Super Soldier Felton – Sequor Reptilians, JCOP, Q245 Agent

Hi James, I wanted to write you to let you know of some new things i since learned since you started to do regressions on me. For starters they put something into us called a sequor reptilian. It’s a type of reptilian that operates like a snake and the reptilian seqour is injected in the spine and mixes into our DNA causing us to shape shift. This is what a seqour looks like.



Vaguely I remember 5 other seqours around when I was in my avatar Michael Evans. He was always laughing in the trip chair and table.

Here is a image of marks I been getting . They got me again. Do you get the same cuts in your mouth like I do? It hurts like hell.


And see that alien on the ceiling


That’s what I saw in space with a alien trying to kill us

And this is how Michael Evans looks. He’s a beast. This picture reminds me of our mission we didn’t wear helmets because you said we don’t need them your last name is on the right side of your chest.

michael evans2

michael evans

And this is what you looked like when used for earth based missions.



This is your cyborg body  aka agent sabertooth which we used for off world missions. He was huge 6’5″ at least, had silvery skin, silvery suit, helmet, glass covering over head with no hair, terminator eye, and watch device that had a readout of enemy troop movements.

image_1366055746538219 image_1365983251998447

Milab Agent

Milab Agent


And here are some of the reptilians that are around us at the base.


A few nights ago I see three other avatar versions of me and one was identical to me. I tried to figure which one was the real me and I use the computer and looked you up. I also remember seeing a being that looked like this….


I think they use our avatars for time travel missions and our reptilian side used for off planet missions and were avatars in this timeline.

Also I think they did something to my arm. My biceps in pain a couple days ago there were two red marks on my biceps. I remember us fighting against the Illuminati. I was in a huge room like an auditorium with other alphas getting ready to leave and the deltas are already on the battlefield. The room looked like this just take away the tables.


We all had on black uniforms. I don’t remember seeing any insignia but the uniforms can adapt to us when shape shifting. There are no names or ranks in the uniforms because of the mission type. But I believe they call us by our last name while we are deployed.

This is what the lab looks like, always dark with a blue light.


We were sent out to raid this house I think it was in the Middle East somewhere. After I blew open the door, I grabbed the back of your armor vest and then you went in so fast. You just went straight in and shot a person in cold blood. We’re like killing machines if need be, but you do a good job trying to avoid unnecessary killing if at all possible.

I then pushed you out the way from a gunshot headed towards you. Then Davis finished him off and you grabbed a guy named Mohammed and then we rescued a kidnaped SS who was a rookie espionage agent. Then you took a box that contained a laptop in it. I think our primary target was a escapee of Q245 milab facility.

BTW what’s the difference between alphas and deltas? They where both with us on this mission. After we were competed our job delta was sent in to cover us while we escape in a fierce battle. I don’t think we are used with delta because I remember us tasked with sneaking in and scouting the area and call in air strikes if needed.

After that I remember you giving the coordinates for the extraction and then thanking me for saving you. You then asked me if I wanted to do more missions with you and commenting how I look familiar. I think they know we know each other in this timeline but they wipe all our memories when they prep us for battle in the trip chair. They’re not completely brainwashed only 80% the avatars will have 20% of memory but it’s scattered throughout our body. Your alter Sabertooth doesn’t knows very much on your life here but he wants to meet his creator. Problem is he really enjoys all these trip chair treatments and being a soldier. He doesn’t even try to resist, like it’s totally normal. They don’t understand what we go through. I think my alter hates going in the trip chair that’s why I can remember more then you my alter also likes being in the army and doing missions.

We then got picked up by a helicopter. That flashback felt like the real me. I think they use our real bodies because they have all our abilities.

BTW milabs likes using us a lot and hate to let us go. But we are becoming obsolete.  I think we are avatars now and the real us at the milab facilities. We are still being used just they want the 7th gen to operate but they’re dumb. I think they should reward us from what they did to us. They need to fight their own wars.

BTW I found another SS,  Maxwell is a 6th gen he’s a past life milab victim like me his alter name Johnathan Powell. He’s a reptilian hybrid he had the word ayron (means wolf) by his name. I think he died in 1975. He’s still being used by milabs but he don’t remember anything he gets programmed allot. I think my past life was born into the ss program too.

