Stalin’s Ancient Alien Rocket

Michael Hesemann’s recent findings about Soviet UFO research have emerged because these secrets are no longer closely guarded by a paranoid totalitarian culture (1).  The collapse of the Soviet system has allowed the Generals to freely discuss their work on the UFO question, and the remarkable data the Russians collected about this enigma.  There is a consensus of opinion among those Russian officers interviewed by Hesemann and his colleagues that UFOs are real, and not of this Earth.

The Russians are far more candid about this than we would have expected.  In fact, their stark message about UFO reality can sometimes read like a sensationalist tabloid headline.  Only, they’re serious people with a serious message.  Is it our Western cultural bias that causes us to struggle with the image of 3-star Russian generals openly and seriously discussing the extra-terrestrial origins of UFOs?

On 19th November 2002, Pravda, that old bastion of communist propaganda, published an article about Stalin’s deep interest in flying saucers, and the many military and scientific bodies set up by the Soviets to secretly investigate the phenomenon.  Incredibly, Pravda also described an alleged retrieval of an alien artefact during archeological digs in Kiev, near the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. After all, this is the word of Pravda, the voice of Russia.

I first read about this in ‘The Editor’, a weekly global news summary published by The Guardian newspaper.  Entitled ‘Stalin was a UFO Obsessive’, it covered the Pravda story thus:

“The US government might have spent more than half a century trying to convince suspicious conspiracy theorists that no UFO ever crashed at Roswell, New Mexico, but one man never believed the story.  That man, according to Pravda (Nov 19), was Joseph Stalin.  The Soviet dictator apparently thought the US was covering up with its story of a weather balloon crashing, so he ordered senior scientists to investigate.

“In order to assess the situation, the scientists recommended that Stalin organise special investigations of similar phenomena.  As a result, a number of programmes to study UFOs were launched in the USSR…Until the end of the 90s, there were seven research institutes and about 10 secret military departments of the [former] Soviet defence ministry that studies UFO phenomena.”  In fact, suggests Pravda, one UFO-related discovery – the remains of an ancient alien rocket – provided vital technical knowledge for the Soviet space programme. The paper, once home to endless accounts of Communist party congresses, did not offer any evidence to back this assertion.” (2)

On first inspection, the historical accuracy of this account published by the Guardian seemed dubious, in that Stalin was dead long before the Roswell incident later came under public scrutiny.  The story had indeed been allegedly covered up in 1947 with the weather balloon in General Ramey’s office, but the story didn’t get properly aired until Stanton Friedman’s initial investigation in the 1970s.  In between, the Roswell incident had been long forgotten.  So if Stalin had heard of the Roswell incident, Soviet Intelligence must have picked up the initial story in the summer of 1947 when it was published widely in the American press (Stalin died in March 1953). And they must have given it a lot more thought than the Americans themselves did.

Other quotes from Pravda about extensive investigations into UFOs by the Soviet Union have been borne out by Hesemann and others.  So, was Stalin really knowledgeable about Roswell, when the rest of the world had accepted the cover story?  In his 1998 book ‘The Soviet UFO Files’ Paul Stonehill, the director of the Russian Ufology Center, confirms Stalin’s intense interest in UFOs (3).  Stalin had appointed several eminent Russian scientists to study the phenomenon and report back to him personally.  Among them was Sergei Korolyov, who was summoned to the Kremlin by Stalin in 1947 to study a mass of foreign newspapers and books.  His conclusion, mirrored by similar investigations by other prominent Soviet scientists sequestered by Stalin, was that UFOs were not foreign weapons presenting an immediate threat, but that the phenomenon was real and did need investigating.  Stonehill notes that investigations by Dr Richard Haines revealed that the Soviet archives contain no documents about Stalin’s UFO files.  Nevertheless, evidence suggests he had a personal interest in the phenomenon and ordered some of the best scientific minds in Russia to assess the situation on his behalf.

