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By Fritz Springmeier This is a short post to follow up the article on those 5 Walmart’s mysteriously closing, as well as some new info on our military & Jade Helm 15. What changes are on the horizon for us?? PORTLAND OR, HAPPY VALLEY WALMART 82ND AVE. A resident who lives across the street told me that in the last week they have gone to Walmart repeatedly with warnings of how the store is being massively ripped off. A hole was made in the fence and people were passing out a large number of items to people outside of the fence. On another day a door on the side of the building that is normally shut was left open and …



Join Dr Michael Salla at 2015 Mount Shasta Conference to hear new information about up to ten secret space programs indigenous to Earth secretly conducting extraterrestrial diplomacy. Dr Salla will present the latest on what is known about each of the space programs and their relations with different extraterrestrial civilizations. He will describe the recent arrival of new off-world groups such as the “Sphere Alliance,” and their impact on existing human extraterrestrial relations and humanity’s future.


The Mars Colony and the Government Connection to Aliens

Is there a colony on Mars that has been operating for years in secret? The government conspiracy to keep alien contact quiet, along with time travel and teleportation is shared by Laura Eisenhower. The deeper truth of the illuminati, DNA inherited access to human enlightenment and evolution, and the decades long affiliation that governments have had with extraterrestrials is discussed in this excerpt from the Buzzsaw interview. Watch the full length Buzzsaw here:


Solar Warden

Written by AR Bordon not even a month before his departure……. “A whole different ballgame, mes amis. Who are the combatant commands in the US military command structure. One you already know about, which is the one that counts! Let me put it this way: there is an Earth consortium of nations funding the real space programs (plus a few power groups with lots of megamillions of euros and dollars); these are the guys that train and provide the manpower for 27 very large ships capable of reaching Andromeda (the galaxy) in about two weeks.My numbers may be a bit off, but the crucial ones are dead center. This is one consortium. Then there is another consortium – of extraterrestrial …


UFO And Alien Egyptian Artifacts Discovered In Jerusalem Kept Secret By Rockefeller Museum?

[youtube] Alien and UFO circles are abuzz with claims of incredible ancient Egyptian artefacts discovered in the former Jerusalem home of the famous Egyptologist Sir William Petrie, items that “could rewrite ancient Egyptian history” and indeed the history of the world as we know it! A YouTube video released by the website Paranormal Crucible purports to show ancient Egyptian sculpture artefacts originally found in the “Giza complex,” but reportedly taken away from Petrie’s Jerusalem home by representatives of the Rockefeller (say no more!) Archaeological Museum shortly after they were found, according to the website UFO Sightings Daily. According to the Shepard Ambellas, editor-in-chief of the “alternative news” website Intellihub News, the alien Egyptian artefacts were discovered hidden in a secret room behind …



Hi Steve, Thank you for all you are doing. I am a physician.Last fall, I had a very interesting conversation with a patient who is a trucker. I asked her if she knew anything about deep underground military bases, and then I played ignorant to see what she would say. Without further prompting, she informed me she is an independent contractor trucker, driving 18-wheeler rigs cross-country. She said the bases are real and are located all over the country, “especially under the mountains out West”. She said one of her main contracts over the last few years has been with DHS. She said there are underground roads running all over the United States, connecting the underground facilities. She said she …