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The Bases Lectures Dr Robert Duncan Lecture 1

Dr Robert Duncan, expert in Cybernetics and Cyborg technologies and author of the book Soul Catcher (taken from British Telecom’s Soul Catcher program) delivers the first of two lectures at the 2015 Bases Project 2nd International Conference and Film Festival, held at St Johns Theatre on the Hill, Marlborough, Aug 1st 2015. Robert made a point to putting a positive spin on the modification of human beings to cyborgs, as its simply a natural part of the development of man from the cave. Not his words, but mind. The intention being to defuse the fear of having various types of advanced technology, from the nano-teck Google tattoo, to exoskeleton body suits. Miles first met Robert at Lorien Fenton’s Super Soldier …


“History has been altered and hidden from the eyes of the people of the world and I am here to reveal it to you…”

“History has been altered and hidden from the eyes of the people of the world and I am here to reveal it to you…” More of that speech by Mr. Soegi later. Four minute history lesson in HD, here “Bapak Soegi” (Mr. Soegi – sometimes spelled Mr. Sugi), known by some as Mr. Sino, is respectfully and affectionately called “Bapak” (Mr.) by his friends and close associates. Officially, he is known as: … K681 King of Kings MR.A1.SINO.AS.S”2”.IR.SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO,ST who is also referred to as M1 [Monetary One] and is the designated hereditary trustee all of the precious metals that are locked in vaults or buried throughout the Indonesian Archipelago. There is also the SwissIndo World Trust International Orbit, which describes …


2015 August 15 – Q & A with Cobra

2015 August 15 – Q & A with Cobra Dear Promise Friends, We wanted to get this up as soon as possible due me being tardy to get this to you. In the mean time until the transcript is complete please send your prayers to Mr. Truthseeker my newsfeed genius. He is having some health concerns and is taking a hiatus for some time. Though I do not follow his every post nor ENDORSE every word or article he shares on this page I am so grateful for his time and love to make that page an important source of information for this site. I hope you have been viewing his many posts here. Also the Mt Shasta Summer Conference …


The “Daily Download” & Guests Brad Kallio & James Rink – Aug 14, 2015

DAILY DOWNLOAD (Aug 14, 2015): Ryan Dernick from & Jonah Bolt cover the 24 hour Global Earth changes; Google testing drones in US airspace by piggybacking on NASA exemption; Open Source Plans for Modern Tesla Free Energy Generator Released to Public; President Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, former Pentagon consultant claims; CENSUS: Record 42.1 million immigrants in US, Mexicans drive latest surge; Congress UFO Secret Meeting 2015 – The Disclosure Projects–Contrary Elites Campaign For President To Release UFO Info; QUOTE OF THE DAY: “The scientitsts of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” – Nikola Tesla GAME OF THRONES Person of the …


Ancient UFO Discovered Under Temple in India.

Ancient UFO Discovered Under Temple in India. In the far south of India, opposite the island of Sri Lanka in the state of Kerala, sits an ancient mysterious temple containing six vaults that have been the subject of deep controversy. The Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Trivandrum is considered one of the wonders of the world, and a temple guarded in secrecy. The vaults contained inside have been protected by priests and lay within the twenty foot thick stone foundations of the main shrine. Many of the vaults have not been opened for over thousands of years. This week, under Kerala High Court authority, opening the vaults, which have been the subject of endless tales and legends, took place under the eyes …


Chronicles from the Future: A True Story Kept Hidden by the Masons now Revealed

Chronicles from the Future tells a remarkable story about a bizarre and incredible event experienced by Paul Amadeus Dienach, the author, who lived during the beginning of the previous century in central Europe. Dienach claims that during his one-year comatose state, brought about by a serious illness, his consciousness travelled to the future in a different body and stayed there for the entire duration of his coma.  Although this sounds impossible and indeed fanciful, Dienach’s written account was taken very seriously by the Freemasons, who kept his book as a closely guarded secret. There are many books containing prophecies and visions of future occurrences, however, none come close to the strange circumstances that happened to Dienach nearly a century ago. Only …


Human Cloning

If the truth were ever disclosed about all of the things your real government (there is truly only one) has learned and developed, they will give credit for the advancements that will follow to one technology above the rest. This has been like a skeleton key to those developing new technology and perfecting new methods of control. Why use someone with a family, a job, friends, children, when we can use a clone? Why use monkeys, pigs, rats, when we can use clones? A common use for clones is in simulations. Create a situation and have clones exist within it. Another is live testing. Need to test a new technology with a functioning human specimen? Use a clone. Even darker …