NSA can hack WiFi devices from eight miles away (video)

NSA Nightstand wardriving device

The NSA may have the ability to intercept data from around the world, but we now know that it has some impressive (and intimidating) equipment for snooping on nearby targets. Security guru Jacob Appelbaum told those at the Chaos Communications Congress this weekend that the NSA’s big box of tools includesNightstand, a custom device that can compromise WiFi networks for the sake of inserting spy software. The Linux-powered device can exploit Windows systems from up to eight miles away; it’s unlikely that you’ll catch agents wardriving in the parking lot. Nightstand may not see significant use today given that it dates back to 2008, but its existence suggests that the NSA also has newer, more advanced WiFi surveillance gear at its disposal.



New robotic ‘muscle’ thousand times stronger

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Washington: Scientists have developed a new robotic ‘muscle’, thousand times more powerful than a human muscle, which can catapult objects 50 times heavier than itself – faster than the blink of an eye. 
Researchers with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in US demonstrated a micro-sized robotic torsional muscle/motor made from vanadium dioxide that is able to catapult very heavy objects over a distance five times its length within 60 milliseconds. 
“We’ve created a micro-bimorph dual coil that functions as a powerful torsional muscle, driven thermally or electro-thermally by the phase transition of vanadium dioxide,” said study leader, Junqiao Wu. 

“Using a simple design and inorganic materials, we achieve superior performance in power density and speed over the motors and actuators now used in integrated micro-systems,” Wu said. 

What makes vanadium dioxide highly coveted by the electronics industry is that it is one of the few known materials that is an insulator at low temperatures but abruptly becomes a conductor at 67 degrees Celsius. 

This temperature-driven phase transition from insulator-to-metal is expected to one day yield faster, more energy efficient electronic and optical devices. 

However, vanadium dioxide crystals also undergo a temperature-driven structural phase transition whereby when warmed they rapidly contract along one dimension while expanding along the other two. 

This makes vanadium dioxide an ideal candidate material for creating miniaturised, multi-functional motors and artificial muscles. 

Wu and his colleagues fabricated their micro-muscle on a silicon substrate from a long “V-shaped” bimorph ribbon comprised of chromium and vanadium dioxide. 

When the V-shaped ribbon is released from the substrate it forms a helix consisting of a dual coil that is connected at either end to chromium electrode pads. 

Heating the dual coil actuates it, turning it into either a micro-catapult, in which an object held in the coil is hurled when the coil is actuated, or a proximity sensor, in which the remote sensing of an object causes a “micro-explosion,” a rapid change in the micro-muscle’s resistance and shape that pushes the object away. 



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When my Blogspot and WordPress blogs closed, I was in the process of finalising a post about “how synthetic symptoms of mental illness can be transmitted remotely”, in order to justify sectioning of targeted individuals in an institution.

Spike waves –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epilepsy

I recently became aware of another method being used by perpetraitors to get people institutionalised, using radio wave frequencies to create the symptoms of synthetic epilepsy, which would create conditions similar to those for holding people in an institution.

Some people diagnosed as having epilepsy may lose their right to drive a vehicle.  Employment opportunities may reduce, and they may be obliged to leave their job.  Friends and acquaintances may be fearful to continue contact.  So an epilepsy diagnosis could lead to isolation for those unaware of ways to seek help.

Individuals targeted with synthetic epilepsy might then be subject to nonconsenual research, including research for synthetic telepathy, as there is a link between the science of the two states.  In fact discovery of synthetic telepathy has been stated as arising from work on epilepsy.

US Army use ECoG signals for telepathic communication

According to Wikipedia ‘In a $6.3 million Army initiative to invent devices for telepathic communication, Gerwin Schalk, underwritten in a $2.2 million grant, found that it is possible to use ECoG* signals to discriminate the vowels and consonants embedded in spoken and in imagined words. The results shed light on the distinct mechanisms associated with production of vowels and consonants, and could provide the basis for brain-based communication using imagined speech…’



*Electrocorticography (ECoG), or intracranial EEG (iEEG), is the practice of using electrodes placed directly on the exposed surface of the brain to record electrical activity from the cerebral cortex. ECoG may be performed either in the operating room during surgery (intraoperative ECoG) or outside of surgery (extraoperative ECoG). Because a craniotomy (a surgical incision into the skull) is required to implant the electrode grid,

ECoG is an invasive procedure… ECoG is considered to be the gold standard for assessing neuronal activity in patients with epilepsy, and is widely used for presurgical planning to guide surgical resection of the lesion and epileptogenic zone.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrocorticography


