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July, 2013


I Was Abudcted

Funny how after my first week of meditating with the Neo GateKey every day me and my room mate were abducted. 3 hours missing time, triangle-dots burn mark, we could guess each other’s thoughts and were RIPPED on some sort of drug. We were hung-over for a couple days, almost zombified from whatever they put into our systems. my first meditation a shadowish figure zoomed right by me and scared the hell out of me. i wonder if there’s a connection, maybe i opened the door to some entities or maybe they want to halt my progress idk. Also you say you have reptilian genetics and you shapeshift. Has anyone ever seen you shapeshift to reptilian or do you remember …


Bases 29 Nina MK Ultra and SSS

In the past few days I have been receiving a lot of questions about the Nina interview on the Miles Johnston Bases Series. I have never meet Nina in person and she has never used a neo meditation device before and based on what she alleges she does not know what is inside. Its beyond me how she became a expert on the efficacy of the device. The cubes amplify consciousness energy, they help melt reality into what ever you desire. If people are using cubes to integrate from milab truama then it only makes sense milabs will increase drugs and needle marks to combat the integration you have been receiving. Additionally she alleges we are friends, I do not …


so much shit – Updated July 30, 2013

James I hear what U are saying but no thanks  dude would rather do the usual meditation methods really … There’s so much shit being passed around the web and I know U and casbolt are making money from other peoples similar events… If the federation of light would done summat like that it wouldn’t cost a single dime/pence…im not saying im a dis-believer coz I knw there’s summat out there so U can cut the marketing clap trap rite out if U “truth seeking fakers” spent more time looking at wats actually real then that wouldn’t be to bad ….. Oh yeah 1 more thing these regressions U do WTF DUDE THATS SUM LAME SHIT RITE THERE DO THIS …



[youtube=] Images of aliens and reptoids from various reported contacts and encounters as drawn by David. “The art is based on a lot of sources in the UFO literature, people I’ve interviewed personally, information from documentary films on alien contact, etc. A couple of the reptilian sketches were studies of a Sleestak (Land of the Lost) and a Trandoshan (Star Wars) interpreted as alien reptoids, but they’re kind of mixed in with the others. I’m sure sci fi aficionados will pick up on that. There are definite similarities between fact and fiction, and I drew them to illustrate that, as well as to feel out the boundaries of what these reptilian aliens might look like.” David W Chace . Music …


The Maverick Elder Says – July 26, 2013

Note: This is the first of a series of reports released by The Maverick Elder found exclusively here on super soldier Stay tuned for more info. Hi James I am Texas and I went into the store to pick up some ammo for  my shotgun and a couple walks by me in their early 30’s, my implant goes off and I know they are aliens. The women’s eye goes from black to blue and lasted 10 seconds. Then she touches the guy in front of him and then they look at me. I look at him and he says “how’s it going? Man a lot of ammo is gone and a lot of things we are never going to …



James I think the CIA spy idea you had about me might have something to do with the NSA and projects x y and z from the dulce attack article. I read it said that the NSA put together these projects to gather intel and plan an attack on that base. I don’t know if I was directly at dulce but I feel a strong connection. Especially to those project names or at least the level of secrecy involved with those projects. When I read the words “project x” and project z I had this instant flooding thought that there was also a project y . Not sure exactly what project y involves but x was intel gathering and planning …


Suzie’s Quantum Teleport Tunneler Gun

James this is the gun I used during a mission that i saw 3+ months later posted by Felton. Same gun, no way could have know it…we just met! This gun fired shots and also opened up a window portal doorway for me to escape capture. I have no idea what it’s called… I know it was pretty standard issue. I tried to get another one from a gun cabinet at the location I was at.


Reptilian Shapeshifters – Update from Mack

To learn more about Mack please click here James thought i would share a dream i had here are the notes i took from the night of April 10 2013 It begins with me playing games with large group of kids, like sports of some kind, seems like some people i recognize from going to school with them. All young children. I feel like Im the group leader. All the while playing these “games” I notice that there are very fit men in military garb that act like our coaches but I feel like they are our handlers. It kind of cuts scenes from that point to where I am with one specific girl and she has black hair …


I was put in a Technological Suit (updated 7-23)

Hi James it’s a bit confusing but I wanted to find out a little more about super soldiers. I find a little difficult to explain all at once, I don’t have any physical abduction, but got dreams I started to remember from about a year. Lucid dreams that showed me very deep side of me, with those Draco living being. And this days I was watching Simon Parkes interview and many souls signal come up when I was listening to the super soldier thing. I have many military dream, but it’s full of archetypal things that isn’t very easy to understand what is real and what is not. I’m this journey to find out more about all what concern myself, …


Super Soldier Talk – Michael Prince – Dodging Bullets, Bolshevik Reptilians – July 18, 2013

[youtube=] After a surviving a ricocheted bullet to his forehead Michael Prince goes under regression to learn how this was possible and in the process discovers hidden facets of his ET lineage and cybernetics which played an important role in saving his life. To get a copy of the book If you like to learn more about James Rink, super soldiers, and milabs please visit: If you like to learn more about how meditation technology can assist you please visit: Video edited and created by James Rink Original Recording Date: July 18, 2013 Disclaimer: James Rink and Neological Technologies does not necessarily vouch for the validity of any of the views expressed in this video and shall …