Mind Control 301 – Common Disinformation Themes


psyop-leaflets-airdropModern MKULTRA operations in western nations involve the covert implantation of classified neurotechnology into the brains and bodies of non-consenting and unaware subjects.   This is accomplished by “black operations” involving home entries, complicit personnel in medical settings, and possibly other means.   The civilian population as a whole, including children, is the target.

Concerted efforts are made to prevent subjects from understanding what is happening to them.  Amnesia is artificially induced to prevent them from recalling anything about these events, most likely by means of anesthetics, benzodiazepines, and/or the neurotechnology itself.

The secrecy of these programs is preserved with the aid of disinformation campaigns or “cover stories.”  These campaigns include a number of carefully chosen themes.

Disinformation Themes Based on Fictitious Concepts

  • Mental illness
  • “Alien” abduction
    • This cover story was used primarily during the latter half of the twentieth century, most heavily in the 1980s and 1990s
    • Purported “aliens” were typically telepathic
      • See MC101 for relevance
    • Ubiquitous victim reports of “missing time” characterized the phenomenon from the beginning
      • Symptom of amnesia
      • “Screen memories” covering the amnesic period were a hallmark of the phenomenon
        • See MC102 for relevance
    • Disinfo exampleMartin Cannon’s landmark research paper “The Controllers” publicly postulated UFO abduction as an MKULTRA cover story, and he soon recanted it under apparent pressure.
    • NOTE: an entire field of so-called “research” in this area exists to cover modern MKULTRA operations.  Several years ago, I was personally told in no uncertain terms by one of the most well-known “ufologists” in the field that “the number of serious UFO researchers is zero.”  At the time, I did not understand the significance of what I was being told.
    • MILABS (“military abductions”)
      • Cover story directed at MKULTRA subjects enrolled in “alien” themed programs
      • Objective is to create appearance that abduction by human agencies is a benevolent and defensive response to “aliens”
    • “Exopolitics”
    • Campaigns for “disclosure” 
    • “Reptilians”
  • Cover stories for neurotechnologically-induced dreams and memories (see MC102)
  • “Satanic Ritual Abuse”
    • Abuses may be real but deliberately framed in misleading context
    • Victims typically accused of suffering “False Memory Syndrome”
  • intervoice“Hearing Voices is Normal” Campaign
    • Intervoice
    • The Hearing Voices Network
  • Name-calling of dissidents/opponents
    • “Denier” or “Denialist”
      • HIV causes “AIDS”
      • “Change”
        • “Climate change” was used to replace the “global warming” campaign once it became untenable
        • An example of “denialist” name-calling related to this subject is reproduced near the bottom of this page
        • Presidential campaign of Barack Obama
      • Key arguments used to justify past military actions will be maintained by victors when supportive of present public policies
  • Claims calling into question the nature of material reality
    • Higher dimensions
      • Alternatively, higher “densities”
    • The universe is a hologram
    • The universe is a simulation as depicted in the popular film The Matrix
    • Synchronicity
        • This idea attributes meaningful coincidences in your life to “spiritual” causes.
        • People who buy into this way of thinking can thereafter be easily manipulated.
        • Target made to experience unusually frequent and persistent “funny coincidences”
          • A key example is the so-called “11:11 phenomenon”
            • See MC401 for detailed analysis
        • Objectives:
  • collective-evolutionOccult or luciferian “philosophies” including theosophy, gnosticism, anthroposophy
    • Commonly claim that humans (alternatively, the Earth itself) will soon attain a “higher level of consciousness” by one of the following processes:
      • “Awakening”
      • “Ascension”
      • Becoming “multi-dimensional”
      • “Evolution”
      • Making a “Quantum Leap”
      • “Shift”
    • Claims is rooted in various Biblical passages
    • Unwitting subjects of MKULTRA neurotechnology implantation may ascribe their symptoms to the supposed “evolution of consciousness”
      • As a result, they may be less likely to come to a realization that their brains are nodes on a classified computer network
