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Super Soldier Talk – Ben Murphy and Jay Essex – Exploring the HG6 Facility – Dec 19, 2013

Join us as Ben Murphy, Jay Essex, and James Rink review the Project Camelot heather material for clues of an purported underground base in the Baldwin Park neighborhood in Orlando, Florida where dead soldiers where allegedly reanimated and augmented into super soldiers. Navy Water Treatment Plant PARCEL ID: 21-22-30-0000-00-002 View the 3 pictures of 1400 Truman Rd. North Park Baptist Church Heather Material Ben Murphy’s Project Camelot Interview The Aaron McCollum Truth Evolution radio transcript To get a copy of the book If you like to learn more about James Rink, super soldiers, and milabs please visit: If you like to learn more about how meditation technology can assist you please visit: …


The Truth Collective Rare Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower

The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower THE TRUTH COLLECTIVE LIVE INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT BEN MURPHY – WHISTLEBLOWER – Transcribed by Tamara Natividad   Ben Murphy in Baldwin Park , Orlando near the HG6 facility. A: Hello everybody, welcome to The Truth Collective Show. I’m your host, Aaron McCollum. This is the 2nd episode of our show and hopefully we’ve, I think, we’ve been able to work out some glitches from what happened with the first show. So anyways, we’re gonna get, we’re gonna get started here: The guest today, who has really in some of the forums on the websites, has been labeled as a bit controversial because of the, what he had really whistleblowed, or exposed, known …