Milabs, Monarchs, Mkultra

May, 2017


Clif High: Pissin’ in the Woo-Woo Pond & Alfred Webre on the Corruption of Gaia TV [video]

Corey Goodes Blue Avian ET’s approached the ACIO and offered to help humanity in exchange for experiments in changing the laws of physics in this section of the galaxy, their offer was flatly turned down. What agenda is behind Corey Goode is yet to be revealed but it doesn’t appear to be a good one. Also David Wilcock is not the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, that belongs to a woman in Chicago. David Wilcock sometimes gets information form the same spirit guides that guided Cacye but they are not the same reincarnation.   -James Rink  It’s really unfortunate that there is such a profound rift in the enlightened community, but deception is everywhere and it can be very difficult to identify. …


Ileana the Star Traveler Post SSP & ICC Channeling Analysis (27 May 2017)

Elena and I met on Facebook about a year ago and not too long after I flew up to Canada to do an “in person” interview with her on July 9, 2016. This was a first for her and also my first interview with someone who claimed to have experiences with one of the various SSP programs that is now coming out and becoming common knowledge. She, in fact, was one of the early “whistleblowers” although she would not use that term when describing herself. On social media and elsewhere she goes by Ileana the Star Traveler. She had a pretty significant following on YouTube and on Facebook at that time, but her story and some of her accounts stretched …



Visit Dark Journalist Introduces Six Part Video Series: The New Age Deep State – Documenting Decades of Disinformation & Subterfuge Efforts Against Independent Thought In this exciting part 1 of 6 episodes of an in-depth series on the New Age Deep State, Dark Journalist focuses on covert forces working to dilute and control the narrative around The Black Budget project known as The Secret Space Program. The research done on this important topic by reliable investigators trying to find a key to the missing trillions involved has been effectively co-opted and mixed with disinformation stories by a multi-pronged marketing plan that is just ramping up. The SSP Whistleblower Spectacle In the last few episodes of Dark Journalist, we have …


Super Soldier Talk – Nazi Invasion, Bruno Borges – Peter Insider and Jessica Marrocco

Peter, Jessica Marrocco, and Adrian Espinoza updates us about the EMP attack and Nazi invasion of this Timeline, death of Peter’s wife, universal chronospheric flipping technology, Tall Whites and Nordics, Disappearance of Bruno Borges, Message from Semoine, Picture Of Andrew on trip seat, plus much more. “You are finally prepared to get the world in peace. Just stay put with your ideas. You are strong and holding enough to do so.” – Semoine Jessica Marrocco’s Website Adrian’s Website Peter’s website Peters Mint Tea Recipe: Drink 2 to 8 oz twice a day but not any more than twice a day! 3 Mint Tea Bags ¼ cup of Raw Honey 1 tsp. cinnamon ½ Lemon 2 QTS Water …


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​​​​​Two full days of deep exploration of multiple versions of reality! From Secret Space Programs to the Fibonacci Spiral From the Peruvian Amazon to  Plejaren Beamships From the Montauk Project to the Medicine Wheel From Plasma Field Physics to Gobleki Tepi From Crop Circles to False Flag Events Reframing our understanding of global and cosmic situations and offering spiritual, social and scientific applications to enhance human consciousness. International Conference New York City & Online Streaming Friday October 20 & Saturday October 21, 2017 ​MR Schedule Friday October 20 11.30am – 7.30pm Saturday October 21 10.00am – 6.30pm MR Location 4West43 Building Social Hall 4 West 43rd St New York,  NY Duncan Cameron ” The Field Resonance Effect” Ole Dammegård “Reframing our Perspective of Designed Global Events” Michael Horn …


Super Soldier Talk – Anthony Zender – Kruger Super Soldier

Anthony shares more about his experiences as a marine, MMA Fighter, milab super soldier, sleeper agent for Monarch and Kruger, and his meeting with President Trump on a spaceship. Anthony’s Website If you like to learn more about James Rink, super soldiers, and milabs please visit: Please support us with your tax deductible donations: If you like to learn more about how meditation technology can assist you please visit: Video edited and created by James Rink Original Recording Date: May 5, 2017


Duncan O'Finioan Shot

According to John Stormm , 2nd Generation MK-Ultra Duncan O’Finioan was allegedly shot by monarch sleeper agent “William Two Feathers” Thurs. evening, May 18, at the Paranormal Healing Center in Houston, where he was working, between 7:30 and 8:00 PM CST. He received at least four bullet wounds, none life threatening. He was admitted to a local hospital where he is now recovering. He is stable, talking, and in good spirits. Here is a picture of the cellphone which slowed entry of the bullet into his body. Until Duncan O’ finoian fully recovers this is the most accurate information possible . We are all looking for his full recovery and further details from Duncan regarding the shooting. The intentions of Super Soldier Talk …