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Dragonfly Drone

Isaac, the mysterious C.A.R.E.T. engineer was able to leak documents relating to highly classified projects around free-energy, anti-gravity, and advanced propulsion mechanisms. While it was not made obvious, Isaac and his team members highly suspected that the technology was reverse enginneering of ET/UFO/Extra-Dimensional technologies not originating on planet earth.


Psychotronic Astral Projection

First of all Psychotronics is the term given to electrical devices that have capability to change, control or modify our Central Nervous System or mind functions (Pyschology) the brain works on oscillating frequencies that are below 16Hz these are known as Extra Low Frequencies (ELF’s), Our hearing range can’t hear audio frequencies below 30Hz/20Hz (varies in certain people) so normal sound waves don’t have any effect, however called Tri-Tones does, 2 frequencies are used and are panned either side to create a stereo effect, one frequency is panned left and frequency is panned right and a 3rd tone is generated in the brain hence the expression Tri-tones is used, Tri meaning 3 as in a Tri-cycle has 3 wheels. The term Astral Projection is where the body remains asleep …


Born to an illuminati family [Simon Parkes] Lifting the veil conference Leeds 2013

Critical Mass Radio in association with WeAreChange Leeds presents the Critical Mass Radio Conference June 22nd 2013 – Lifting the Veil For millennia humanity has been manipulated and controlled and guided to the position in which we currently find ourselves…under the yoke of a New World Order. A New World Order that has been born of plans hundreds, if not thousands of years in the making. This plan for global domination is nearing its pernicious, insidious end – a return to serfdom for us, our children and future generations… Yes, we seek solutions in taking on this manipulation. Yes, we seek to network and organise to fight back… but unless we know who the manipulators are, their history and their …



Former WORLD BANK Senior Counsel Karen Hudes Exposes IRS and JESUIT connection, OBAMA being blackmailed, NUCLEAR False Flag attack on US soil….and MORE. theunhivedmind says: December 6, 2013 at 3:58 am When you are told the UK banksters what you should be told is who are those banksters. The UK Bankster kingpins areThe Worshipful Company of Mercerswho held the first ever Bank of England meeting. These work for the City of London Corporationwho front for the ancient Londinium (New Jerusalem) power that serves the Vatican especially since 1215 onwards. The Vatican has been secretly controlled by the Jesuit Order since the early 19th Century after the Pope tried to destroy the Jesuits. The Jesuits at Mount Street, Westminster control Britain with …



I put off telling this story because it is such old history. This is the event that ended my music career in Boston It´s an oldie but a goodie Back when they were drumming up public support for the war on Iraq, around the time of “shock and awe” they continuously, every day, had a woman on TV named Zainab Suwai of the “Islamic American Congress”. She ended up on all channels, I assumed nationwide. Zainab claimed to be an Iraqi assylum seeker, having witnessed Saddam´s horrors. The one she spoke about most was the “Iraqi human meat grinders” which were used to torture people by feeding arms and legs in and having the people watch them come out as …


A Ride in Vegas

James I am not sure what this means but I had a flash of a memory riding in a limo in Vegas with Dr Green (Mengle) in front of me, in a black tuxedo with green lining. Barbara bush was next to me in a dress with a fur collar, and the person who I believe is my handler, Ms. frost, was wearing a black dress with short bobbed black hair. Additionally, I remember another super soldier sitting next to me. We were riding feeling ready, yet in a blank state of mind. Everything feels like a dream but is fairly clear. We were randomly selected for guard duty from a base to a surface facility. We wore a black …


The Steven D. Kelley Show guest James Rink 2013 12 05

Watching ads to the end helps support the station. SUBSCRIBE! REVOLUTION RADIO The Steven D. Kelley Show’s guest is James Rink. James Rink is a meditation practitioner, researcher, author, and film producer. Through his Super Soldier Talk video series he has helped awaken humanity to the secret activities of the covert government. Uncovering topics such brainwashing, trauma, milabs (which stands for military abductions), and covert harassment; all of which he has had to endure his entire life as a product of Project Surrogate and Ultra MK Milab Super Soldier experimentation. His book Lone Wolf chronicles these projects. He has also produced Change is on the Horizon which is a three hour video documentary covering a variety of topics delving into …


Scientists easily reprogram childhood memories of adult study subjects

Scientists easily reprogram childhood memories of adult study subjects Thursday, December 05, 2013 by: J. D. HeyesTags: memories, brain reprogramming, post-traumatic stress disorder (NaturalNews) What would happen if someday medical science could essentially erase your real memories and replace them with phony ones? There’s no way this technology could be misused, right? Well, according to published reports, Mankind may be on the verge of just that very thing. According to the magazine Popular Science, a small group of studies have demonstrated that scientists are on the cusp of being able to not just erase memories but rewrite them as well. “Roadside bombs, childhood abuse, car accidents – they form memories that can shape (and damage) us for a lifetime,” says a report in the magazine. “The …