 seconds. Then she touches the guy in front of him and then they look at me.

I look at him and he says “how’s it going? Man a lot of ammo is gone and a lot of things we are never going to get again. If you need a ar-15 you need to go to another store but you got to get their early.”

He then told me to set up a website so others in my community can find me. This has to be done as soon as possible as we are running out of time. By November the new world order will make their move. The only way we can defeat is through our minds. If this fails this is going to go down in a bad way.

The cabal has brought in foreign troops on stand by here in Texas; they want to knock out Texas first. If they don’t get control here they are going to fail miserably. Because if Texas kicks out the cabal they quickly release free energy technologies, restore constitution order, and then quickly make the transition to a type I civilization. Texas is poised to become the staging point of becoming the first type I civilization than any other state in the union. The first phase of a type 0 to type I usually self annihilate. The ones who are able to come together are able to make it to type II.

If we fail raising the consciousness, they are going to go in the next phase; they will roll out troops in the streets and take the guns. And then people are going to rise up and get ballistic. This is when you’re going to have to go to war on the surface and we are going to start shooting at them and wipe them out.  Just like the pleaidians did it in 1776, they were underground helping us win that war but the people did not know they were here. So If they ever bring out humvees in the city or any tanks or helicopter gunships and start shooting at people . The people are going to rise up and rise up and go to war and the aliens are going to join us just like they did in the civil war and revolutionary war.

So I told them I will do what I can and will continue stocking up.

The gun sales estimates in my area of Houston alone are estimated to be around 150,000 purchases in the past 6 months. On top of that I am overhearing so many black people now waking up that Obama is a puppet. One of the things that caused this to happen was the trevon martin incident, the comment the president basically made was fuck you America, the courts made a decision, and Zimmerman got off.

That was basically the jist of the conversation but I also want to mention a psychic contacted me and said she has a message from the plejarans for me. She told me that the govt officials have already gone underground. Every one of our officials are clones now. So if anyone does a assassination attempt against any of these clones on the surface they won’t be able to change them out again. The ET’s told her that the cabal is getting ready now to take control of everything, Washington D.C., the military, all of it.