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JonBenet Ramsey was murdered by the former-Royal Canadian Air Force Colonel, Russell Williams and his team working on behalf of the secret government of the Americas connected to the powerful Hudson’s Bay Company and the Rupert land powers working for the British Empire (City of London Corporation). Colonel Russell Williams is a former-pilot ofDame of Malta, Elizabeth Mary II. Notice the depravity of Russell Williams who now sits in a jail for murder and rape. JonBenet Ramsey was tasered twice in the head, raped and then strangled by this creature and his team. Not one piece ofserial identification confetti was left at the crime scene by the taser. It is believed that one of the assassination team members was Karla Homulka who was …


Visitations from Extraterrestrial/ Dimensional Beings

My name is Anonymous for personal reasons. All events and information is from my personal experience. This information is not verifiable through any evidence. I do not come forth to gain any publicity, thus my anonymous status. Hello, my name is anonymous; I have been subject to multiple visitations from Extraterrestrial/ Dimensional beings. I cannot tell the difference because i have not been fully conscious when these have taken place. There is memory lost, time lost, also could be explained through scientific means. I have seen Extraterrestrial beings through my third eye during the night when i sleep. I see them while in paralysis ; seldomly i become fearful and they leave. When i am in a state where i …



8/8/98   KORTON Good afternoon.  Commander Tomeros Maasu Korton here in Light and in service unto Holy God. It is amazing to witness how your media dances around facts and twists them to resemble vague references to events as they ACTUALLY transpire.  With our help and guidance, may you be given insight into your adversary’s plans to dupe an entire populace of uninformed humans as they ready you for THEIR VERSION of your so-called Apocalypse. Since it does not have to happen as they have programmed you to expect, is it any wonder why no one “in charge” admits to having any knowledge of or being part of the conspiracy of The Lie?  If the masses of you-the-people have the short …


What Really Happened When the House Stenographer Was Pulled Off the Floor?

Truthstream Media The House stenographer Diane Reidy was pulled off the floor after an outburst about how the Constitution was written by Freemasons, you cannot serve two masters and this is not one nation under God (read the first article covering the basics here). Now check out the video above. The mainstream media obviously dubbed the part of the outburstthat happened after Reidy was already pulled off the floor to the elevators over the part where she’s up at the podium. This leaves the majority of TV viewers thinking that’s what she actually said up there (even though you can hear the elevator ding as she’s being pulled off the floor in the Fox News report…an elevator dinging on theHouse floor? Obvious boo boo in editing your scripted story there, …


Super Soldier Talk Presents – 2013 Super Soldier Summit

Listen into the stories of various individuals who attended and or presented at the May 17,18,19, 2013 Super Soldier Summit near Las Vegas, Nevada. Just an update, Jerry Avalos is no longer working with “Thunder White Cloud”- Gary Pratt but Jerry is still pursuing Quantum Research & Development. Purchase your tickets to the video stream at Produced and filmed by James Rink Camera Assistant Jay Collins Special Thanks Too: Lorien Fenton Revolution Radio Project Camelot Presenters: Jerry Avalos – Milab Survivor Steven Kelley – Whistle-blower and Inventor Cynthia Marie Brewer – Human Genome Project Survivor Kerry Cassidy – Project Camelot Solaris Blueraven – Targeted Individual Jo Anne Richards – Space Command Whistle-blower Niara Terela Isley …


Your interview with Michael Spinler

  James I noted this in the Michael Spinler Material: “He then has a flashback. He then remembers when he was 12 years old being taken to the woods near a red barn in Michigan to some kind of training facility for boys. He was taken here every autumn to be trained. About 50 boys were taken and 5 or so died each year. It made him feel superior to watch them die, because he survived. He thinks it might be Base M-552 where the letter “M” stands for Michigan. There is a sister facility known as Q-552 which is probably in Québec. There is a system to get from one base to the other base in an hour or …


Classified docs on “Nano Domestic Quell” DoD kill-switch program released by Dr. Bill Weld *DOWNLOAD LINK*

Classified docs on “Nano Domestic Quell” DoD kill-switch program released to public by Dr. Bill Weld. *DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW* This is how the military will be respond to the economic collapse, and how they will put down armed uprisings, riots and domestic revolts. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY & LISTEN TO THE VIDEO: As promised, these are some of the classified documents given to me by my good friend in the Department of Defense, a very highly ranked official I have known for many years. The program is called “Nano Domestic Quell”. As the documents clearly demonstrate, the U.S. government has embarked on a program to implement a secret “Armageddon nano device” that mimics a flu virus, to be activated on …


Iron Man’ suit being developed by US Army

Iron Man’ suit being developed by US Army Marc LallanillaLiveScience Oct. 10, 2013 at 8:34 PM ET U.S. Army The U.S. Army is developing a high-tech suit for soldiers à la “Iron Man.” If you’ve always wanted a high-tech suit of armor that will make you nearly invincible — à la Tony Stark of “Iron Man” — your long wait may soon be over. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) and other groups from business and academia are joining forces to create aTactical Assault Light Operator Suit, or TALOS, that “promises to provide superhuman strength with greater ballistic protection,” according to a statement released by the U.S. Army. The most …


A 1934 Map Of The Secret Lizard City Under Los Angeles

A 1934 Map Of The Secret Lizard City Under Los Angeles SEXPAND In 1934, G. Warren Shufelt told the Los Angeles Times he had discovered the remnants of an ancient reptilian civilization under L.A. Even though Shufelt’s story was a load of bullpucky, he left this nifty map as his legacy. On January 29, 1934, Jean Bosquet of theL.A. Times reported that Shufelt, a geological engineer, had discovered a secret lizard city far underground using Native American lore and “radio X-ray.” Shufelt’s city turned out to be rather uncreatively lizard-shaped. From the L.A. Times: According to the legend as imparted to Shufelt by Macklin, the radio X-ray has revealed the location of one of three lost cities on the Pacific Coast, the local one …