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R.I.P. Michael Hemmingson

Michael Hemmingson is no longer with us. Michael was the host of two shows every week, Story Time with Michael Hemmingson, and The Art of Dreaming on Revolution Radio on for nearly the whole time the station was on the air. Its been alleged he was former white hat but not confirmed as such officially anyway. Revolution Radio’s owner, staff and hosts offer their deepest sympathies to his daughter Rommina and his family. His body was discovered dead 2-3 days (Jan 2014) ago in Tijuana Mexico, apparently from overdose of medicines, from what the roommate contends may be linked to his depression. However there may be evidence of foul play as his last communications report him on the run. Here is …


1987 Clavius Moon Base

1987 Clavius Moon Base As told by Michael Prince Weapon we used was a particle-beam weapon utilizing nano-tech and DNA/telepathic link with satellite. After the infected are neutralized a bio-hazard team comes into the village to clear bodies. Our group of children are then taken in jeeps through the jungle to a small runway with a building on the right. The C-130 and a large truck are parked on the runway and we are taken in the truck by the Haz-Mat people and put in showers where we are sprayed with chemicals and water. When this process is finished we are taken to a cryro-freeze area in the truck and go through a similar process as the cryrofreeze in Berkshire …


Koala, Montauk, and Interdimensional Time Travel.

KOALA is but one small part of a very large and complex scenario that ultimately links to the Greater Sacred Mystery. We have compiled all the information we currently have on KOALA and that which directly relates to it in this article, in response to those seeking further information from having read the book by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon entitled Encounter In The Pleiades – An Inside Look At UFOs. But to truly understand the nature of what is involved in KOALA and other projects like it, one must begin to expand their consciousness to encompass some rather involved spiritual-scientific concepts and information. We have worked to produce an article that has simplified terminologies to some degree to facilitate the reader in more easily comprehending what may …


News agency claims Snowden docs prove aliens helped Hitler, and currently control U.S. gov’t

Home / Articles / Conspiracy Theories / News agency claims Snowden docs prove aliens helped Hitler, and currently control U.S. gov’t News agency claims Snowden docs prove aliens helped Hitler, and currently control U.S. gov’t Posted by: Jason McClellan January 13, 2014 1 Comment 8,077 Views   An Iranian news agency alleges that documents provided by former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden prove that “an alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda is driving US domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945.” Edward Snowden. (Credit: Laura Poitras/Praxis Films). The Fars News Agency asserts that the shadow alien government running the United States is based in Nevada, and these aliens previously ran Nazi Germany. TheWashington Post reports, “As proof that aliens were secretly behind the Nazis, the report explains …



What is mind control? By Robert Naeslund, 2013 The term associated with conspiracy theories has in fact been a 50-years old ongoing techno-political project. It was with the development of the first supercomputers, system for controlling the mind; brain and behavior was established. This was a part of the new science of cybernetics, which became public 1948 when the American professor Norbert Wiener published his book with the same title. The researchers’ project of mind control is most often classified as behavior or cognitive manipulation. Already from the beginning, more than half a century ago, it was possible to intercept thoughts, memories, and sensory functions such as sight or hearing. Cybernetics was also the first science that could not only measure …


Secret Space War VII: Joint USG/Alien Hybrid Program

by Preston James Some credible witnesses have identified a Deep Underground Military Base at Dulce, New Mexico as the primary location of a Beyond-Black alien-human hybrid breeding program. This Dulce, New Mexico DUMB operates under authority of the USG but is under the actual day-to-day control of private offshore foreign defense contractors of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). This Beyond-Black program is a joint venture between aliens and MJ-12, which is the core controlling group of the Secret Shadow Government. It is believed by some who have been “involved” and have been “allowed” to “leak information” that this secret alone is the initial reason for the SSG and the main reason for the creation of the US National Security State. …


Super Soldier Summit II

Super Soldier Summit II “ON DEMAND VIDEO IS NOW LIVE” Here is short clip of interviews from the 2013 super soldier summit. ROLL YOUR MOUSE OVER THE TEXT “$30 for 45 days of access” then when the background color changes to BLUE click to access the payment area. In the player window, bottom right side, 3rd icon to the left, you will see a “list” icon. When clicking on the list, you’ll have access any of the presentations on the list in any order. The list is set up to play in the order the presentations where delivered at the conference. If you log out after starting a presentation, when you log back in again, you will be taken to where you left off. …


TR3B Base Intake Port

The following is from a memory as told by Michael Spinler and as drawn by Jody Hargreaves James I remember myself at a nuke bunker that contained a TR3B  Base Intake Port that was just offloaded and then a huge reptile walked out in front of me and into the elevator shaft.  I remember standing in the doorway with the machines behind me. I was facing the other way than how this drawing shows it. But its very very good, looks just like it. I was standing with 3 other men, workers or guards. They wore guard uniforms and we were waiting for him to pass before we entered the elevator when it came back up to us. The reptilian had …


Jay Essex’s message to Spooks Central

It’s almost funny how someone asks others to have an open mind about things but dismisses the possibilities of what another is saying when he’s not even aware of what’s actually happening around him anyway. Dude, where is this god you talk about? I see everything on the other side. What you call god was actually the first being that made itself into two parts for company as it was the first being ever. You like to lead people to your own conclusions yet ask them to have an open mind. Who’s selling snake oil dude. The next time you love yourself in a mirror, look a little deeper. Never mind, you’re too in love with yourself. Objectivity isn’t your …