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Bases 25 Part Four SSS Super Soldiers

[youtube=] We talk to some of the super soldiers, and meet Tyler Clark, who reveals the “New Area 51”, a holgraphiclly protected base in the mountains in Washington State, at Devils Gulch. Tyler has RV’d and actually walked up to the base permitter, and seen the “Spherical drone” devices, which are almost invisible. (is there a base there at all?!)Allegedly protected using sophisticated projection technology, he shows using some Google images some aspects of the devices at the base. (The resolution is too low to see thing properly on this video)See other reports by Project Camelot and data by James Rink, including the infamous alleged MILAB event.Max Spiers is another “Brit” and has a similar background to James Casbolt. Finally …


The Jackson Facility

James is this the Jackson facility they are taking you too? ——————————————————————— I don’t think so. However they might be teleporting me from the Jackson Labs at Holloman AFB to the Nazi Milab Jackson facility which I been told is on mars. Part of this is confirmed by the Mack regression as well as another individual who remote viewed it for me. Apparently there is a huge mile wide force field energy barrier dome on mars which contains a massive grey and reptilian cloning facility, where they are raising mostly humans to be used as super soldiers for off world ops. These clones are grown up to the age of 5 or 6 or so in tubes which are …


Sensory capacities of the chimpanzee: A review.

Sensory capacities of the chimpanzee: A review. Prestrude, A. M. Psychological Bulletin, Vol 74(1), Jul 1970, 47-67. doi: 10.1037/h0029404  Abstract Summarizes and evaluates available information about the chimpanzee’s sensory abilities. Investigation of the chimpanzee’s sensory processes has been limited mainly to vision and audition. Where reliable information is available, the sensory systems of the chimpanzee and human are highly similar in structure and function. Chimpanzees, like humans, are trichromats and each has similar visual acuity. Perceptual phenomena, i.e., color and brightness contrast and movement, appear to be similar functions. Absolute auditory thresholds are similar for chimpanzees and humans, but the chimpanzee can apparently detect higher frequencies than the human. Only qualitative observations are available on the functions of the chimpanzee in …



For the record James Rink and Super Soldier Talk will no longer have any association with the person who coins himself Jay Collins, Jay Boyd, aka Jay the MIB. Jay has been caught making up numerous lies, stirring up the pot so the speak. For the record he is not my father and I highly doubt he is thousands of years old. Sabertooth did not shape shift and break his arm like he alleges, as I am not allowed to shape shift in this dimension. He does not have a alter named James and I believe he chose that name due to his infatuation with me and my experiences. I don’t believe he was even in the special forces. And further …


Listener Feedback to the Michael Prince Regression

Rink…soon, there will be a challenge issued to YOU, Cashbot and many others by myself and others.I suggest you and them..accept. – Duncan O’finoian What they want is separatism between us . How can you justify the separatism when we need to come together? Duncan i don’t know how we got here but we would be a lot more effective if we work together. My goal is to fix this shit so are you in or out. – James Rink James, Regression via skype? How on earth is that possible? I should know I do deprogramming but in person. Most keen to learn how you pull that off. ‘Supersoldier’ first off a very very bad term, conjures up wrong image but as the …