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October, 2016


Abductions Are No Longer Tolerated

This is official communication from Metatron, Senior of the Archangels. There are various off-planet groups that have been conducting regular abductions on nearly 6 million people on this planet. The procedure generally goes like this: they portal in the victim in, take DNA sample, conduct experiments, or use the person for covert operations, and when they’re done, they time-travel the person back to the exact time they pulled the person out. They mind-swipe the memories of the victims so that they have no awareness of what just happened. Except that they see strange marks on their arms or in their mouth, or notice a few other oddities, and they may have strange dreams. These abduction victims are under constant surveillance …


Lee Bracker Dead at Age 53

Lee Brocker interviewed me at the 2013 super soldier summit in Los Vegas. I am sadden to hear of his passing. Here is an article he wrote about the super soldier summit. It saddens and pains us to inform our family and friends of the early loss of our son and brother, Lee Nevins Bracker (53). Though it was sudden and unexpected, Lee passed away peacefully in his sleep Sunday morning October Lee was part of the NHS graduating class of 1981 and was on the tennis team. He had mean forehand and serve. Many of you may remember Lee had great artistic talent and did incredible work with his hands. He applied his talented gifts towards his field of …


Super Soldier Talk – Penny Bradley – Secret Space Programs

In this revealing interview Penny Bradley bravely shares her story of how she survived experimentation at Montauk, childhood CIA assassin training, and 60 years in an U.S. Navy exchange program with the Deep Space fleet and Mars Colonies. After her service she was reaged and sent back to earth to live out the remainder of her life with health disabilities. If you like to learn more about James Rink, super soldiers, and milabs please visit: Read the Full Supertech DSF Story here Please support us with your tax deductible donations: If you like to learn more about how meditation technology can assist you please visit: Video edited and created by James Rink Original Recording Date: October …


Super Tech DSF – Super Talk Exclusive

Secret Space Program Background Info If you recall the story of Captain Randy Cramer aka Captain K , he claims that he spent 17 years  from 1987 to 2004 in a elite military unit that protected Martian citizens near Aries Primus, HQ of the MCC (Mars Colony Corporation) and the MDF (Mars Defense Force). His testimony suggests that NASA is lying that the atmosphere is 96% CO2 with trace amounts (0.15%) of O2. Apparently the air is very breathable similar to a warm day at 8000 to 9000 feet attitude on earth with thriving animal and plants ecosystems. In the 1940’s the Nazis used secret space technology to colonize the moon and equatorial regions on mars , but there was …


Chimera Group

Since the Archon invasion in 1996, there is an intense war going on in this Solar System. Right after 1996, the joint Draco-Reptilian fleet together with many factions of the Illuminati secret space program had almost total control of this Solar System. Many humans were forced to work for them as slaves, mining the asteroids. Draco forces tended to occupy the colonies in the outer Solar System, whereas the Illuminati focused more on the asteroid belt, Mars and the Moon. On the Moon, there was the traditional divide between the near side and the far side. The near side was occupied mostly by positive races, with the main exception of the Archimedes base, destroyed earlier in 1977, which belonged to …


***INTEL*** New Republic Update – Saturday – October 22, 2016

“Macro Transition” – New Republic Update – Saturday – October 22, 2016 Republic Update Saturday October 22, 2016 ———– All Republic macro transition security assets and special forces operatives are wheels up right now, weapons loaded, safeties off and in place ready to keep the peace. Same can be said for all North American banking personal… they’re all on ultra high alert at this hour. All have been told to expect “mission activation” anytime as of 8pm EDT yesterday through Sunday 8pm. Mass media outlets have all been briefed and have prepared information kits/edited pieces ready to broadcast and post on-line. Know that all senior print editors and tv news producers at all the major media brand names are very …



NEWS RELEASE – WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2016 US MILITARY “TIME TRAVELER” JOHN TITOR IS WILLING TO TESTIFY BEFORE CONGRESS ON DISCLOSURE In an attempt to push the disclosure of Extraterrestrial life and the existence of UFO’s, Lieutenant Colonel John Titor has made his intentions know by sending certified letters up the chain of command of the US Government and the UN. These letters will be received by Antonio Guterres, Ban Ki-Moon, President Barack Obama, Paul Ryan and Donald Trump. John writes “I request that I be allowed to address a joint session of the United States Congress at the first opportunity regarding off world species that the United States government and military has been in contact with together.” This year …


Etherics (scuttlers) / Nanodrink

Etherics (scuttlers) / Nanodrink Hi James, I experienced some years ago a something I think was a nanotech attack that was delivered to me over a cocktail that I drank in a big hotel in Munich that caused a three weeks long amnesia and loss of pain and feelings and facial recognition for that period. Glad that I recovered.I think that some group or agents must have known it over a telephone appointment I had with a friend that we would go to that Hotel for some drinks. Actually felt that something was in the cocktail when it was close to me but I was convinced that it would help me & and also not in a way. It tasted metallic and some parts …


"Monumental" – New Republic Intel – October 19, 2016

5:15:00 PM  Emailed, Intel Received via email at 3:34 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles   “Monumental” Republic Update October 19, 20160 What a proud, proud day to be American as our Republic has been fully restored and shall now be revealed to the world as whole and functioning without a coups d’etat shot fired on our shore. On Tuesday, current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) Wisconsin was sworn in as the 45th President of the Republic. You read that right. Paul Ryan is the new American president and Commander-in-Chief. This event was a red carpet event done on a Native American Sovereign Reservation for security and legal purposes because Washington D.C., does not require its citizens …