His friend Dylan Patrick is a 7th gen prototype. I think he’s a nazi ss. I think we are being upgraded to lead the new 7th gen. We stay as ss a 5gen with upgrades that’s why still get needled.

I saw a cyborg that resembled me. Some of them are omega units. They only carry out certain missions under orders of my handler and then self-destruct.

BTW I tried to interface with one of your clones. They wear this uniform. I don’t think I have a zz clone because of my race.


When I saw that on your website I got triggered. I don’t work for the Nazis and I don’t think you do atleast your real self. Its just the Nazis got a hold of your DNA and made clones of you. You’re a good guy no worries.

BTW I think I am getting an new handler named Richard Dupree. I had another flashback where I was in a office with another guy going over military stuff with all my info. Like going over my army records and he’s going to follow me into a new program something to do with the 7th Gen and carrying out assassinations and using a new weapon. He didn’t go into too much detail. I think you might be getting upgraded too now. There is a future war brewing. The guy threaten me also I don’t know why but I think it’s because I am remembering missions and leaking info out to you.

Here is my new weapon

feltons new gun

BTW I was on a mission I had killed a black guy and his bodyguard then I was sent back to JCOP (Joint Coalition Operating Post) with the alphas to recon an area. That’s when I got a weapon. JCOP is a small base were we stay and carry out missions with other factions. I think located on planet earth but in another timeline.

BTW do you have any information on TPAJAX project?

Not familiar with TPAJAX Project, maybe someone who reads this will know? That’s quite a lot of take in thanks for sharing it gives me de ja vu for some reason. BTW I think Delta are killers and Alphas more recon. Sadly I get the same cut marks as you and as so many others do.

And yes i have the same scar tissue in my mouth too and yes it hurts when they do it . These might be hgey wires see the heather material on project Camelot for more details. Near the blood mark there could be a implant transmitting information or it may contain a small bubble pocket full of drugs which suppress memories and contain alters. Its probably releasing the compound slowly over time and being refilled with injections. – James

internal bleeding and scar which goes around entire mouth cavity

internal bleeding and scar which goes around entire mouth cavity


Helping the Neurotic

Lately I been getting a lot of email from listeners demanding that I regress them because they had a few paranormal experiences. For entertainment purposes here is what one individual has to say. The name and some of the content was edited for privacy reasons. 

James last night I had my vision completely flash like i was face first into a snowy TV screen it was a good 2 second shot. I will allow you to pop around in my head to regress me but warning, you know the saying about where angels fear to tread. you might not want to see what’s in there. If I like it or not i must know. people fear the unknown even the strongest of us

Oh Alex Diaz has problems with speaking clearly. You cannot believe a word coming from someone on drugs like pot heroine etc. erin hicks on the other had would be more reliable source. Rule for you no more interviewing people while they are stoned. no one will believe this is real in that case.

James Rink
I don’t see why I should regress someone who is afraid of what’s in their mind thanks but no thanks. Due to scheduling constraints I am a bit limited when I can interview someone and have no control over what substances my guests decide to consume. Oh and Erin uses medical marijuana for health purposes.  

James I been reading posts about James casbolt being a fraud. maybe i should be talking to someone else. maybe tiyan will help. plus you guys make it seem like its just for a role play game.

how far away do you have to be to go inside my head? you are psychic are you not in one of your videos you say you are the most powerful being. so you should be able to go into people’s heads from any distance. Man i have loads of questions and things I want you to do but you can’t do them. Considering you had the interview shows you would be the one with all the people to ask questions to
but you don’t

James Rink
Yes I am psychic to a degree, but it was Nathan who alleged I was one of the Supremes. It’s okay ill fix this situation to ensure you won’t be inconvenienced again.

You told me to meditate (to find answers) and yet you’re not getting people that would know things to contact me. you and your stoner buddies need some psychological help.

so how much drugs did you get into today alone? one bag or more? you are delusional when you all say your super soldiers when your all a bunch of weak pathetic nerds wanting a place to fit in

James Rink
Why would I want to help someone who’s been rude and ugly to me. Thanks but no thanks. You can go help yourself how’s that . And curious you would seek help from those you frown upon. Sadly helping the neurotic is a bit beyond my abilities.

