Clif High: Pissin’ in the Woo-Woo Pond & Alfred Webre on the Corruption of Gaia TV [video]

Corey Goodes Blue Avian ET’s approached the ACIO and offered to help humanity in exchange for experiments in changing the laws of physics in this section of the galaxy, their offer was flatly turned down. What agenda is behind Corey Goode is yet to be revealed but it doesn’t appear to be a good one. Also David Wilcock is not the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, that belongs to a woman in Chicago. David Wilcock sometimes gets information form the same spirit guides that guided Cacye but they are not the same reincarnation.   -James Rink 
It’s really unfortunate that there is such a profound rift in the enlightened community, but deception is everywhere and it can be very difficult to identify.
It seems that Clif takes exception to the marketing efforts of David Wilcock, Jay Weidner and James Corey/Corey Goode regarding the not-so-secret space programs and various claims made by Corey Goode.
He says their activities have had a big enough impact on his spiders and linguistics that he had to go to extra work to accommodate the ripples. He has strong feelings about their version of “intel”, beginning at the 25 minute mark of the video to the very end. Clif asks them to stop what they’re doing as they may soon be sorry.
Alfred Lambremont Webre apparently seconds the emotion in his remarks on Facebook, below the video and connects the dots between Gaia TV, Contact in the Desert, and more with some surprising intel.
It appears Carl Boudreau’s warnings as to intolerance of deception were right on the mark.  ~ BP

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Uploaded on May 28, 2017

Crocodile cryptos and Pissin in the Woo-Woo Pond.
In this episode of “let’s see how many people we can irritate from afar”….
Discussion about where we are in history, hyperinflation, cryptospace, crocodile teeth formation in charts, trading, and people who are pissing in the woo-woo pond causing extra work for us.
And now, certainly NOT being brought to you by GTV…..

Gaiam TV, in bowing to Politically Correct (PC) culture, thus not wishing to offend David and James, and thus not demanding evidence from James Corey (aka Corey Goode) and David Wilcock, have ended up offending everyone, especially their viewers, thus placing all their years of work at risk of turning into Instant Shit Storm, just add a few Corey Good Giant Blue Space Alien Chicken nuggets, and heat a minute in the microwave of Gaiam TV fantasy cookery. Then watch out for the lightning, and especially, the return on those Blue Space Chicken nuggets…

Alfred Lambremont Webre reports from Facebook:

SPLIT IN THE EXOPOLITICS COMMUNITY – There is also another more fundamental split, between the Satanists and the Light Workers, which commenters seem in denial of in their facile projections. This post is about the deep penetration of JIRKA RYSAVY, a Polish abusive capitalist with Satanic connections from Poland into a hostile takeover of GAIA TV and CONTACT IN THE DESERT. RYSAVY comes from dubious Polish Satanic money connections where in 2016 Max Spiers was assassinated in Satanic fashion in Warsaw in 2016, just prior to the Oct 2016 keynote address I gave at the Warsaw Truth conference, remotely for safety. On May 4, 2017 I learned that another Warsaw Truth presenter now has brain cancer, all from the same Polish arconic Satanic circles that have taken over GAIA TV, CONTACT IN THE DESERT, & now ANCIENT ALIENS CRUISE.
These Polish arconic satanic forces acting through JIRKA RYSAVY, Polish owner of GAIA, FINANCER OF CONTACT IN THE DESERT & THE ANCIENT ALIENS CRUISE with dubious Polish Satanic connections that have made Warsaw ASSASSINATION CITY with the Satanic death of Max Spiers in 2016 and the bioweapon brain cancer of a leading whistleblower in May 2017. The two Exopolitics FLIM FLAM PRESENTERS AT GAIA TV presented by the Satanist connected owner are reportedly presenting under FALSE NAMES! Corey Goode is a False name. David Wil-cock is a False stage name. These are FLIM FLAM artists.
I was the keynote speaker at the 100th anniversary of Edgar Cayce’s birth in St John the Divine Cathedral in New York based on my 1974 book THE AGE OF CATACLYSM about the Cayce Prophecies and my meetings with Cayce’s grandson, Charles Thomas Cayce. You can download the book for free at David Wilcock [AKA Eric L.] was denounced as a fraud by the ARE Association for Research & Enlightenment based on his attempts to appropriate Cayce material and claim Cayce incarnationship for himself. Satanic abusive capitalist Jirka Rysavy, & Exopolitics Flim Flam False name artists Eric L [David Wil-cock] and Corey Goode do not belong in genuine Exopolitics media and must be exposed as operators of low frequency deception.

