Whistleblower Aaron McCollum exposes ET manipulation, false flag at Festival of Enlightenment

James I want to share something with you that I saw on YouTube in a video interview. Please let me know what you think.

I was watching Alfred Lambremont Webre interviewing Aaron McCullom.  And everyone is always seeing reptilian shapeshifters. And This Aaron was shape shifting like crazy, but according to me, not into a reptilian but into some kind of other being.
After I watched this video I watched one of him being interviewed by Kerry Cassidy. And even though Aaron is wearing a hat in the video I saw him shapeshifter  than turn his eyes to the right and he gets a smeark on his face so he knows when it happens.
A few weeks ago I was on YouTube and watching someone’s shape shifting video and it was Aaron McCullom’s video. I was wondering what on earth is he doing. And he started talking about Alfred Lambremont Webre also being a shapeshifter. And wondered why he was talking like that? I did not pay anymore attention to that or try to look for anything. And the other night came across Alfred’s interview with Arron.  If you go to the beginning of 23:17 you will see what I mean.

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