Book your Calendar for this Event!


​​​​​Two full days of deep exploration

of multiple versions of reality!

From Secret Space Programs to the Fibonacci Spiral
From the Peruvian Amazon to  Plejaren Beamships
From the Montauk Project to the Medicine Wheel
From Plasma Field Physics to Gobleki Tepi
From Crop Circles to False Flag Events

Reframing our understanding of global and cosmic situations and offering

spiritual, social and scientific applications to enhance human consciousness.

International Conference

New York City & Online Streaming

Friday October 20 & Saturday October 21, 2017

​MR Schedule

Friday October 20

11.30am – 7.30pm

Saturday October 21

10.00am – 6.30pm

MR Location

4West43 Building

Social Hall

4 West 43rd St

New York,  NY

Duncan Cameron

” The Field Resonance Effect”

Ole Dammegård

“Reframing our Perspective of Designed Global Events”

Michael Horn

“The Meier Contacts: The Key to Our Future Survival As the Time Fulfills

Penny Kelly

““Plasma, Mind/Space, and the Crop Circle Phenomena””

Suzy Meszoly
“Pattern Recognition: Integrating Experiences of the Holographic Jigsaw Puzzle”

Scott Onstott

“The Importance of the Golden Ratio.”

James Rink
“Cyborg and Me: A Super Soldier in the Modern Era”
Grandmother Threecrow

“Native American Concepts of the Cosmos and Celestial Beings”


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