Super Soldier Talk –Martial Law USA and Skynet – Peter and Adrian

Peter gives us the latest on the implications of President Trump, upcoming EMP attack, life in martial law civil war America and 5D earth. Then Adrian will teach us about Skynet and a message from Allen the head of Skynet.


2 thoughts on “Super Soldier Talk –Martial Law USA and Skynet – Peter and Adrian

  1. I FUCKIN LOVE YOUR INTERVIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111oneoneone GREAT SHOW AND ETC. but will you ask Peter about indigo people? will he tell smth about them? cause im indigo and im looking for my fellas and want to unlock parts of subcounsciousnes and regain my old me, my old abilities and just remind many other things. Would you? thx

    Aaaaand i was very touch when he mentioned about PC games that part of them may describe reality or just give an example of it, like “life is strange”. When i just heard about this game, my intuition told me that this is smth worth to try, smth more than just game. When i played it, i immediately realized that this is game telling about indigo girl, whos looking after her friend, kidnapped by government for kind of mind controll program. Would you ask Peter are events showed in this game are real and are those people swhowed in the game exist for real? And are there indigos on Earth, who are awakend so strongly, that can have such mental/psychic abilities even without any genetic modifications/microchips implanted? Thx again


    And btw, what is this supreme600 name of your channel ? 😀


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