‘ECoG technologies were first trialed in humans in 2004 by Eric Leuthardt and Daniel Moran from Washington University in St Louis. In a later trial, the researchers enabled a teenage boy to play Space Invaders using his ECoG implant…

(Note: these electrodes had not been implanted in the patient with the intention of developing a BCI*. The patient had been suffering from severe epilepsy and the electrodes were temporarily implanted to help his physicians localize seizure foci; the BCI researchers simply took advantage of this.)[citation needed]‘  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain–computer_interface. *Brain-computer interface


The astrocytes type 1 surrounding capillaries in the brain

See also the disturbing article in Discover Magazine April 2011 issue, ‘The Army’s Bold Plan to Turn Soldiers Into Telepaths’, http://discovermagazine.com/2011/apr/15-armys-bold-plan-turn-soldiers-into-telepaths#.UREmkqUQd1M

‘Epilepsy is one of the most common of the serious neurological disorders. About 3% of people will be diagnosed with epilepsy at some time in their lives. Genetic, congenital, and developmental conditions are mostly associated with it among younger patients; tumors are more likely over age 40…

In industrialized countries the incidence rate decreased in children but increased among the elderly during the three decades prior to 2003, for reasons not fully understood.’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epilepsy.

According to the BBC, the reduction in child cases of epilepsy in the UK may be due to more accurate diagnosis: 

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 16.25.103 February 2013: ‘The number of children being diagnosed with epilepsy has dropped dramatically in the UK over the past decade, figures show. A study of GP-recorded diagnoses show the incidence has fallen by as much as half. Researchers said fewer children were being misdiagnosed, but there had also been a real decrease in some causes of the condition. Other European countries and the US had reported similar declines, they added…

‘Study author Prof Ruth Gilbert, director of the Centre for Evidence-based Child Health at University College London, said that…in the past, there was an issue with variable diagnosis and some children being treated who did not need to be. “There is a more rigorous approach and that is partly down to NICE guidance. “It is very troubling to have a misdiagnosis because once you have a diagnosis it sticks and that does blight the life of a child.” Simon Wigglesworth, deputy chief executive at Epilepsy Action, said: “It may indicate a reduction in misdiagnosis rates in children, which we know to be high. However, our discussions with leading clinicians suggest that this may not be the complete picture.’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-21295383

Connection between brain blood flow and interpretation of synthetic telepathy


A cortical microvessel stained for blood–brain barrier protein ZO-1

Brain computer interface -BCI – equipment is required for monitoring and managing synthetic telepathy. ‘Magnetoencephalography (MEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) have both been used successfully as non-invasive BCIs. In a widely reported experiment, fMRI allowed two users being scanned to play Pong in real-time by altering their haemodynamic response or brain blood flow through biofeedback techniques.’http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synthetic_telepathy

23 November 2008: ‘Recent research has focused on problems with the “blood brain barrier” as a possible key to epilepsy, which, if poorly controlled, can mean regular and

potentially damaging seizures. Many molecules circulating in the bloodstream could cause damage if they reach the brain, and the role of the barrier is to keep them away. The loss of the barrier is known to be connected to the “excitability” of neurons which may be the trigger for epileptic seizures, but the root cause of why the barrier could be breached remains mysterious.

Schematic sketch showing constitution of blood vessels inside the brain

The latest research may have found how an initial, non-epileptic, seizure could lead to a lifetime of epilepsy. It looked at the behaviour of white blood cells – leukocytes – whose job it is to defend the body from threats such as bacteria and viruses. The scientists found that, in mice at least, the initial seizure caused the release of a body chemical within the blood vessels which increased the “adhesion” of leukocytes, keeping them in the vessels for longer. Normally, the mice would then go on to develop full epilepsy, but when this “stickiness” chemical was blocked using antibodies or by genetically changing the mice, the frequency of subsequent seizures was markedly reduced. Analysis of brain tissue from people with epilepsy found a far greater abundance of leukocytes than in those without the condition, adding further weight to the idea. The researchers suggested that drugs targeting this “stickiness” might be a good way of preventing, or perhaps even treating, epilepsy in humans.’ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7741680.stm

‘Professor Matthew Walker, a neuroscientist from University College London, and a member of Epilepsy Research UK’s scientific advisory board, said the research was “interesting and exciting”. “It provides a further piece of evidence for a breakdown in the blood brain barrier in the development of epilepsy.” He said it was possible that the “stickiness” of immune cells contributed to the development of epilepsy in previously unaffected people who suffered brain injuries, strokes or prolonged seizures.” http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7741680.stm

Blood-brain barrier can be affected by microwaves, e.g. cellphones

_507112_mobile_ecyclo_300According to the BBC, in microwave tests, the blood-brain barrier of rats was compromised after two minutes exposure to pulsed microwaves, similar to emissions from some mobile phones.