Ileana the Star Traveler Post SSP & ICC Channeling Analysis (27 May 2017)

Elena and I met on Facebook about a year ago
and not too long after I flew up to Canada to
do an “in person” interview with her on July
9, 2016. This was a first for her and also
my first interview with someone who claimed
to have experiences with one of the various
SSP programs that is now coming out and
becoming common knowledge. She, in fact, was
one of the early “whistleblowers” although
she would not use that term when describing
herself. On social media and elsewhere she
goes by Ileana the Star Traveler.
She had a pretty significant following on
YouTube and on Facebook at that time, but
her story and some of her accounts stretched
credulity. Nonetheless I was drawn to her
for reasons I still do not fully comprehend.
My opinion is that her recent video where
Karl Mollison channeled Elena’s Higher Self
breaks new and valuable ground in the
disclosure saga. Here, we see again, the
consistent message being delivered from the
various Light Beings channeled in the sessions
with Karl Mollison as can be seen on my YouTube
channel Why Is This True.


Dark Journalist Introduces Six Part Video Series: The New Age Deep State – Documenting Decades of Disinformation & Subterfuge Efforts Against Independent Thought
In this exciting part 1 of 6 episodes of an in-depth series on the New Age Deep State, Dark Journalist focuses on covert forces working to dilute and control the narrative around The Black Budget project known as The Secret Space Program. The research done on this important topic by reliable investigators trying to find a key to the missing trillions involved has been effectively co-opted and mixed with disinformation stories by a multi-pronged marketing plan that is just ramping up.
The SSP Whistleblower Spectacle
In the last few episodes of Dark Journalist, we have brought forward the revelations of Project Avalon’s Bill Ryan who questioned the veracity of Gaia TV Whistleblower Corey Goode who claims to be a time traveling astronaut. Ryan showed many holes in Goode’s story and suggested his narrative was created mostly for entertainment purposes.
The unfortunate impact of Goode’s case is that genuine inquiries into the real Secret Space Program are being associated with his bizarre tale of being part of a phantom space alliance. Dark Journalist asks the question, is it by design and also presents shocking information of an extensive 3 year shadow marketing effort meant to cash in on this exploitative spin of UFO and SSP research for media interests in comic books, video games and TV shows.
History of Disinformation Efforts Against The New Age Movement
From it’s inception in the early 20th century to the present, Dark Journalist tracks the growth of a vital movement that became a threat to intelligence agencies and corporate interests because of its decidedly spiritual focus. The foundation laid by pioneers like Rudolf Steiner and Helena Blavatsky provided large scale movements towards intentional communities, bio dynamic farming, yoga, psychic experience and the quest for spiritual consciousness.
Mind Control: Savior Programming
The New Age Movement has become targeted by exploitative marketing forces and Mind Control Intel Projects so that it’s direction could be controlled and manipulated at will. Now it is being used as a tool to confuse the issue of the Secret Space Program as the covert operators in both shadow marketing and intel psyops plan to use Savior Programming to create a masquerade of Alien Messiahs coming to save the environment.
Fascinating, eye-opening, informative and startling you don’t want to miss this powerful Part 1 of 6 Dark Journalist Episode!

Super Soldier Talk – Nazi Invasion, Bruno Borges – Peter Insider and Jessica Marrocco

Peter, Jessica Marrocco, and Adrian Espinoza updates us about the EMP attack and Nazi invasion of this Timeline, death of Peter’s wife, universal chronospheric flipping technology, Tall Whites and Nordics, Disappearance of Bruno Borges, Message from Semoine, Picture Of Andrew on trip seat, plus much more.
“You are finally prepared to get the world in peace. Just stay put with your ideas. You are strong and holding enough to do so.” – Semoine
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Peter’s website
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