So Stonehill’s account of Stalin’s interest in UFOs corroborates the Guardian and Pravda, and suggests that the lack of official documentary evidence in Stalin’s Soviet archives from 1947 has helped the USAF to continue their denial of a UFO crash retrieval at Roswell.  Are the Russians helping the Americans to keep a lid on Roswell? The Guardian story indicates that Pravda itself has no such inclination.  Martin Cosnette, of ‘Cosmic Conspiracies’ helped me to obtain a copy of the Pravda article, translated by Maria Gousseva.  The Pravda article does indeed claim that Stalin was aware of Roswell, and that the Soviet leadership was not as easily duped as the American public regarding General Ramey’s weather balloon.

It goes further, claiming that Stalin personally controlled a secret scientific project to back-engineer an ancient space rocket discovered by archeologists under the city of Kiev in 1948.  Discoveries made by those scientists, who included Korolyov, were later made use of by the Soviet space programme in an attempt to win the Space Race.   And apart from the Moon landings, they did just that.

This incredible account relies heavily on the testimony of the ‘famous Soviet archeologist and artist and journalist Sukhoveyev’ who tells of the experiences of his father, Khvoika, an archeologist who was summoned to Kiev to study the retrieved object.  Khvoika described to his son the discovery of a ‘small, silver device’ that appeared to be a space rocket that had originated from an ancient civilisation.  The Soviets rapidly took control of the situation:

“When workers demolished ruins in 1948, they came across the mentioned mysterious object. The find was dug up, cut into pieces, and loaded onto trucks. The parts were taken to a secret testing area in the Moscow region. The father of the journalist was sent there as well as an expert in ancient languages; he was to translate the inscriptions inside the space ship. It was the Sanscrit language, which is now a dead language.” (4)

Research carried out on this device, and the information contained within it, eventually helped the Soviet space programme, says Pravda.  But a different description of the ancient device, and its controversial contents, is offered by Paul Stonehill:

“A Soviet archeological expedition was engaged in excavations in Kiev, at a site on Reitarskaya Street.  They made a discovery that was to be kept secret by the Soviet Union for 40 years.  Those involved in the discovery are fearful even today to reveal their names. One of them reluctantly talked to a Kiev newspaper in 1993.  He said that the archeologists found a burial vault at a depth of 16 feet that contained a massive chest.  Inside the chest the archeologists found 500 books, written in Arabic, Greek, Sanskrit and Slavic languages.

“The books contained drawings: constructions of orbital stations, hangars for spaceships, and scenes from something like Star Wars.  The books also contained the original manuscript, Slovo o polku Igoreve, about the exploits of ancient Prince Ivor, written by chronicler Pyotr Borislavovich.  The MVD (secret police) arrived within hours, placed the findings in three covered trucks, and took them away.  The archeologists were warned to keep silent about the whole episode.  They did, until 1993 when a report appeared in Dzhentry newspaper (Issue #5) in Vladivostok.” (3)

The implication of this account is that the chest belonged to a Russian who had collected many wonderful ancient manuscripts and books, who had hidden them for safe keeping in a vault below the streets of Kiev.  This is in contrast with the Pravda account of the discovery of an actual device, presumed to be an ancient space rocket.  In fact, neither of these accounts directly implicates UFOs as responsible for the origin of this mysterious object.  The connection with UFOs is implied through association in Pravda’s article. However, the object is consistently referred to as an artefact of an ancient civilisation on this planet that was capable of space exploration.  This is, of course, also absolutely incredulous, requiring one to connect this account with ancient astronaut theories, or Atlantis myths.

One suspects that Pravda has succumbed to a certain amount of exaggeration, possibly reflecting an evolution of this story since it first entered the public domain in 1993, and that the device was indeed a ‘treasure chest’ of remarkable texts and manuscripts rather than an actual ancient space rocket.  But nevertheless, did those secrets include ancient science sufficiently advanced to aid the Soviet space programme?  Pravda seems to think so.  In which case the implications for our knowledge of our own origins are profound.