    • A prominent disseminator of this disinformation, Rupert Sheldrake, was stabbed in 2008 by apparent MKULTRA subject Kazuki Hirano.
  • Themes requiring you to renounce your self-identity (ego)
    • To communicate with your “Higher Self”
    • To achieve “Oneness” or infinite love
    • Failure to conform to cult mindsets often presented as “fear based,” “negative” or indicative of a spiritually “unevolved” personality
  • Alleged psychic phenomena
    • “Chanelling” 
    • Activating your 12-strand DNA
    • “Remote viewing”
    • “Vortexes” at Sedona, Arizona
    • “Reiki”
  • The human mind is not physical
    • This assertion is demonstrably false
    • See MC102
    • See MC105
  • snake-oil“Patriot” themed legal mythology
    • False legal theories based on wishful thinking (may sound “too good to be true”)
    • Purpose is to distract Americans interested in preserving freedom from educating themselves about relevant (and legitimate) legal issues
    • Key buzzwords include “state Citizens,” “Sovereign Citizens,” “USA INC.” and “Redemption in Law”
    • Common claims:
      • By following a specific formula known only to a select few, you can set yourself free from state coercion. 
        • Promoters may charge large sums for fraudulent “paperwork” services
      • Your name printed in all-capital letters on various government or banking documents is evidence of your enslavement
      • Judge-made common law is God-derived or “organic,” and therefore inherently superior to statutory law passed by legislative bodies
      • The federal government only has jurisdiction in Washington, D.C.
      • Police only have jurisdiciton over you once you inadvertently “contract” with them by specific words or actions
        • This is a fraudulent argument apparently rooted in the Declaration of Independence principle that government derives its just power from the consent of the governed
        • It is disinformation designed for the purpose of getting liberty-minded Americans to make nonsensical arguments rather than learning about the substantial rights which they really do have and which are secured to them by the Bill of Rights.
        • In reality, under American law:
          • Officers’ jurisdiciton does not depend on your actions as an individual; it is based on laws which are authorized by the Constitution (whether federal or state)
          • You have inalienable God-given rights, even if you don’t know them
            • These rights are recognized and secured — not granted — by the Constitution and Bill of Rights
          • You can waive tho rights without realizing it
          • Officers are trained to lie and trick you into waiving those rights
  • A plethora of pseudoscientific and “New Age” nonsense, notably:
    • Frequency, “vibrations,” and energy-themed disinformation
      • “Love and light” 
      • “Scalar” waves (as promoted by Tom Bearden and Swedish attorney Henning Witte)
      • “Torsion fields”
      • “Life force” energy from orgone, orgonite, chi, chakras, kundalini, crystals, gems or pyramids
      • “Intuitive,” “distant,” or “energy” healing
      • “Subtle energies”
        • Often claimed that implants are not physical but rather “energetic”
        • “etheric”
        • “astral”
        • “light bodies”
        • “energy grid workers”
        • Auras
      • “Ley lines”
      • Royal Rife technology
      • “Psychotronics”
        • A meaningless pseudoscientific term
        • Innocent MKULTRA subjects may adopt term in reference to any technology related to mind control
    • Science fiction concepts presented as reality
      • “Stargates”
      • “Hyperspace” physics
    • “Radionics” (voodoo)
    • “Dowsing” (divination)
    • Homeopathy
    • Alchemy
    • “Reverse Speech”
    • Unrealistic claims regarding the efficacy of positive thinking
      • “The Law of Attraction”
      • “You Create Your Own Reality”
        • Alternatively, “Co-Creation” of reality
      • Prosperity theology churches
    • “Fortean” studies
    • “Cryptozoology”
    • Mythology relating to 2012, astrology, and the Mayan calendar
    • Tall tales about the imminent destruction of Earth by “Planet X,” “Nibiru” or comets
    • Total strangers who begin their correspondence to you with the salutation “My Beloved”
    • Sundry other variations too numerous to mention here, often characterized by extremely haphazard capitalization, punctuation, grammar, or formatting of text, and/or having a general tone that evinces a “screwball” or circus-like feeling


Disinformation Themes Utilizing Otherwise-plausible Concepts as Basis for False Explanations

