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St Ives man accused of stalking US billionaire’s daughter

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: August 04, 2014 Hayley Meijer Comments (0) The daughter of an American billionaire was allegedly stalked by a British man she was married to, a court heard. James Casbolt, 37, is accused of stalking Haley Meijer and sending mass emails containing pictures of her. Casbolt, of St Ives, Cornwall, entered no plea to an allegation of stalking and causing alarm or distress at Truro Magistrates Court. He is also accused of sending mass e-mails containing photographs and videos to family and friends and posting them on the Internet for public viewing, during October and July.   The case was sent to Truro Crown Court on August 22. Casbolt was given bail with conditions not to …


Tomorrow’s Super-Soldiers Will Wear Night Vision Contact Lenses

As the Pentagon continues to build a lighter, faster and stronger soldier of the future, new technology that could provide night vision without bulky goggles has caught the Army’s eye. Researchers at the University of Michigan, Ted Norris and Zhaohui Zhong, have created a super-thin infrared light sensor using graphene — an atom-thin material related to graphite — that could be layered onto contact lenses. Graphene absorbs infrared rays and translates them into an electrical signal, in a similar fashion to how silicon chips work with visible light in a digital camera. The team of engineers and computer scientists placed an insulating layer between two graphene layers and then added electric current. When infrared light hits the layered product, its electrical reaction …


My Scientist Guy

As told by A. Hi I would like to share my experiences about my scientist guy. I was going to cheat and just copy/past stuff from my online journal. However, for some odd reason they’ve been deleted from my online journal. Can’t imagine why. You would think whoever deleted them on me would of taken the time to do a good job by deleting entries where I mention going to see a movie in theater with a friend then after the movie, I talked to him about my scientist guy.. I mean Geez if your going to do a job at least do it right. Wow, it’s a good thing said friend talked me into getting a book and writing …



Published on Aug 1, 2014 This is my 2nd interview with CAPTAIN MARK RICHARDS. This contains my recall backed by handwritten notes from on site in Vacaville Prison with the help of his wife, Jo Ann Richards. I spent nearly 4 hours this time talking with him and have carefully chronicled his testimony to the best of my ability as closely to his own words as possible under the circumstances. The subject matter covers the Secret Space Program and our relations with various ET races both on and off planet. Our current level of technology and the ET connection between governments around the world and the military. I will be posting a copy of his recent letter detailing the location …


Channeled Messages from Anon

Suicide Rates Will Increase In 2020 suicide will be the first cause of death. More US troops die from suicide than combat already. The increase of USA’s suicide rate corresponds with use of psychotropic drugs. Warning: If you read the side effects it lists possible psychotic episodes with violence like those murderous rampages and suicide. If people are depressed they need to fix their diets, take melatonin, magnesium and vitamins. The leading cause of death right now is democide because the government poisons your food, water, and air supply. This fact will never make the stats because they are dishonest about their Agenda 21 population reduction eugenics. Instead we hear about cancer and heart disease or organ failures, but they …



The Secret Criminal Part of  Our Own Societies      Gang stalking is a lethal secret program that is designed to inconspicuously destroy literally every aspect of a person’s life.        Victims of  “gang stalking” (Also called “organized stalking” or “Cause Stalking”) have been thought to be only political figures or popular individuals, but this is not the truth. Hitler used these tactics against the Jews. Our own government uses them against what are perceived as possible threats. And sadistic occult members use them against anyone they choose. Countless numbers of ordinary people are becoming victims of this criminal program. Apparently all it takes is to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, or to upset, reject, or be disliked by, …