6 November, 1999: ‘The study by scientists at the University of Lund, near Malmo, exposed rats to microwave pulses similar to the emissions from a mobile phone to calculate the effect on the body’s blood-brain barrier, the Daily Mail reports. Within two minutes of exposure, the rats’ brain tissue was found to be opened up to proteins and toxins contained in the blood after the defence mechanism was disabled.

Professor Leif Salford, the neurologist who carried out the study, told the paper: “We saw the opening of the blood-brain barrier even after a short exposure to radiation at the same level as mobile phones. ”We are not sure yet whether this is a harmful effect, but it seems that molecules such as proteins and toxins can pass out of the blood while the phone is switched on and cross into the brain.” http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/507112.stm.


What other health conditions could be linked to blood-brain dysfunction?

Diseases involving the blood-brain barrier are thought to include Alzheimer’s Disease,  brain abscesses, epilepsy, meningitis, multiple sclerosis, sleeping sickness, progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), HIV encephalitis and rabies. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood-brain_barrier





Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response (PHaSR)

Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response (PHaSR)

One of the tool used by the military in behavior modification and mind-control is the remotely operated electromagnetic frequency weapons. These weapons use microwave, ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies) and acoustics frequencies to covertly manipulate the minds of persons under attack. The use of frequency weapons upon humans toward behavioral control and murder is not new. For well over 50 years, Neuro-Electro-magnetic Frequency Weapons have been perfected by their covert use in warfare. These ‘classified’, ‘non-lethal’ or ‘silent’ weapons have also been perfected by experimenting on unsuspecting individuals since their early development. Directing a beam of frequencies to a human brain can cause a series of serious side-effects. ELF waves cause nausea, headaches, accelerated heart rate without cause, to name but a few. In 1974, the first unclassified successful transmission of the human voice directly into the skull of a living person was performed by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp, of the Walter Reed army institute of research by transforming a hypnotist’s voice using ELF’s. This technique was later developed into the Smirnov scramble method, and used in the Gulf War. It is possible to hypnotize a target without the target being aware and leaving zero trace of evidence.mndcntrl-2

By emitting frequencies that oscillate in a certain frequency range a victim can be manipulated. There are 6 types of brainwaves: Delta is the frequency range up to 4 Hz and is associated with sleep. Theta is the frequency range from 4 Hz to 8 Hz and is associated with drowsiness, childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. Alpha (Berger’s wave) is the frequency range from 8 Hz to 12 Hz. Sensory motor rhythm (SMR) is a middle frequency (about 12-16 Hz) associated with physical stillness and body presence. A target will have trouble moving whenever this frequency is applied. Beta is the frequency range above 12 Hz. Low amplitude beta with multiple and varying frequencies is often associated with active, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration. Gamma is the frequency range approximately 26-80 Hz. Gamma rhythms appear to be involved in higher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, fear, and consciousness. A frequency weapon’s shape depends on how frequencies have to be directed to the target. The US Patent and Trademark Office holds a vast amounts of patents for machines which can be used in direct or subliminal mind-control systems.  One of these is a Hearing System, US Patent #4,877,027, by Wayne Brunkan, October 31, 1989. A method for directly inducing sound into the head of a person, using microwaves in the range of 100 MHz to 10,000 MHz, modulated with a waveform of frequency- modulated bursts. Another is the Method and System for Altering Consciousness, US Patent #5,123,899, of James Gall, June 23, 1992. A system for altering the states of human consciousness involving the use of simultaneous application of multiple stimuli, preferably sounds, having differing frequencies. Yet another is the Superimposing Method and Apparatus Useful for Subliminal Messages, US Patent #5,134,484, Joseph Wilson, July 28, 1992. and Method of Changing a Person’s Behavior, Subliminal Message Generator, US Patent #5,270,800, of Robert Sweet, December 14, 1993. A combined subliminal and supra-liminal message generator for use with a television receiver; permits complete control of subliminal messages and their presentation.