  • Organized stalking by gangs, fusion centers, civilian watchdog groups, or satanic cults
    • “Cause stalking” aka “Gang stalking” is currently the primary cover story for the neutralization of internal state enemies
    • Subjects are typically referred to as “targeted individuals (TIs)”
    • Theme of “stalking” by private parties is used to deflect attention from the “Zersetzung” tactics employed by state security services
    • Countless websites now deployed to promote this campaign
    • Typically presented in conjunction with themes of “schizophrenia” or “directed energy weapons”
    • Modern “Zersetzung” operations
      • Employ classified MKULTRA neurotechnology already implanted in civilian subjects (including target and those in close physical proximity such as bystanders, family, friends, coworkers, etc.)
      • Employ actors/operatives from all walks of life, but cause target to mistakenly assign blame to specific identifiable groups according to his own experiences, beliefs or prejudices
      • Share a standard playbook of tactics
        • Notably, harassment tactics colloquially referred to as “directed conversation” and “street theater”
          • In public, assets in vicinity of target make plausibly deniable statements relating to private details of subject’s life
          • Assets performing in these events may be either:
            • Operatives acting with intent, having knowledge of the significance of their words and actions
            • Subjects under control of MKULTRA neurotechnology, unaware of significance of their words and actions
        • Artificial “synchronicity” (see above)
        • In the workplace, tactics are referred to as “mobbing” but with same diversionary explanations
        • ajp-cognitive-neuropsychiatric-models-of-persecutory-delusionsOther tactics calculated to cause target to react
          • angrily,
          • violently, and/or
          • in a manner suggesting mental illness
        • Other tactics supportive of a long-term take-down program 
          • Sometimes referred to as “slow-kill”
          • Avoids negative public relations issues associated with more direct measures such as incarceration or extrajudicial killings
  • COINTELPRO continues today
    • This idea by implication falsely attributes primary culpability for abuses to the FBI or law enforcement agencies
    • This idea appears credible on the surface, because law enforcement may in fact participate in targeting activities
    • The assignment of blame to agencies who (at least theoretically) are subject to oversight by the legislative or judicial branches of government serves to create a false perception that “the system works” and the problem may be resolvable through conventional “checks and balances”
    • It is disinformation because the abuses are more accurately characterized as a modern form of MKULTRA mind control, though incorporating COINTELPRO-like elements or tactics, and as such originate at extremely high levels of state security classification, beyond oversight by, or accountability to, visible institutions of government, or to the citizenry at large.
  • Human experimentation or “research”
    • This idea appears credible because medical personnel and technologies are directly implicated 
    • It falls under the category of disinformation because the technologies herein described are weaponized, fully operational in such capacity and are presently deployed and in active use against domestic targets.  
    • Any purported “experimental” uses of the technology are therefore purely incidental or secondary to the operational uses
  • Electromagnetic pollution 
    • Appears credible due to arguably valid health concerns relating to the issue
    • Disinformation when discussed in present context
  • QuWave DefenderAlleged use of unrelated technologies, so as to divert attention from the true issue of MKULTRA neurotechnology:
    • Specific wireless telecommunication platforms
      • Barring the unlikely disclosure of the specific technology(,-ies) being used, any allegations pertaining thereto are mostly speculative, distracting, and irrelevant, amounting to constructive disinformation 
        • Some clearly inconsistent with demonstrated capabilities of technology
      • Commonly proposed:
        • Satellites
        • High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
        • Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN)
        • Commercial cellular networks
    • RFID chips such as PositiveID (formerly VeriChip)
    • Voice-to-skull (“V2K”) audio transmission
    • Electronic harassment (“EH”) by directed-energy weapons (“DEWs”)
      • The primary cover story for MKULTRA neurotechnology deployed against civilian populations.
      • Used in conjunction with “gang stalking” mythology (see above)
      • For detailed analysis, see MC402
  • Hegelian Dialectic (“problem-reaction-solution”)
    • False-flag terrorism and its consequences
      • Credible opposition to such will be prime target for disinformation campaigns described on this page



2 thoughts on “Mind Control 301 – Common Disinformation Themes

  1. James….sounds like someone is trying to make you think or others think we’re not in a holographic matrix…if this is collective evolution who’s saying awakening is wrong, etc and that gnosticism is occult then I think you need to rethink this. I can’t make heads or tails of this entire article…..


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