“Clicking” Noises All over the House

Hi James! These are the pictures from August 7 –I sent the pics to an Entomologist to tell me if it was a tick bite, a flea bit, or any insect. He wrote me back and said, “Doubtful because of the pattern of the blood spattering is circular”and because I had “no itch and old and new blood on the wound and around the wound” so it was not an insect of an origin he could think of. That morning, earlier, at 3:02 AM is when I heard, “You have been marked…”

Here are a few pics of it the next morning before I wiped the old blood off. There is a deep needle like marks (maybe 3?) in the center that caused a raised of the skin and blood spattered inside and outside. These are the ones I sent to the entomologist and here are the pictures I took Saturday, Aug. 17, hoping it had healed.


And a week later it still hasn’t healed fully.


When the mark appeared was when the “Clicking” noises were all over the house and their origin could not be identified. After that, for the following week, I heard a bird “Chirp” for seconds when I woke up for about 3 nights. Since, then, there has been no activity. Do you know of anyone else who has these so close (even right on the ankle bone?) Thanks James!

Looks like someone burned your lower skin tissue maybe they had to do a graft – James Rink

Possible General Zagrief Sighting

A guy who calls himself ‘Jewgolds’. He’s Russian and was in the Russian army for eight years, he’s also connected to Isreal. Yuri is in Russian army for 8 years (1998-2006). Here is what he claims he saw….

“Towards end of my service I am transfer from Ивантеевка by an Colonel Pushkin & stationed in former soviet forest of T’selinoyarsk 200km NW of Arkhangelsk (Архангельск) I am told to guard mysterious vent in by shack in middle of forest. At night I am hear strange noise coming from vent & i am much puzzle by this so after an while I am decide to explore vent & see where it leads. I am enter vent through grill & descent an metal ladder and I am reach what appears to be an sewer like system but without water & faeces & more labrythine.

I train in sniper division & we learn how to move very stealthy so I am sneak down tunnel & past many doors like those in prison cell. Doors had small view portal that allow me to see inside. Many cell are empty but one contain what look like an lizard in Soviet Commissar uniform. I am continue to sneak & I am find an open door to what looks like an office.

Inside I am find an filing cabinet with papers ascertaining to something called “Operation Ocelot” which involved former Soviet research into kabbalistic occult ritual & contact with malign intelligence not of humans origin. More papers are mention something called “Project Orobouros Snake” which has something to do with an hidden Higgs-Bosun particle collider somewhere near Chenobyl site away from prying eyes. At this point I am hear footsteps & i am hide under desk. 3 men in scientist white coats walk through the room and (speaking in English) they mention that “operations are nominal” & “quotas will be reached” but one seems to dissent & says “the workings of this are too arcane. I’m not confident Dr Freeman has the skill or experience to achieve our current stated objective”

This met by mocking from the others & they leave the room via another door. I am now decide it is best for me if i leave & quickly but British scientists are still in the passage outside that lead back to ladder & vent so i am go through other door which British scientists enter through. Inside room is what appear to be lab equipment like bunsen burners, test tube, alembics, calcifiers, retorts ect but on walls I am see an strange system of what appear to be 3rd stage humans foetuses in some kind of membranes. Each are connected to each other with clear glass piping & an yellow liquid appears to being pumped through by an machine at the base of the wall. Each embro is labeled with an occult Goetic sigil.

I am look at this site for what seems like many mins but prob only 30 sec & I am think “Yuri is not meant to see this!” So I am return through small office room & back into sewer like passage that connect to ladder that lead to vent I am assigned to guard. I am sneak but also move fast for I am very unnerved & disorient by what I see. I am in many fear of what I see but I return to my post as to retain some semblance of normality in eyes of my superior officers.

When I return home on leave 3 weeks later all my house windows are broken and my house in ransack! My cat is killed also. His feets was cut off. My friend Sergei witness an suspicious black van parked outside my house just before the defiling of my house occurred. My computer, guns & silverware were stolen & occult symbols next to crude drawing of mens penis were scrawled on my wall. I am very frighten by incident so I am sleep at Sergeis & in morning I am retrieve my money from bank & book flight to my grandmother in Tel Aviv.

