Captain Mark Richards Letters

These are two recent letters from Captain Mark Richards referencing details pertaining to  (SEE MARK RICHARDS INTERVIEW TWO):

Note :  the cut-outs are portions removed at Mark’s request…

Read more about undersea bases in Malibu, NSA spying on fiber optic transatlantic cables, and the construction of spaceports in 2018.


MR Letter 7.27.2014 p1

MR LETTER 7.27.3014 P2

MR 8.3.2014 P1

MR 8.3.2014 P2


One thought on “Captain Mark Richards Letters

  1. Very interesting. I’d love to talk to Mark. One thing is weird though, I thought he wasn’t allowed to write out of the prison and people couldn’t even leave with notes, hence Kerry’s total recall interviews where she had to just jump in the car and tell us what Mark had said right away before she forgot details. Has he been given permission to release info? Or maybe he’s allowed to write to his wife? Either way good read.


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