© Andy Lloyd 27th November 2002


  1. A. Lloyd “The Unofficial Review” UFO Magazine p13-4 November/December 2002
  2. “Stalin was a UFO Obsessive” The Editor (p15), The Guardian 23rd November 2002
  3. P. Stonehill “The Soviet UFO Files” Ch2, Bramley Books 1998
  4. “Stalin’s UFOs” Pravda.RU, ,19th November 2002, translated by Maria Gousseva

Man sneaks up on Area 51 “Cammo Dudes,” they get mad (Video)


Man sneaks up on Area 51 “Cammo Dudes,” they get mad (Video)

Area 51 is known for its high security and secrecy. Visitors to the roads leading into the base can spot white trucks on the hills watching your every move. Glenn Campbell, a former Area 51 researcher, decided to visit the base for old time’s sake, which ended up with him playing a little cat and mouse game with the Area 51 security guards, often referred to as “Cammo Dudes.” They are called Cammo Dudes, presumably becasue, well, they wear camouflage.

Campbell just posted a video (seen above) of his recent encounter yesterday, but he doesn’t say when exactly it took place.

Glenn Campbell recounting his encounter on YouTube. (Credit: Glenn Campbell/YouTube)

In the video, Campbell explains: “It was just like old times. I was out doing some research along the border of Area 51, which I haven’t seriously done in decades now. I was just south of Rachel, Nevada, and just north of the Nellis Range line. Wholly within public land when these guys, these Cammo Dudes, in a white pickup truck started following me. Now they were very shy fellows. Whenever I pointed my camera toward them they would back-up into the bush, and the only time I got close to them was when they screamed by me to get to their border.”

The Area 51 warning signs can be seen in this still of Campbell's video as the Cammo Dudes went speeding by after a gameof hide and seek. (Credit: Glenn Campbell/YouTube)

This part of the video is comical. Shepherd Johnson, an occasional contributor to, posted the video on the UFOUpdates Facebook group, commenting: “Reminds me of an old Looney Tunes cartoon.”

In the video, you can see the truck back up as Campbell films them, apparently attempting to hide behind a bush. The scene reminds me of a cat that hides its head with its back end out thinking it is now invisible. Needless to say, their attempt to hide was not very effective.

Can you spot the Area 51 Cammo Dudes hiding in this picture? (Credit: Glenn Campbell/YouTube)

If you said behind the green bush in the middles of the screen, you were right! Good job! (Credit: Glenn Campbell/YouTube)

However, it gets even funnier. This is when Campbell decided to have a little more fun.

“They were watching me from a safe distance wherever I went, and I decided to play a little game on them,” explained Campbell. “I parked my car on one side of the road and walked up on the hills on that side. As they watched from the distance, I snuck around the back and came up behind them.”

In the video Campbell sneaks up on the truck filming and giggling the entire time. He almost gets right in front of the truck before he is noticed.

Campbell sneaking up on the Cammo Dudes. (Credit: Glenn Campbell/YouTube)

Campbell films Cammo Dudes in their truck. They are still not aware he is there. He gets nearly in front of the vehicle before being noticed. (Credit: Glenn Campbell/YouTube)

One of the Cammo Dudes jumped out of the truck and yelled: “Want me to take that camera from you?”

Campbell yelled back as he began running away: “You have no authority to take that camera!”

Cammo Dude gets out of the truck and yells at Campbell. (Credit: Glenn Campbell/YouTube)

Campbell says he kept running away at that point. He says the Cammo Dudes apparently went their way as he went his.

At the end of the video, Campbell ponders: “Now these fellas in the white pickup truck, these Cammo Dudes, they are not government employees. They work for a private contractor that works for the government. Still, I am wondering what the government’s policy is. Are we back to seizing film and cameras just like the 1990s. If we are, we are in for a grand old time.”

Man sneaks up on Area 51 “Cammo Dudes,” they get mad (Video)


A bizarre conspiracy theory touted as a “bombshell” is currently being circulated in the conspiracy theory blogosphere. According to conspiracy theorists, the U.S. was behind the deadly twin blasts that devastated a large area of one of China’s major ports in Tianjin, killing more than 100 people.

The Pentagon, according to The Unhived Mind and Michael Allen Adams’ Natural News, caused the explosion with a weapon launched from space but tried to disguise it as an accident.

