Super Soldier Talk – Our Intergalactic Councils – Feat. Peter

Listen in as Peter shares insider information about various ET councils including Corteum, Labyrinth Group, Overseers, Council of Five, Numbers Group, Ashtar Command, Intergalactic Confederation, The Blue Avians. And discover the underground location of Monarch Solutions.

Peters Mint Tea Recipe:
3 Mint Tea Bags
¼ cup of Raw Honey
1 tsp cinnamon
½ Lemon
2 QTS Water

To sign up to obtain your own milab or ET related file please send an email to with the email header message “ET MILAB FILE (YOUR NAME)” and in the email include your skype ID and a brief summary of what you think is going on in your life in 10 sentences or less. Please follow directions if you desire to be selected for this free of charge service.

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Video edited and created by James Rink
Original Recording Date: May 22, 2016


One thought on “Super Soldier Talk – Our Intergalactic Councils – Feat. Peter

  1. Lol I have nada against Peter but I know who’s puppet he belongs to.I cannot stand how he tries to scare the humans.Its only getting better for the human race.Many humans are awake & others are awakening.Peter talking about how the Blue Avians fly like a bird & how they get it twisted.Blue Avians don’t FKN fly they just made themselves look like a bird so that they don’t look scary to the human race.Blue Avians are highly intelligent & are good & are on our side.The only shit that’s has hijacked our planet earth are the reptilians.Not all reptilians are bad only the ones running this planet.Peter is a puppet for the reptilians & he is very manipulative & when some alien race is positive,he goes around & changes it.So when its negative from him take it like a grain of salt.


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