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August, 2013


Super Soldier Felton – Sequor Reptilians, JCOP, Q245 Agent

Hi James, I wanted to write you to let you know of some new things i since learned since you started to do regressions on me. For starters they put something into us called a sequor reptilian. It’s a type of reptilian that operates like a snake and the reptilian seqour is injected in the spine and mixes into our DNA causing us to shape shift. This is what a seqour looks like. Vaguely I remember 5 other seqours around when I was in my avatar Michael Evans. He was always laughing in the trip chair and table. Here is a image of marks I been getting . They got me again. Do you get the same cuts in your …


Helping the Neurotic

Lately I been getting a lot of email from listeners demanding that I regress them because they had a few paranormal experiences. For entertainment purposes here is what one individual has to say. The name and some of the content was edited for privacy reasons.  James last night I had my vision completely flash like i was face first into a snowy TV screen it was a good 2 second shot. I will allow you to pop around in my head to regress me but warning, you know the saying about where angels fear to tread. you might not want to see what’s in there. If I like it or not i must know. people fear the unknown even the strongest …


“Clicking” Noises All over the House

Hi James! These are the pictures from August 7 –I sent the pics to an Entomologist to tell me if it was a tick bite, a flea bit, or any insect. He wrote me back and said, “Doubtful because of the pattern of the blood spattering is circular”and because I had “no itch and old and new blood on the wound and around the wound” so it was not an insect of an origin he could think of. That morning, earlier, at 3:02 AM is when I heard, “You have been marked…” Here are a few pics of it the next morning before I wiped the old blood off. There is a deep needle like marks (maybe 3?) in the …


Possible General Zagrief Sighting

A guy who calls himself ‘Jewgolds’. He’s Russian and was in the Russian army for eight years, he’s also connected to Isreal. Yuri is in Russian army for 8 years (1998-2006). Here is what he claims he saw…. “Towards end of my service I am transfer from Ивантеевка by an Colonel Pushkin & stationed in former soviet forest of T’selinoyarsk 200km NW of Arkhangelsk (Архангельск) I am told to guard mysterious vent in by shack in middle of forest. At night I am hear strange noise coming from vent & i am much puzzle by this so after an while I am decide to explore vent & see where it leads. I am enter vent through grill & descent an …


Morgellons Sufferer gets raided

In a cowardly display of desperation The Secret Services in Belgium raid a Morgellons sufferers house and removed Natural curing agents sent to help remove Morgellons by Naturo-practors here at E-Clinic. Following a request from Alfred Lambremont Webre back in May to assist with a serious case of Government induced Morgellons, we at E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing responded with immediate effect and began a healing protocol with Melanie in Belgium. It was seen as urgent at that time as growth appeared to be in the throat amongst other places which could be easily deemed as life threatening.. Until this morning, the healing protocol is bang on time and Morgellons is being removed as we speak, just as we predicted. Melanie …


Rainbow Bridge Meditation

James I was listening to the Hollow Earth call from last weekend, and all soul contracts, and all contracts with the dark are null and void now.  We are free and sovereign.  So we just have to know it now, and declare it. Last week and yesterday I found double puncture marks on my index finger.  Healed very quickly.  I don’t feel this is bad, I think it’s monitoring. Also I did the Rainbow Bridge meditation and went back to Chicago. Saw Rahm Emmanuel shapeshift into a reptilian; saw that the building housing the mayor’s office goes down 4 stories underground and connects to a railway that goes out into the lake into some kind of military facility there – …