By Fritz Springmeier

This is a short post to follow up the article on those 5 Walmart’s mysteriously closing, as well as some new info on our military & Jade Helm 15. What changes are on the horizon for us??

PORTLAND OR, HAPPY VALLEY WALMART 82ND AVE. A resident who lives across the street told me that in the last week they have gone to Walmart repeatedly with warnings of how the store is being massively ripped off. A hole was made in the fence and people were passing out a large number of items to people outside of the fence. On another day a door on the side of the building that is normally shut was left open and large numbers of people were stealing through this door. The resident said she and her adult son had gone over 4 times and that the Walmart employees acted uninterested in their warnings and each time simply shrugged and said, “We can’t do anything about it.” What? This store was one that stayed opened 24-7 but it has recently started closing from 12 to 6 a.m. There are other Walmarts in the country that are similarly backing off on their hours.

LAS VEGAS, NV. N. RAINBOW BLVD. This large Walmart near the Interstate is putting all of its fixed items on wheels, as if they need to set the store up to be emptied at a moment’s notice. No explanation was given to why. There are unsubstantiated reports of the World Order’s tunnel system connecting to some Walmarts. I have no doubt that the tunnel system exists, & it would not surprise me that some of it has exit/entrances at certain Walmarts.

BRANDON SUPER WALMART, Brandon, FL. This was the Walmart in Florida that was supposedly closed for plumbing, but no plumbing work is being done. However, they have cleared the parking lot, taking things down. They appear to be clearing it for some activity.

WAGE PROBLEMS. Some people are saying the Walmarts are being closed due to labor problems, but there are places where Walmart employees are disgruntled with their wages (like Oregon) and doing things about it…yet they were not closed. The full time Walmart workers reportedly average S12.96. In all Walmart has at least 1.3 million employees, most being part time. I still find the closures of these 5 Walmarts mysterious, and find the best explanation to be something associated with the bigger picture…like Jade Helm 15. Lots of speculation is going on about Jade Helm 15, and I heard, but have not verified, that Colorado has been dropped as one of the states for Jade Helm 15.

JADE HELM 15, and TODAY’S MILITARY. I listen to armed patriots discuss how they can defeat the govt.’s military forces. I don’t think these people realize how upgraded the military is from when I was in the army at the end of the Vietnam War. The military has extremely accurate maps developed from satellites (& who knows what else) that they distribute to non-commissioned officers which become 3-D when light is shone on them. An attack can be planned on a house in detail because of such accurate 3-D maps. The American military is fully informed about where its “blue” forces & the enemy (“red”) are located. Computer maps show in real time where all the blue vehicles are. Any mine or bomb will be displayed on computer maps so that all blue forces know what the enemy is doing.

The new sniper rifles (I think they are called XM25s) fire a .300 winmag bullet, but the rifles are far superior to a Model 700 Remington, which was not shabby. Another new sniper rifle was the XM110. As the film “American Sniper” (based on an actual sniper) showed, the military’s good snipers using .50 caliber sniper rifles, can hit people from over a mile.

A backpack that is carried can have its rockets launched to clear an area of all mines & bombs. Say an intersection is mined. Well, a few seconds later it is cleared. The night fighting ability is tremendous, and is a likely time for strikes. The ground troops have direct radio contact with fighter bombers which now have pin point accuracy. The ability of the military to identify & take out a target with precision & speed is incredible. It is completely different than when I was in the military, and aircraft were expected to miss their targets with their bombs. Now a pilot is called on the carpet and is seriously in trouble if he misses. Today’s military is far more flexible… made up of small units that can be re-assembled & tailored to fit a mission. They can also be put together in a package with other national forces like for instance, the Australians to carry out a mission. I have been hearing some of military officials conversing with civilians to make sure Jade Helm 15 runs smoothly.

CASH ON THE WAY OUT? Another tidbit, which in the bigger scheme of things may relate…Chase Manhattan sent out letters telling some customers they no longer wanted cash or precious metals stored in their safe deposit boxes. Some of their bank employees have been calling for the elimination of cash.

One can see the direction things are heading in this nation! It is a path that resembles what the German people went through with the rise of the Nazi party in the 1930’s, except this time, their technology is superior.


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The Mars Colony and the Government Connection to Aliens

Is there a colony on Mars that has been operating for years in secret? The government conspiracy to keep alien contact quiet, along with time travel and teleportation is shared by Laura Eisenhower. The deeper truth of the illuminati, DNA inherited access to human enlightenment and evolution, and the decades long affiliation that governments have had with extraterrestrials is discussed in this excerpt from the Buzzsaw interview.

Watch the full length Buzzsaw here:

Solar Warden

Written by AR Bordon not even a month before his departure…….

“A whole different ballgame, mes amis. Who are the combatant commands in the US military command structure. One you already know about, which is the one that counts! Let me put it this way: there is an Earth consortium of nations funding the real space programs (plus a few power groups with lots of megamillions of euros and dollars); these are the guys that train and provide the manpower for 27 very large ships capable of reaching Andromeda (the galaxy) in about two weeks.My numbers may be a bit off, but the crucial ones are dead center. This is one consortium. Then there is another consortium – of extraterrestrial groups! This whole thing is more or less of a partnership, boys and girls. Some of you got advanced copy of early versions of blog materials. It gets MORE interesting as we go along. The integration is incredible! The good news: not everything is bad or in the nature of a conspiracy. Secrecy, yes. There are forces at work, fellow travelers of which there is yet no mention in the public domain. These are some of the things, Alan, eliro wanted to bring out but was still muzzled!

There is a whole lot more, but you’all have to wait. There is so much information and so little time!”