Natural News cites a 2004 article by Popular Science describing the operation of a hypothetical space-based weapons system dubbed “Rods from God” to support its conspiracy theory speculation that the Chinese were hit by a spaced-based weapon fired by Pentagon.

But Popular Science makes it clear that the technology for the hypothetical “kinetic-energy” space weapon it described was “very far out in miles and years.”

But according to conspiracy theorists, the latest incident is evidence that China and U.S. are already at war over recent disputes.



Scene Of The Tianjin Explosion

Pentagon launched the attack as a “kinetic retaliation” against China for devaluating the Yuan because Washington construes the move as intended to collapse the U.S. economy.

“The ‘Rod of God’ weapon consists primarily of a kinetic weapon arriving with unimaginable kinetic energy…”

Natural News claims that its sources said that Pentagon launched the attack specifically to forestall the Chinese government’s planned announcement of a gold-backed currency and “fire sale” of its U.S. debt holding.

According to the alleged “sources,” such action by the Chinese could trigger total collapse of the U.S. economy and crash the dollar. Thus, the “kinetic-energy weapon” attack was meant to warn Beijing to reconsider the move.

Recalling that the action comes soon after the U.S. warned China about its agents seeking dissidents within its borders and threats of retaliation from Washington following alleged Chinese cyber attacks targeted at U.S. systems, conspiracy theorists speculated that other related factors might have contributed to the desperate action by Washington.

Natural News cites a 2011 report by The Telegraph which quotes a U.S. strategy statement that “Washington will consider using conventional weaponry in response to a cyber-attack on the United States.”

The alleged space-based “Rod of God” weapon allows the U.S. military to take out any land-based target from high orbit. The website Unhived Mind claims that the crater resulting from the Tianjin explosion suggests that it could have been caused by “subsurface” burst of a 5 kiloton nuclear weapon.

Incredibly, Unhived Mind is claiming that the U.S. might have hit China with a nuclear weapon in retaliation against a decision by the Chinese to devalue their own currency!

“That’s eerily similar to the message sent by the United States in the dropping of the world’s first atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki… Yes, the USA is willing to drop weapons of mass destruction on civilian populations. It has already done it twice!”

Natural News claims that it obtained information from “mainland Chinese dissident sources” that the country’s authorities were investigating the incident but have implemented aggressive tactics to guard information they have obtained about the cause of the explosion.



A Miliary GPS Satellite In Orbit

The alleged sources asserted that the official explanation of the incident by the Chinese authorities was deliberate fabrication to allow the government to dissimulate while conducting further investigation into the cause of the explosion.

As part of efforts to impose a news black on the incident, the Chinese government cordoned off the area and banned reporters from accessing the site. The government also commenced a crackdown on bloggers it accused of promoting “conspiracy theories” about the incident.

“China has blacked out reporting on Tianjin in exactly the same way the U.S. media blacked out reporting on Dr. William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower who admitted the CDC buried evidence linking vaccines to autism.”

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists debate the target of the attack.

Some, according to the Daily Mail, claim that Pentagon targeted a Chinese government supercomputer, Tianhe-1A, located at the Chinese National Supercomputing Center close to the scene of the explosion.


The supercomputer is used by the Chinese military to run the country’s space program.

China’s official Xinhua news agency reports that the computer was shut down after the attack. According to officials, although the computer was not damaged or affected by the explosion, part of the building in which it was located was damaged.


Other conspiracy theorists claim that Pentagon launched the attack following a botched attempt to assassinate the Chinese President Hu Jintao. A source reportedly told the Indian NDTV that Hu Jintao was scheduled to travel through the area where the explosion took place but changed plans unexpectedly.

“The original plan was to wait until the Chinese communist meeting in Beidaihe to finish so when the high ranking officials returned, there will be an explosion on the railway between Tianjin and Heibei.”

Pentagon conspirators, according to conspiracy theorists, launched the attack to cover up incriminating evidence of a planned assassination attempt.

