Super Soldier Talk Presents – 2013 Super Soldier Summit

Listen into the stories of various individuals who attended and or presented at the May 17,18,19, 2013 Super Soldier Summit near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Just an update, Jerry Avalos is no longer working with “Thunder White Cloud”- Gary Pratt but Jerry is still pursuing Quantum Research & Development.

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Jerry Avalos – Milab Survivor
Steven Kelley – Whistle-blower and Inventor
Cynthia Marie Brewer – Human Genome Project Survivor
Kerry Cassidy – Project Camelot
Solaris Blueraven – Targeted Individual
Jo Anne Richards – Space Command Whistle-blower
Niara Terela Isley – USAF Whistle-blower
Melinda Leslie – Milab Experiencer and Researcher
Miesha Johnston – Star Family Contactee
Shelly – Reptilian Contactee
Michael Prince – Super Soldiers
Max Spiers – Super Soldiers
James Rink – Super Soldiers
Tyler Clark – Astral Combat Warrior
Miles Johnston – Milab Researcher
Lorien Fenton – Event Coordinator

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Your interview with Michael Spinler


James I noted this in the Michael Spinler Material:

“He then has a flashback. He then remembers when he was 12 years old being taken to the woods near a red barn in Michigan to some kind of training facility for boys. He was taken here every autumn to be trained. About 50 boys were taken and 5 or so died each year. It made him feel superior to watch them die, because he survived.

He thinks it might be Base M-552 where the letter “M” stands for Michigan. There is a sister facility known as Q-552 which is probably in Québec. There is a system to get from one base to the other base in an hour or so. The personnel all have wear the same badges but with different colors.”

I believe one of the facilities (which had a big red barn) I was taken to was in Sodus, Michigan, and it was owned by Valdus Adamkus who was president of Lithuania two times.   He doesn’t mention it in his bio, but everyone who went to Tabor Farm knew that he had owned it.   He didn’t own it initially at the time I was there, only later in the early 60’s.  But my parents knew him, and knew him from there.      Adamkus mentions that he was in intelligence for Lithuania, but previously I read that he was in intelligence for the U.S. also.   He also worked for the EPA.   Strange that a man with a high level political career would first of all, own this little resort in the Midwest,  but also that it’s never mentioned in his bio.

I was taken to this resort several times in the late 50’s-early 60’s; I drowned there when I was 5.  My memory is of flipping over in an inner tube, but that could be a screen memory.  The resort was open from the late 1800’s to 1990-91.  And even if the resort had closed down, doesn’t mean that it still wasn’t being used for training/programming, especially if the training facility was below ground.

Also strange is that Adamkus lived down the road from me when I bought my house in 1991.

Anyway, I remember the big red barn, the area around this place is very wooded:


You can find more pictures on Facebook on a page called Tabor Farmers.

Response From Michael Spinler:

James I don’t know, it wasn’t winter so its iffy. It might might be but this is overly dramatic in memory, that’s like a simplified version to what i remember. No fences and guns and craziness. The but porch out front if it was a 3ft tall porch is spot on to what I was on. I came out the barn which was behind and came out onto a porch like that with a building real close to my left and some more open field area to my right and a few buildings scattered but the building to my front left was like.. feet away.

Classified docs on “Nano Domestic Quell” DoD kill-switch program released by Dr. Bill Weld *DOWNLOAD LINK*

Classified docs on “Nano Domestic Quell” DoD kill-switch program released to public by Dr. Bill Weld. *DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW*

This is how the military will be respond to the economic collapse, and how they will put down armed uprisings, riots and domestic revolts.


As promised, these are some of the classified documents given to me by my good friend in the Department of Defense, a very highly ranked official I have known for many years.

The program is called “Nano Domestic Quell”.

As the documents clearly demonstrate, the U.S. government has embarked on a program to implement a secret “Armageddon nano device” that mimics a flu virus, to be activated on the public in the instance of domestic uprisings, riots and armed resistances.

The nano devices are in, or “carried” by, an estimated 87% of the population at this point, with a projected 98% inflected by 2014.

Chances are, you already have this nano device inside of your body as you read this.

Please understand: these nano devices are inertuntil activated by a radio signal or transmission.

You are safe until a cell tower, drone or other method of transmission activates the device. (I do not personally know how this transmission works. The documents I’ve received do not go into any detail on that specifically. I do know drones and cell towers will be used, however.)

Once activated, the device will mimic the flu virus. You will be dead within 10 to 12 days. There is no known cure or way to prevent this. (I go into more detail on this in some of my videos, of which I recommend viewing all of them to fully understand and appreciate what is going on.)

The military can target very specific locations, particularly with drones (why do you think they want drones over U.S. skies so desperately?). They can target a room, a small house, an apartment complex, a city block, a town, or a whole metropolitan area.

By simply firing this signal, the nano devices in your body will be activated and you will die from what will appear to be a very severe case of the flu.

The virus outbreak can scale from individual or group-targets, or to a large city-wide outbreak.

This program was not created to kill everyone. Let me repeat: they are not trying to kill everyone.They created this program to deal with domestic uprisings during an economic collapse.

It is now ready and being implemented. When the collapse happens, they won’t have enough troops to control the country or deal with the armed resistances. They needed another way of keeping control. By not having to fire a single shot to put down an armed uprising, they’re essentially “killing two birds with one stone”. A flu virus will appear to be a random “act of God” instead of perceived government aggression.

Why do you think they haven’t banned guns? They don’t need to with this system in place.

Please bear in mind that there is an active campaign underway to discredit me, attack me and bring me down. Please understand my children are sick and I believe their sickness — a bizarre skin condition that is worsening for both of them — is a result of my blowing the whistle. I believe they have been harmed intentionally. I believe they are trying to send me a message by messing with my children.