I am an Russian & I am have many experience with alien Kabbalah-Satanists. I have knowledge of an hidden military base in Soviet forest of T’selinoyarsk where occultist kabbalistic black magick military are making bizarre experiment in collusion with interdimensional alien devilish beings. The aliens look like an lizard in Soviet Comissar uniform. I have sneak in base & i am see many humans childs connected to pipes & machines but now i believe i am being chase by mossads for this info.” – Yuri


Morgellons Sufferer gets raided

In a cowardly display of desperation The Secret Services in Belgium raid a Morgellons sufferers house and removed Natural curing agents sent to help remove Morgellons by Naturo-practors here at E-Clinic.

Following a request from Alfred Lambremont Webre back in May to assist with a serious case of Government induced Morgellons, we at E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing responded with immediate effect and began a healing protocol with Melanie in Belgium. It was seen as urgent at that time as growth appeared to be in the throat amongst other places which could be easily deemed as life threatening..

Until this morning, the healing protocol is bang on time and Morgellons is being removed as we speak, just as we predicted.

Melanie Broke the news to me this morning that she was in fact raided by persecutors she suspected to be secret services and all new medicines, Cardioprim and Colloidal Silver were removed from her premises in an illegal sting operation against any normal citizen of her country.

The History of this case:

Melanie first appeared on Exopolitics TV with Alfred Webre and her live interactive  section explained that not only is Morgellons in the sky within Chemtrails that it is in fact induced by Government sponsored covert operations at modern hospitals under strictest orders.

The video discussion  of Government smart weapons and personal covert induced torture and interference can be seen below, this video is shocking and shows the depth at which the governments of the G7 will go to deploy their agenda on people who do not fit snuggly into their way of thinking and coherence. Remember : Morgellons can mainly only be contracted in countries that pay for and deploy Chemtrails as the technology is simply not available to 3rd world countries, Morgellons is a Western only inspired Oligarch induced disease.

It is generally unknown to modern medicine and often people who have the crystalline growth coming out of their skin are told that they are suffering from Delusional parasitosis and sent packing, thinking they are going insane.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

In Melanie’s own words she said that she has never had ‘a days illness’ before her operation which was to remove “I had a fibroid in my uterus that needed taking out”. Some time soon after this routine operation “some strange growths appearing in different locations about  my body”.

Melanie was creating an International group which was defending people ( children) against electronic poisoning technology at the time called EUCACH ; link here :

Immediately suspicions were aroused that something untoward had occurred under anaesthetic at the operating table, To her surprise Melanie noticed strange operation marks behind her ears.

Strange Operation marks


Since Melanie has had 10 independent doctors confirm these scars are from some form of surgical works which appears alien to any requests and agreements with the hospital, prior to a totally separate and unrelated routine operation.

Given also that this is the only ever time in hospital it was not unusual for Melanie to aim suspicions at the hospital.




Treatment with E-Clinic:

Again in Melanie’s own words about E-Clinic treatment ” WOW this stuff is amazing  ( Cardioprim and Colloidal Silver ) These creatures that are growing inside of me are coming out of my body and lots of them”  ”This stuff works fast”. ” They do not like this stuff ” Referring to Morgellons as ‘they’ and Cardioprim as “this stuff’.

It is one thing to have to sign a form for an operation, it is another to realize that you have become a victim of covert government operations for speaking out about government treatment of children. Melanie is just a normal person speaking out about what she sees as Corporate power control and the carefree manner in which society is regarded in order to achieve profit as it’s number one goal.

Torture and mind control being one of those objectives:

Just like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, Melanie is self driven by her own  inner belief in what she is doing is right and there is a general need for similar victims of state sponsored terror that the average tax payer pays for, unknowingly.

Just how deep does the rabbit hole go? Government induced operations of torture?

E-Clinic registration :

Please contact us at E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing by filling out the form below or visit us at E-Clinic :

Should you have any illness; Cancer, MS or Morgellons It is all the same to us: What is more important is that you gain your health independence and not be dependent on hospitals, doctors and toxin based none natural prescription drugs.

Melanie is in full agreement that we get this message out to people who may have experienced Morgellons or Similar  Covert Hospital induced illness and torture, as that is all it is:

I would like to point out that even though I am very proud of our Naturo-Practors at E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing , It is an absolute disgrace that we have to deal with such truths of hospital induced torture and illness, and we offer our help and support and light to people like Melanie who have had to endure such evil treatment.

Victory of the Light