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Cloning Centers

June 10, 2016 Initial Explanation Many celebrities, entertainers, athletes, musicians, models, writers, producers, actors, all kinds of people from various industries are silently brought to the cloning centers for pay-to-play sessions. They asked me to pass the message on to you and that you would have to look for the signs and symbols in their media in order to see their hinting at these events. The Beginning of Soul Transfer The situation is heavily controlled using advanced monitoring technology and brainwave/EEG cloning technology. This is technology that can read the brain and determine what the mind is anticipating or speculating upon. Their reputations are used as leverage as well as their safety and comfort. The level of programming and mind …


Remembering SSP Operational Missions & What Happened

  In the Remembering Secret Space Program Operational Missions & What Happened information is provided about how the Earth Alliance handles briefing high ranking government officials on disclosure and none disclosure protocols, how program asset op missions are arranged, and memory recall of such a mission op as an example.



A Report By Cherry Hinkle, With The Help Of A Few Chosen, As Requested – Those Friends Remain Unnamed. This facility is a genetics lab and is connected to Los Alamos, via tube-shuttle; every day visitors, workers and other government agents slip into that Base without a hint to the surface world. The workers quietly work deep below the forty mile circular Base – and the underground facility has at least seven levels – and it is thought there may be twice that many levels. Tom Castello witnessed several “off limits” elevators – and to me, that sure looks like there is deeper than a mere seven levels in this sinister facility. Part of the government’s research is related to …


Super Soldier Talk – Elena and Tony Rodriguez – Exploring the Secret Space Programs

Tony and Elena share more of their experiences in the secret space program, learn more about memory Recovery, neurolink implants, Martian toilets, Soul Transfers, Elena’s Recent attacks from Akenesha and Laren; and Tony shares his experiences being eaten by mantoids, Nazi SSP currency, and his life on Ceres, a planetoid in the asteroid belt. Elena’s Website is Awakening Cosmic Reality Show Life on Ceres If you like to learn more about James Rink, super soldiers, and milabs please visit: Please support us with your tax deductible donations: If you like to learn more about how meditation technology can assist you please visit: Video edited and created by James Rink Original Recording Date: January 29, …



They FINALLY pulled the drain plug in the swamp in Washington DC and brought down the nation’s NUMBER ONE TERRORIST! The military has a April Fools surprise for the bad guys! Starting at 4 am this morning, the US Military paid a special visit to some cabal members here in the States! The mass arrests of all the top cabal started this morning with the take down of none other than former CEO/president Barack Hussein (insane) Obama (real name Barry Soetoro)! At 4 am this morning the military paid Obama a SPECIAL VISIT and now Obama is singing like a song bird! Meanwhile, Theresa May, the new Prime Minister in England, has started by taking down all those involved with …