Also applicable to cable television and computers. Auditory Subliminal Message System and Method, US Patent #4,395,600, Rene Lundy and David Tyler, July 26, 1983. An amplitude-controlled subliminal message may be mixed with background music. And Psycho-Acoustic Projector, US Patent #3,568,347, Andrew Flanders, February 23, 1971. A system for producing aural psychological disturbances and partial deafness in the enemy during combat situations. Enough about the frequency weapons. 

brainwash-1The key to projecting commands in the minds of other people rests in understanding what is being communicated. In the 1950′s the UK and USA decided to set up the world’s biggest espionage network to ensure all communications between Russians and spies or allies was monitored. This system has continuously been updated since its inception. The system’s name is Echelon and consists of a vast network of listening posts, extremely advanced computers, an enormous amount of people, dishes and taps. Echelon captures every communication via Internet, GSM, UMTS, landlines, TV and radio broadcasts, satellite communications (private, military and diplomatic) and listens to every word, well the computers do. The computers work with a list of keywords and when a message contains one or more keywords the message is directed to a specialist who examines its content. If the message is ‘suspicious’ further action is taken.

This Black Government “Silent Weapons” technology has been developed to monitor the location and manipulate the minds of the general populace. Echelon centers are located around the world including Menwith Hill , North Yorkshire, England. HAARP, Remote Mind Control Computer Center, Alaska. And Pine Gap, near Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.

Active Denial System to Displace Crowds

Active Denial System to Displace Crowds

The NSA is also constructing a network of towers up to 500 feet high, each tower at a distance of 200 miles apart and stretching from the east to the west of the US. The network is called GWEN, Ground Wave Emergency Network, and transmits Very Low Frequencies combined with Ultra High Frequencies and is used in case the communication systems in the US are rendered useless because of a nuclear attack. Coincidentally the frequencies of GWEN coincide with the frequencies being used by frequency weapons. If you start thinking about what can happen to a 500 feet high tower when exposed to a nuclear weapon you kind of start thinking if building high structures is the right strategy for nuclear scenarios. Also mobile telephone systems like GSM and UMTS also operate in the same frequency areas as some frequency weapons; this means that these systems, like GWEN, can potentially be used as a weapon, by altering the modulation of the frequencies and the direction of the signal.


Crews try to identify mystery object blocking Seattle tunnel

Don’t worry they wont try too hard to let the public know what the mystery object is, but I will, its a piece of a derelict spaceship. – James Rink


Crews try to identify mystery object blocking Seattle tunnel

By Associated Press and KOMO Staff Published: Dec 11, 2013 at 7:08 AM PST Last Updated: Dec 11, 2013 at 6:53 PM PST
Crews try to identify mystery object blocking Seattle tunnel»PLAY VIDEO
In this Tuesday, July 30 photo provided by the Washington State Department of Transportation, Bertha begins to cut through the north wall of the launch pit in Seattle.
SEATTLE – The Transportation Department and contractors building a highway tunnel under downtown Seattle are trying to identify the mystery object that has blocked their tunnel boring machine – but probably won’t know for sure until Friday.

The machine called Bertha ran into something last week and was shut down Saturday about 1,000 feet from the start. The $80 million machine is designed to break up boulders, so there’s speculation about what it hit. 

Engineers are considering drilling down 60 feet to the object as one of the ways to break up or remove the obstruction. A large crane equipped with a drill bit was brought to the site Wednesday morning.

Experts estimate it will take until Friday to identify the obstruction.

The nearly two-mile tunnel is supposed to be completed by the end of 2015, creating a four-lane replacement for the Alaskan Way Viaduct on Highway 99.

But already it has experienced at least three delays – one caused by union picketing over work assignments, another by a sinkhole near Jackson Street and now the mystery object.

WSDOT says the latest trouble started Friday when Bertha’s five-story tall cutter head felt some resistance, then stopped. WSDOT says engineers with Seattle Tunnel Partners, the company in charge of building the viaduct replacement tunnel, have been consulting with other experts to identify the obstruction – whether it’s natural or manmade.

They say Bertha wasn’t damaged in any way. They’re keeping her idle until they decide whether crews need to dig the obstruction out from above or if Bertha can charge through it.

Bertha has dug 1,000 feet of tunnel since July. She’s sitting 60-feet underground between South Jackson Street and South Main Street among a mix of native dirt and fill tossed into place from as early as the 1800s.

She has just 450 more feet to travel before leaving that fill behind. It will also mark the end of phase one in the $4 billion tunnel project that will stretch 1.7 miles from adjacent to Safeco Field to Battery Street.

WSDOT doesn’t know how long Bertha will remain stuck, but they say it’s too early to say whether the delay will affect the project’s bottom line or it’s scheduled opening in late 2015.