The speculations in the conspiracy theory blogosphere reflect rumors circulating in the correspondingthe Chinese-language conspiracy theory blogosphere.

Meanwhile, efforts to clear up the debris from the explosion were hampered by heavy rainfall.

The downpour raised fears that sodium cyanide contamination from a storage facility in the area could be spread by rainwater and that nearby water sources could become contaminated.

[Images: Getty; Wikimedia]

Obama Orders Hillary Clinton Arrest If Trump Assassinated

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An interesting report contained within the daily communiqué between the Federation Embassy in Washington D.C. and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) states that President Obama has issued a “stark threat” to the Clinton “political machine” that should New York billionaire Donald Trump be assassinated, or harmed in any way, Hillary Clinton will face immediate arrest.

According to this report, President Obama issued this threat personally to former President Bill Clinton this past Friday, 14 August, after he summoned the former US leader to meet him at the Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts.

This report notes that US propaganda media representations of this sudden meeting between Presidents Obama and Clinton called it a “surprise meeting”, but which Federation intelligence analysts contributing to this report label as “absurd” as the Secret Service, which protects both of them, know these leaders exact location every second of every day making such a surprise meeting impossible.

Fueling President Obama’s concern that the Clinton’s may be planning to kill Trump, this report says, are the over 90 suspicious deaths of their political enemies linked to them over the past nearly 30 years, as well as new polling showing that should this New York billionaire continue his campaign to become the next American President he would very likely defeat Hillary.

Of the most important death linked to the Clinton’s that has so angered President Obama, this report explains, was the 16 July 1999 assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr., who at the time of his death was planning to run for the New York State Senate seat Hillary ultimately won due to her having no further legitimate opposition.

President Obama’s “intimate knowledge” of the Clinton’s assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr., this report explains, had been related to him by Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg (John F. Kennedy Jr.’s sister and Obama’s present Ambassador to Japan) who was present at the US Supreme Court hearing that illegally gave the 2000 US Presidential election to George W. Bush and had witnessed for herself how the then President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary had secretly met with Justices just prior to their ruling. [Note: Gore’s promise to Caroline that should he become President he would reopen the investigation into both her brother and fathers deaths we had covered in a previous 2000 report.]

Equally concerning to President Obama that the Clinton’s are planning to assassinate Trump, this report says, is Hillary’s growing closeness to the Fox News Channel’s owner Rupert Murdoch, whose companies have now become the 9th largest donators of money to Hillary as she seeks the Presidency.

And with Fox News having failed in their effort to dethrone Trump from his commanding lead in the polls, this report warns, his assassination by the Clinton’s may be the only way to stop him.

As to how President Obama will be able to arrest Hillary Clinton should Trump be harmed, this report further explains, revolves around her personal email servers she illegally used while she was Secretary of State…and which are now in the possession of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Cybersecurity analysts contributing to this report state that Hillary’s secret servers were provided to her by Platte River Networks, whose Vice President, David DeCamillis, was criminally linked to the vast ponzi scheme empire run by Lou Pearlman who is currently serving 25 years in prison for stealing over $300 million.

Unbeknownst to Hillary Clinton about Platte River Networks though, these cybersecurity analysts state, was that this company was partnered with the US telecom giant AT&T, and whom the New York Times revealed today, based on Edward Snowden documents, has been in a secret partnership with the National Security Agency (NSA) providing to them billions of emails from all of their servers.

Significantly about Platte River Networks use of AT&T to transmit their emails through, this report says, is that from day one, all of the emails Hillary Clinton sent and received are now in the possession of the NSA.

Important to note, this report further states, is that under US law, “any and all” letters, emails, journals, etc., written by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State are classified, and which former US Army General David Petraeus belatedly discovered early this year after he was convicted for allowing his mistress-biographer to read his private journals.

Even more concerning to Hillary Clinton should President Obama seek to arrest her, this report warns, is the case involving the highly decorated US Marine Major Jason Brezler, who in a frantic effort to save the lives of his men, inadvertently sent a classified email to them using, like Hillary Clinton, a private server and is now facing decades in prison for doing so.