I need your help. I need your trust. I need you to help this spread. I have more documents, with even more frightening information, but at this point, my life is in danger. If no one is paying attention or listening, it does me nothing to continue with this, other than put my life and the lives of my family in certain danger, all for nothing.

If it doesn’t spread or go viral in some manner, we are finished, because they will continue to destroy me, remove any trace of me from the internet (records from my some of my previous employers are already missing, among other things), they will destroy me and the public will never find out about this.

Please pray for us, pray for my wife, Helena, my son, Bill Jr., my daughters, Katherine and Grace. We need your help more than ever.

If you need to contact me, please feel free to email me personally:

Download high resolution documents of “Nano Domestic Quell” Department of Defense highly classified public kill-switch nano device program (monthly bandwidth for this server is 150 GB, so if there is downtime, we will have to move them to a new server): 

Download high res gif of Document #1

Download high res gif of Document #2

In Christ,

Dr. Bill H. Weld

Iron Man’ suit being developed by US Army

Iron Man’ suit being developed by US Army

Marc LallanillaLiveScience

Oct. 10, 2013 at 8:34 PM ET

The U.S. Army is developing a high-tech suit for soldiers à la "Iron Man."

U.S. Army
The U.S. Army is developing a high-tech suit for soldiers à la “Iron Man.”

If you’ve always wanted a high-tech suit of armor that will make you nearly invincible — à la Tony Stark of “Iron Man” — your long wait may soon be over.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) and other groups from business and academia are joining forces to create aTactical Assault Light Operator Suit, or TALOS, that “promises to provide superhuman strength with greater ballistic protection,” according to a statement released by the U.S. Army.

The most amazing features of the suit include integrated 360-degree cameras not unlikeGoogle Glass (but with night vision capabilities), sensors that can detect injuries and apply a wound-sealing foam, and — get ready for this — a bulletproof exoskeleton made of magnetorheological fluids that can change from liquid to solid in milliseconds when a magnetic field or electrical current is applied. [Bionic Humans: Top 10 Technologies]

If it all reminds you of the liquid-metal shapeshifter T-1000 from “Terminator” or some other sci-fi character, you’re not alone. “It sounds exactly like ‘Iron Man,'” Gareth McKinley, a professor at MIT, told NPR. “The other kind of things that you see in the movies I think that would be more realistic at the moment would be the kind of external suit that Sigourney Weaver wears in ‘Aliens,‘ where it’s a large robot that amplifies the motions and lifting capability of a human.”

The developers from RDECOM, MIT and elsewhere are researching “every aspect making up this combat armor suit,” Lt. Col. Karl Borjes, a RDECOM science adviser, said in the U.S. Army statement. “It’s advanced armor. It’s communications, antennas. It’s cognitive performance. It’s sensors, miniature-type circuits. That’s all going to fit in here, too.”

Not everyone, however, is enamored with the super-advanced gizmos being proposed for the soldiers of tomorrow. “My sense is it is an up-armored Pinocchio,” Scott Neil, a retired special forces master sergeant and Silver Star recipient, told the Tampa Tribune. “Now the commander can shove a monkey in a suit and ask us to survive a machine gun, IED [improvised explosive device] and poor intelligence all on the same objective. And when you die in it, as it melds to your body, you can bury them in it.”

Even believers in the TALOS suit acknowledge its limitations. “The acronym TALOS was chosen deliberately,” McKinley said. “It’s the name of the bronze armored giant from ‘Jason and the Argonauts.’ Like all good superheroes, Talos has one weakness. For the Army’s TALOS, the weak spot is either the need to carry around a heavy pump for a hydraulic system, or lots of heavy batteries. We don’t have Iron Man’s power source yet.”

For would-be sci-fi superheroes who are ready for their very own TALOS, the wait may prove excruciating: Though various components of the suit are currently in development, the Army hopes to have a prototype ready next year, and an advanced model won’t be developed until at least two years after that.

A 1934 Map Of The Secret Lizard City Under Los Angeles

A 1934 Map Of The Secret Lizard City Under Los Angeles

A 1934 Map Of The Secret Lizard City Under Los AngelesSEXPAND

In 1934, G. Warren Shufelt told the Los Angeles Times he had discovered the remnants of an ancient reptilian civilization under L.A. Even though Shufelt’s story was a load of bullpucky, he left this nifty map as his legacy.

On January 29, 1934, Jean Bosquet of theL.A. Times reported that Shufelt, a geological engineer, had discovered a secret lizard city far underground using Native American lore and “radio X-ray.” Shufelt’s city turned out to be rather uncreatively lizard-shaped.

From the L.A. Times:

According to the legend as imparted to Shufelt by Macklin, the radio X-ray has revealed the location of one of three lost cities on the Pacific Coast, the local one having been dug by the Lizzard People after the “great catastrophe” which occurred about 5000 years ago. This legendary catastrophe was in the form of a huge tongue of fire which “came out of the Southwest, destroying all life in its path,” the path being “several hundred miles wide.” The city underground was dug as a means of escaping future fires.

The lost city, dug with powerful chemicals by the Lizard People instead of pick and shovel, was drained into the ocean, where its tunnels began, according to the legend. The tide passing daily in and out of the lower tunnel portals and forcing air into the upper tunnels, provided ventilation and “cleansed and sanitized the lower tunnels,” the legend states.

Large rooms in the domes of the hills above the city of labyrinths housed 1000 families “in the manner of tall buildings” and imperishable food supplies of the herb variety were stored in the catacombs to provide sustenance for the lizard folk for great lengths of time as the next fire swept over the earth.

Shufelt’s tale is a predecessor to the reptilian urban legends that currently run rampant on the internet and, presumably, the script to the Super Mario Bros. movie.