Duncan O’Finioan Shot

According to John Stormm , 2nd Generation MK-Ultra Duncan O’Finioan was allegedly shot by monarch sleeper agent “William Two Feathers” Thurs. evening, May 18, at the Paranormal Healing Center in Houston, where he was working, between 7:30 and 8:00 PM CST. He received at least four bullet wounds, none life threatening. He was admitted to a local hospital where he is now recovering. He is stable, talking, and in good spirits. Here is a picture of the cellphone which slowed entry of the bullet into his body.

Until Duncan O’ finoian fully recovers this is the most accurate information possible . We are all looking for his full recovery and further details from Duncan regarding the shooting. The intentions of Super Soldier Talk is not to gossip or spread rumors but to release the most accurate truthful information as they become available. Please use your own discernment on incoming data. 


Latest updates here….


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