With Hillary Clinton still acting like she is above the law stating such things that she loves Snapchat because “those messages disappear all by themselves”, and one of her own released emails proving she was reading a book on how to delete them, this report concludes, her ignoring of President Obama’s threat to arrest her is being done at her own peril…especially when viewed in the light of Secret Service ordering the immediate hiring of 1,100 more agents to protect not only Trump, but any other “political obstacle” that may get in the Hillary’s way.

August 16, 2015 © EU and US all rights reserved.  Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]

CIA Dr Robert Duncan & Tyrone Dew interview

CIA Engineer Dr Robert Duncan & Tyrone Dew 2nd interview explaining the HORRIFIC TRUTH of Satellite Directed Energy Weaponry Terrorism and Motive of Naval Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis & FSU Myron May

Mass Secret Torture Of American Citizens Confirmed By CIA Engineer

Dr. Robert Duncan

A CIA Engineer has revealed the ongoing mass secret torture of American Citizens by antenna technology. And he says there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

This information was revealed on national TV, only days before the Mayan doomsday date of December 21, 2012.

A nervous Dr. Robert Duncan revealed to Jesse Ventura that “the government is doing this” with “voice of God (VOG) weapons” that he helped develop. Duncan stated that the antenna weapon abuse is “absolutely” happening to American citizens today, who are being “worse than abused, they are being tortured”. Duncan has degrees from Harvard and MIT, and worked for the government and CIA immediately upon graduation. He says he no longer works on the VOG antenna program, although he was one of the chief engineers during it’s inception.

Duncan said that the GWEN tower emergency system could easily be transformed and used to broadcast the signals to cause the painful effects that thousands of TI’s have reported. Duncan said the reason for the antenna weapon attacks on targeted citizens is “world domination, control the populace, from subconsciously to consciously”. Ventura replied “now we have a motive, controlling the world, controlling dissenters, controlling you and me”.

mark phillips cia

Duncan also stated that a plethora of secret government mind control programs are ongoing and active today. Mark Phillips, an ex-CIA operative, reinforced and validated Duncan’s information presented on the show.

Duncan said that the operations are being carried out by shadow elements within the government who “are not necessarily our president or our elected officials”. “These are people who can’t be removed, and they’re difficult to find. They hide in the dark crevices”. Duncan said he doesn’t believe that there is any way to stop the VOG system, and when asked by Ventura if he was afraid of retribution that could come from revealing this information, Duncan replied that he didn’t fear death.

Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” team presented a United States map that showed a direct correlation between the locations of GWEN towers and populated areas where TIs have reported symptoms that could be attributed to the VOG weapon.

Journalist Vic Livingston

While Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” program alluded that only GWEN towers were transmitting the signals, others, such as journalist Vic Livingston, have said that the VOG weapon system has already been secretly deployed on some ordinary looking cell towers nationwide. The cell towers containing the VOG weapon have Delta-T antenna formations located at the peak of the towers. Livingston says “a “cell tower” can house consumer cellphone antennae OR the weapon system” or “conceivably BOTH”.

Ventura stated that “targeted individuals” with symptoms caused by the VOG weapons are “not crazy, remember that”. Ventura ended the show saying the the VOG conspiracy is real, “I knew it had to be true”, “we heard it from the source”, “I don’t buy that it can’t be stopped”, “we’ve shined a light on these rats”.

The VOG weapon system is apparently capable of broadcasting a wide range of painful effects; burning and prickly sensations, dizziness, nausea, pain, mood alteration, buzzing, vibration, sleepiness, unconsciousness, hearing noises such as tones or tinnitus, and causing the victim to hear human voices. In addition, it has been reported that the VOG weapon is fully capable of synthetic telepathy, or thought transmission. Some victims experience only some, while others experience all of the effects.

Duncan says the technology has been perfected. In the past, people with these symptoms have been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic, but now the Voice Of God (VOG) technology is able to mimic the full or partial effects of schizophrenia, as well as pain, in it’s targeted victims. Torture.

Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory- S03E07 Brain Invaders

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